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I have been wanting for a while to write up a good review of my “Jail Bird” chastity device now that I’ve been wearing it for some time, so here it is!  I’m going to at least try to make this somewhat of a shortened version though.  I know that I’ve written before, and I will still maintain that among Mature Metal’s devices, the Jail Bird and Queen’s Keep are VERY similar in terms of form, function, comfort, etc.  So probably 99% of what I wrote in my Queen’s Keep review will still apply to this device.  That can be viewed HERE.  Instead of repeating much of that information, I will instead try to focus on the differences that I made in the new order and how that’s been working out for me, much of which would have been the same had I been ordering a new Queen’s Keep as well!



There hasn’t been a whole lot of chastity-related activity going on around our house lately to speak of, but so far things are going pretty well with the Queen’s Keep since having it resized!  I really like the shorter length, as now I truly am always pushed up against the tip of the cage instead of not being able to completely fill it when soft.  I haven’t noticed the bad chafing that I had started getting before either.  One other thing that I HAVE changed up though, is using a dab of baby oil gel every day at the bottom of the cage and as much as I can get under the cage.  That stuff doesn’t really absorb into the skin very fast so it keeps everything nice and fluid.  It does seem to help! 


Funny story:  I’ve had my re-sized Queen’s Keep back from Mature Metal for at least a week or so now, and didn’t even know it!  I’ve had several other little orders coming in lately from Amazon, etc. so it’s nothing new to come home and find a box or two waiting for me on the front porch.  One day last week, there were about 3 of them, which Angel had already brought in and set on the table for me.  I thought I knew what all of them were, and didn’t really have time to open everything at the time, so I just took everything downstairs and set it on my workbench until later.

Finally, this week I did get back down there to start cleaning things up and open all of my packages.  The second one that I came to, without even bothering to look at the return address or anything I just assumed it was probably a small battery charger or something.  But lo and behold, out comes this little red velvet bag, with my Queen’s Keep inside!  Unless I missed an e-mail from Mature Metal somewhere, I didn’t even realize that they were finished with it and sending it back!  🙂  It was taking a little longer to get it back than what I was used to with them, but I figured that when it came to shortening the cage that might just take a lot longer to do, maybe more like building a brand new device. But apparently not, because they did still have a VERY fast turn-around time!

So apparently, after the base ring of my CB-6000S broke, I could have gotten back into the Queen’s Keep much faster if only I had paid more attention to my mail!  While it IS nice to be out for a little while sometimes, I have been missing being locked.  It’s just kind of… part of me now. 


This post is far overdue!  I intended to write up something like this way back towards the beginning of my blog, when I transitioned from wearing a CB-6000s to the Queen’s Keep.  I wanted to give a good side-by-side comparison of the two, but as I got into writing pretty much solely about my experiences in the Queen’s Keep, it kind of dropped off of my radar… Until now!

Now that my Queen’s Keep has been sent back to Mature Metal for some adjustments, and I am back to wearing the CB-6000s again in the interim, I am beginning to remember a lot of the differences between the two devices, and I do already miss being locked in the Keep!  🙂

These items are in no particular order, I pretty much just wrote them down as I thought of them.  This will likely continue to be a work in progress too, so if there are additional things that you would like to know about either/both of these devices feel free to ask!



I wrote a post recently (Re-Sizing the Keep) about how I’ve been having a few “fitting” issues with the Queen’s Keep.  This came as a little bit of a surprise to me at first since I had been able to wear it for so long already with no issues at all, but I’ve learned that over time your body can start changing in chastity and the device might need to be adjusted a bit.  For starters, I am going down to a slightly smaller base ring, but found that the gap size on that one was way to small.  I sent the ring back to Mature Metal to increase the gap, but I failed to include the cage itself at the time.  I didn’t realize at the time that this was necessary, plus I was still WEARING the cage with my larger base ring!

When I got the ring back, I tried it on right away and it did seem to make a world of difference with the wider gap.  However, it wasn’t very long before it was still rubbing the scrotum pretty badly again.  So, last Friday morning I had to ask Angel for the keys back so I could take it off to re-assess the situation.  I ended up stayed unlocked for a few full days so everything could get really healed up properly.  In the mean time, I was trying to figure out what else could be causing this problem.

20160419_065318.jpgI put the ring and cage back together (off of my body) and immediately saw a potential problem. Since adjusting the gap size, the cage is way off center, all the way over to the right side of the base ring!  I thought when I was wearing it last week it seemed like everything was always kind of falling back to the left side most of the time, so clearly that’s because there was a lot more space on that side to work with!  I will say up front that it is not Mature Metal’s fault that this happened…  They did warn me that they needed to have the cage to make sure the alignment was correct, but I opted to take the risk and just hope that it still came back ok.  I would be willing to bet that this is probably a big part of why it’s rubbing so much now, so the whole thing will need to go back to Mature Metal one more time to make it right.


I wrote a couple posts ago (Re-sizing the Keep) about how I was beginning to get some pretty bad chafing on the scrotum from the Queen’s Keep.  Trying to work this out with Mature Metal, it seems that over time your body can actually adjust to being in chastity and the device might need to be resized a bit.  I already had a smaller base ring that I had ordered with my original purchase, since I wasn’t entirely sure which size I was going to need.  That one was too tight in the beginning, so I’ve been wearing the larger ring up to this point.  Now, the smaller ring seems to fit better, but the gap size between the ring and the cage was so small that when I put the cage on it felt like my balls were just being crushed in a vice or something…  Not pleasant!


I have been learning lately, that not only is a good fitting chastity device crucial for long-term comfort, but that it can actually change over time!  I wrote a tiny blurb in my last post (Left To My Own Devices) about how recently I have been noticing a bit of an issue with the very bottom of the cage kind of rubbing a sore spot on the scrotum.  I had just a tiny bit of an issue with this early on with the Queen’s Keep, but had found that keeping things lubricated and sort of “free-flowing” would solve the problem, and I hadn’t had any issue with that in quite a long time.  Lately though, it has been happening again, and it seems like none of my normal little tricks are working to make it better.  MOST of the time it isn’t too bad and I barely even notice it.  Until I do notice, then it can be difficult to get comfortable for a little while..  I have had to go so far as to take the cage off and put a band-aid over the sore spot in order to keep the cage from rubbing it too hard; and as my last post indicated, at the worst case I even had to leave it completely off for a couple days to heal.

Angel and the boys went out of town yesterday morning to see some family for a few days.  I don’t have as much vacation time from work as she does, so I had to stay behind, home alone.  I do miss my key-holder very much, especially at night when I have this nice big bed all to myself and nobody to snuggle up into.. 🙁

Of course, Angel knows that she can leave me alone and not have to worry about me having an orgasm or anything like that without her… Or does she?  The thing is, I am actually temporarily unlocked now, though still chaste.  For some reason, I’ve been having a little bit of an issue lately with the Queen’s Keep kind of rubbing/pinching in a bad way, and it has left a pretty bad sore spot sort of right at the base of the penis; right where the bottom edge of the cage rests. (more…)


In response to my last post answering some general questions about the Queen’s Keep, I had another reader asking for more details about sleeping in chastity as well as security of the Queen’s Keep.

husbandinchastity writes:

Hi again. I’ve been in chastity since early January and the Holy trainer has been great as a starter device. When you are in the Queens keep, can you sleep on your stomach? Do you have any sleeping issues with it on? Can you escape if you tried? How 100% escape proof is your device? I am close to proposing buying one of the devices from mature metal for a few reasons.
My main ones:
– stopping nocturnal erections. I wake up quite a bit with the holy trainer with hard ons.
-the wife is having to unlock me twice a week to clean. With one of these other devices that may not have to happen.
Look forward to your response! Take care!



I had a series of questions from a reader that I wanted to share on here, about Mature Metal Devices and effects of Long Term Chastity on the psyche.  For some background, this actually started on a different forum where a question was raised about the longest period of time that people have been locked in a chastity device.  I shared that I had made it just over 4 full months of being continuously locked (see that story here).  This led to a rather lengthy private conversation with this gentleman (Fantiesiza) about what device I was using and generally how I “dealt with” being locked for that long.  Here are some excerpts of that conversation, reposted with his permission. The quoted parts will be Fantiesiza’s side of the conversation, followed by my responses.


Fantiesiza asked:

Hi there,

I have read your comment in a group about longest period without cumming.  You claimed a significant period of time continually locked. 

What type of device is it?  Did you need any time out of the cage for cleaning or stress relief?



It’s an age-old question, in practically all walks of life. Men all have their opinions of what feels the most comfortable to them, and women all have opinions of what they like to see on their man! So what kind of underwear do YOU prefer: Boxers or Briefs?

Through my teenage years and most of my adult life, personally I always tended to be a Boxers kind of guy. Keep everything loose, free, and able to “breathe!” But when it comes to wearing a chastity device, I can start to see the other side of it too! On one hand, boxers can make it a little bit easier to “reposition” the cage once in a while if it starts getting uncomfortable.  On the other hand though, the closeness and extra support of briefs, can make your chastity feel even more comfortable and secure!



Something I’ve been working on for a little while lately is trying to compile a list of normal, everyday activities that I engage in (either on a daily basis or just occasionally), which I am also able to do while wearing a chastity device.  I have added this list as a separate “Blog Page” within the side and top menus of my site.

This list is specific to myself, for activities that I have personally engaged in while chaste, but I do welcome comments (on that page, please) from readers with any other experiences you may have had–especially if there is something that you CANNOT do while wearing a device!  For the most part, it seems like my Queen’s Keep does not really prohibit me from doing anything that comes up during my normal, daily routine.

The last point I wanted to make is that this list is primarily for NON-SEXUAL activities, as things that I can/cannot do in that department are fairly obvious–not to mention well documented throughout this blog!  Chastity is somewhat of a unique “kink” (for long-term wearers, at least) given how it extends far outside the bedroom, and into every mundane detail of our lives!

I will update this list periodically, as I think of anything new to add, so feel free to check back once in a while to see what’s different or to let me know about your own experiences!

The full list that I’ve come up with so far can be viewed here:

Chaste Activities



About a day before I was let out of the Queen’s Keep this last time, Angel and I were at an event downtown with several of our friends.  About half way through it, Angel caught up with me and told me about how she and one of my friend’s wives had been talking in general about kids, etc. and the question came up about whether we planned on having any more or if we were stopping with our two boys.  Angel told her that she thought we were “probably done.” The friend went on to state the fact that if we haven’t yet taken measures to KEEP from getting pregnant again, you NEVER know! Angel had to chuckle to herself and secretly say that “if your husband is locked in a chastity cage, then you DO know it won’t be happening!”


I recently had a question from a reader regarding Chastity Game Rules; specifically how I actually count time locked vs. unlocked.
Servinghimwithchastity wrote (in response to “Four Months in the Keep“):

A super congratulations! That was a very long time and much longer than we have been able to go, hats off. I believe we are caught up with all your past posts but am wondering what your “game rules” are. We never know how long my hubbie has been “officially” locked. About 2 weeks ago he had an accident right in his cage (my fault), we don’t believe that counts as an unlocking. And about 3 weeks ago I was not having a good day (it happened to land on a bad day of the month 🙁 ) and I unlocked him out of anger and told him to give it to me. I wasn’t even warmed up and as he had been locked for a few weeks at that point he lasted exactly 2 pumps and I put his device back on, the whole thing ended up being a lesson but does that count as unlocked? We were thinking it maybe it counts if he sleeps without the device on. I know it’s whatever “rules” you want it to be but if you can post (or point me to where you already posted) your rules of an official unlocking, we would love to follow them! You never know, your rules may become “The Official Rules to Chastity Time Locked”.

Thanks so much for your posts, we always look forward to reading them and get so excited for you and yours.

I hope your release is mind blowing.



JUST in case you’re wondering, yes–the play on words in my title was very intentional! Four months of being locked in the Queen’s Keep pretty much equates to four straight months of foreplay leading up to the big event that we had this past Saturday night! So yes, I think that the term “fourplay” seems to be most appropriate! 🙂

I wasn’t completely sure if I would be getting out this past weekend or not.  Friday night came and went without much of a word about it.  Saturday, Angel did start hinting quite a bit that she “might” unlock me. Later that night after we had gotten the kids down to bed, we started talking about maybe taking a shower together since we had relatively early plans on Sunday morning and it would be much more difficult to take them while trying to get the kids going at the same time. The reasoning was sound, plus we don’t seem to get many opportunities to actually shower TOGETHER anymore, so of course I was all for that idea!  As she went off to get undressed, Angel also commented that maybe we should also go ahead and get that code for the lockbox (from EmlaLock).


I decided to go back through the records on my Current Status page and add up how many total days I was locked in a chastity device vs. being unlocked during 2015.  I was actually somewhat surprised by the results: For every day that I was free, I spent almost 5 days locked up!

The year ended the same way as it began, with me locked in the Queen’s Keep.  At the beginning of the year, the steel device was brand new to me and that was the very first session where I had turned control of these keys over to Angel.  But she took to it like a fish to water, and started keeping me locked far more than not!


I have reached 100 days of being locked continuously in the Queen’s Keep, and still am not entirely sure when my EmlaLock session will end for me to be released! It definitely should be this month, I just will not know an exact day until it gets here..

Angel and I have been having lots of fun with it lately though! There was a ton of “action” going on while we both had a little bit of time off over the holidays, I just never really had much of a chance to sit down and write about it much. One of my favorites relates back to a previous post (Playtime for Angel?) where I had tried to prod Angel into having a little bit of solo fun one day when she was home alone.  It didn’t work out that day, but one evening later that week she decided to go for it!


I had a question from a reader regarding my opinion on purchasing a CB-6000 chastity device vs. saving that money to put towards a custom metal device.  I realized that I’ve spent pretty much the entire last year or so just raving about my own custom device, and haven’t really talked for quite a while about the other devices that I used to lead up to this.  So, I thought I would publish this question & answer in case anybody else might also care to read about it..

Outatlast wrote:

sorry to bother you.  Having a bit of a dilemma of what cd to buy.  You used to use the cb6000 as I recall.  Didn’t the 8cm tube stick out a bit and make it obvious that you are wearing something? I was thinking of going straight into custom – rather than blow £100 on a device that I may only use for a few weeks.  I’ve been chatting to a guy on the chastity forum who is about to start making devices out of titanium.  I could just spend the £100 on paying for adjustments to be made.  I’d really appreciate your opinion, if you have time.



I have been locked in the Queen’s Keep non-stop now for 76 days, and still counting.  On one hand I am practically climbing the walls with how horny I am, ALL the time! Sometimes, it seems that this is pretty much all I can think about! Angel has been thoroughly enjoying having me in this state, and egging it on even more.  I know she is anxious to have it off as well, but in the mean time she likes to pet me through the cage and comment about how it’s too bad somebody can’t come out and play–which just manages to drive me even more wild! 🙂

This past weekend, I did show Angel the EmlaLock session that is controlling access to my keys, and explained the little calculation error that I made when setting it up.  If she was very disappointed that I will be locked a few weeks longer than we originally thought, she didn’t show it much, and in fact we ended up having some of the hotter rounds of “chaste sex” that we’ve had for a while!  That’s where the other side of the catch-22 comes into play for a chaste man.. While I am extremely horny and want to be released very badly, it still just never gets old watching and feeling Angel as she loses control of her body time and time again, as her orgasms come in huge waves! At that point, I truly don’t even care that I’m not getting a release. I only want HER to have more!


Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Angel and I have gone out of town for the weekend with some family, and of course with me still being locked up tight! I will have to check again to be sure, but I believe that by the time we get home from this trip I will have hit a new personal record for duration of a chastity session! Then it will just be a matter of waiting to see how much longer it will be before EmlaLock releases the keys back to us, and at that point waiting for ANGEL to decide when she wants to let me out!

I was looking back through my blog the other day, reminiscing about where I was a year ago. Chastity was nothing new to me at that point, but I had only recently recieved my custom-ordered Queen’s Keep in the mail.  I was still trying it out, and seeing how much more comfortable stainless steel was to wear than the plastic CB-6000s I had been using previously! Angel didn’t even know at that point that I had the Queen’s Keep, and I was very nervous about what her reaction would be to it!