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It’s done! My tattoo appointment ended up being delayed by 3 weeks due to circumstances out of my control, but as of 3/17/22 I now have it! As for an excuse as to why I haven’t written about it and finished up my “Permanent Ink” series of posts until now is… I’ll just say that any spare time that comes along I just can’t pull my eyes and hands away from this new body art! Lol

Turns out I greatly over-hyped the pain aspect of it in my head. Even being a pretty sensitive spot like the pubic area, it was a little uncomfortable but I can’t really say it “hurt” too badly at all! Really, I would compare it to just having someone running their fingernail along my skin over and over. Maybe I’m lucky, have a higher pain tolerance than I realized, or just have good skin for this kind of thing. I really don’t know, but while a few stories/experiences I’ve heard from others sound similar to mine — many others seem MUCH WORSE!!


To provide an update and keep this group of posts going, I DO have a date set for getting my tattoo! Just a little over a week away, on Feb 22, 2022.

I am soo excited to have this done, and be able to see it every single day for the rest of my life! Admittedly, I am also a little bit nervous about how painful it might be. But I do believe that I will be able to work through that somehow, and the end result will be well worth it!



This part will be much shorter than my last two posts! I would just like to get some feedback if possible from any of my tattooed readers out there. Please leave comments below for any or all of the questions below!

1) How many tattoos have you gotten (and if you don’t mind sharing, Where?)

2) If you have gotten multiple tattoos, what body parts have been the most painful?
(bonus points if you say you’ve gotten a pubic tattoo and can tell me more about that experience!)

3) Would you consider any of your tattoo art to be… “Kinky” in nature (chastity or otherwise)?
3a) If YES, are your kinky tattoo(s) visible to the public or mostly kept hidden?
3b) Also if YES, have you ever had a doctor/nurse, or other “professional” notice and ask about them?

Those are all of my general run-of-the-mill questions. This last one is to get opinions directly related to MY situation. I will consider any comment made here, but ultimately the decision will be up to Angel.



Once Angel and I were both solidly on the same page for me to at least start getting more information around getting a tattoo, I began taking my design around to several different little shops that I knew about in the area. Needless to say this is not exactly my normal type of hangout! 🙂 I’m sure pretty much any of these places have tattoo artists employed who would be able to do a fine job with what I’m looking to have done. But most of these places, I just didn’t really feel very comfortable with if you know what I mean!

Some did suggest that I call in and book an appointment with someone (anybody) to go over the design. Others said whenever I was ready to just come on back in and first come, first serve, they would get it done. But most of the people I talked to at the front desks of these establishments just seemed.. kind of gruff. And not particularly helpful. And definitely didn’t give me any good vibes about wanting to come back in there for such a personal experience! The thing that stuck out to me the most in these shops, was the floorplan. I guess I don’t really know what I was expecting, but pretty much all of them just had a bunch of chairs and/or tables just out in the open, doing tattoos on folks sitting not 10 feet from someone else also getting a tattoo.



One of my main motivations for getting back into writing here in my blog now, at this particular time, is that I actually have something very big about to happen in my life that I wanted to be able to write down and share, as it’s happening.

I am getting a tattoo!! Specifically one to permanently commemorate my status of being locked, chaste, and “owned” by Angel. Now I realize that many of my readers here probably already have one or more tattoos on your bodies so this might seem like a boring topic. But for me it is still pretty exciting! This will be my first tattoo ever, and likely the only one I will ever get. It will be done in my pubic region, right below the waistline, as to not be able to peek out at all above my jeans or even swimming attire. When out in public, only Angel and I will ever know that the tattoo even exists.



Hello again! First of all I do want to apologize (again) for my lack of posting over the past 1-2 years.. It’s not that I’m enjoying the Chastity lifestyle any less; quite the opposite actually! Unfortunately, I have just really gotten out of the rythm of writing about my experiences and it has been extremely difficult to get back in.

But speaking of “back in,” I am indeed happily BACK IN my Jailbird! My last post, nearly a year ago, found me unlocked after almost 2 1/2 straight years of being caged continuously. Various medical things kind of forced our hand to end that session when we did. After that, I was actually unlocked for the remainder of 2021, amounting to a solid 308 days of freedom! During that time, we finally pulled the trigger on another (elective) medical procedure, and last Spring I had a vasectomy. No huge mid-life surprises to happen in OUR house!

canstockphoto70702076I had been thinking of having the vasectomy for a very long time, and in fact part of the reason my last chastity session went to 2 1/2 years is because Angel and I agreed together that I shouldn’t get out until the time came that I was going to have that done. Then came Covid… and those plans were pushed out indefinitely along with my lockup! But last Spring since I was out anyway, it was definitely time. I had been a little worried about the possible effect that having a vasectomy could have on being able to wear a chastity cage, and engaged in numerous conversations around that topic on Fetlife and other such sounding boards. But it seemed like overall it really wasn’t an issue for most guys. If anything, it was just a matter of waiting long enough after the procedure for everything to heal, before trying to get into a cage again. Well, we wound up waiting at least 8 months afterwards, so no issue there!


Hello World! If I have any readers left that is, then here is (finally) an update on where I’ve been for the past year or so. Otherwise it’s just a long-awaited continuation of my own personal diary for myself, but that’s OK too!

I know my blog has been a little stagnant for a good long while now, for a few reasons. Not the least of which I just REALLY have not wanted to write about coronavirus like everyone else in the world. You know? I just do not. want. to. write. about. covid-freaking-19… My family has been very fortunate not to have had anyone in our immediate family or even particularly close to us be infected or worse [knocking on wood!], but I know that many others are going through some really tough times with this pandemic and if you are one of them please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Other reasons for not writing much lately are simply being too busy with life as the kids get older and more active, plus working from home during Covid (dang it I still can’t get away from writing about that!). And honestly for another reason… in a way I guess maybe my creative juices may have dried up a bit from writing too long about pretty much a singular, very niche, kink topic. I mean how many times and different ways can I come up with to say how wonderful it feels to be chaste, with my dick locked away for long stretches in a very small steel cage?!  LOL

I do have a few new ideas to write about, so those will be coming at some point, and my blog will always stay up as long as I can afford to keep the domain so anyone new to chastity will always have a chance to find this and hopefully learn a little bit from my past experiences. But to be honest new posts may always be somewhat few and far between, focusing primarily on new and significant milestones I may reach as opposed to just blabbering much of the same text all the time just for the sake of being able to publish a new post every few days or so! (more…)


Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody! Hope you all are enjoying this day with your loved ones, or if single, just go do something fun for yourself today! There’s no shame in that. 🙂

I want to give a little update on my status. As of yesterday I have officially hit 500 days of continuous chastity, beginning at the beginning of ‘LOcktober 2018!’ Above is the screenshot of my current EmlaLock session holding the combination to the lockbox with my keys secured inside. Clearly, the allotted time for this EmlaLock session is long past and all I would have to do to get my keys back is hit that “End Session” button. But at this point I dare not do that without Angel’s blessing and most likely in her presence!

Angel has been greatly enjoying keeping me locked for this long and allowing me to give her orgasm after orgasm while mine remains off-limits. However there have also been a number of times lately when she has been really wishing to feel me inside of her again, and has been very close to letting me out for that purpose. That is well within her right as my key-holder, of course!


I haven’t done one of these for a while. I’m not sure why.. At the end of 2015 and 2016 I started doing a short analysis of my Current Status Page, and recording how long I’d been locked for each of those years. Turns out I was pretty consistent over that time period, with a solid 304 days locked both years (or you could say I spent ~83% of my time in chastity). Not too shabby! If interested, here are the previous summaries that I had written up those years:

2015 Lock-up Summary
2016 Lock-up Summary

I think I’d planned on continuing that analysis every year, but for some reason in years since then I never actually went back to total everything up. So here’s a brief synopsis of the missing years.


Merry Christmas, everybody!  Couldn’t resist putting this pic out there..  Now that Santa is finished delivering gifts I suspect he’ll be back at home to relax and enjoy his own kinky activities behind closed doors just like the rest of us, right?!  🙂

I wonder if there’s a chastity cage under those red pants…  Better yet, I wonder how many chastity cages may have been DELIVERED to lucky guys all over the world even if Santa may have had a little help from the wives/girlfriends/significant others out there!


So I wasn’t let out of my Jail Bird chastity device for all of “Locktober,” and we even hit the full year mark for the first time during that month.

Then came “No-Vember,” and Angel really took to that as well, laughing like a schoolgirl at the wordplay every time she would say that was the reason she wouldn’t let me out THAT month!

Now as pretty much a product of my own doing, she insists that I will be continue locked for Christmas! I say my own doing because of the parody I wrote for her a few years back to the tune of Bing Crosby’s “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” only instead making the words say “I’ll Be LOCKED For Christmas!” (follow link there for full lyrics).



Roll out the red carpets, folks! I’ve seen this one making the rounds on various chastity forums recently so thought it was worth mentioning here as well for anyone who may not have seen it yet. reported back in September of a “diamond encrusted” chastity cage created by designer Alan Crocetti, which debuted at this year’s Paris Fashion Week. The full article can be found here:



Quite some time ago I coined a term at least for use in my blog: Chastegasm.  Basically just meaning being able to have an “orgasm” of sorts through only indirect stimuli, since full direct stimulation is impossible due to the presence of a chastity device.

I do have the privilege of having one of these every once in a while, when Angel allows.  When her “Magic Wand” vibrator is placed directly against my cage for a prolonged period of time, it will do it pretty much every time!  While these do feel very good, I would stop short of saying that they are really as good as a “real” orgasm.  At least of what I remember of real orgasms–it has been a while!  🙂  There’s definitely some degree of buildup of intensity leading up to it, but instead of shooting a load as far as possible during the climactic release it just sort of… dribbles out.  Probably the best part of the chastegasm is that I’m generally not done after that!  It leaves me still horny as hell and ready to go again, much to Angel’s delight!

Today, I want to write about one recent experience of a Chastegasm to top all that I’ve ever had before it.  Possibly even rivaling the best REAL orgasm I can remember!



I’ve done it!  This past weekend (well, officially maybe more like Tuesday 10/15) I hit ONE FULL YEAR of continuous, 24×7 chastity!

To date I have been locked basically full time since October 1, 2018, but as I’ve written previously I was let out twice for maybe 20 minutes at a time for our 10 year anniversary weekend in mid-October of last year.  But since then, I have been locked in my Jail Bird absolutely non-stop.  That means ZERO releases.  Not for sex, not for cleaning/shaving, not for doctor visits, or even air travel!!  Over the past year, I think I have pretty much proven that there is essentially nothing that I ever do in my day to day life, that can’t be done while locked in a chastity device!


Here’s a recent reader question that I wanted to go ahead and address here.

sinful asks:

Hey there,
I’m exploring chastity and handing over the keys to someone for safe keeping. Just wondering how was your first experience? I’m a horny young male and can’t imagine not releasing on a daily basis.



As written previously in my post titled “Flying Chaste,” I had my first experience this year with going through airport security while locked in a stainless steel chastity device. If you haven’t read that one, I would highly recommend going back to check it out before proceeding with this post. But the bottom line is, I went through the full body scanners at TWO different airports, with NO ISSUES whatsoever!

This was kind of an odd year travel-wise for me, because we really do not fly particularly often. But this year I ended up having two trips by plane! The first was a business trip that I wrote about previously, and the second was a family vacation to the great state of Hawaii that we had already planned for this summer.

When we were planning this, I REALLY did not expect to be locked for that vacation. I did not think for a second that there would be any remote possibility that Angel would even consider having me go through airport security while locked. I mean, what if I were stopped and had to explain what was going on in my pants that couldn’t be removed? What if a pat down wasn’t enough to satisfy TSA and they had to drag me off into some back room for a visual inspection before letting me make my flight?

Frankly I don’t think I would care about any of that if it happened to me — personally. But here were going on a trip with not only our two young boys, but also my mother and sister (and her husband and two kids). With 9 of us total going through the airport security lines basically together, SOMEBODY would be sure to notice if I was being hassled for some reason by a TSA agent. And they’d probably end up asking me about it, in front of the whole family of course, and what the hell kind of story would I be able to come up with to appease their curiosity? That is why I fully expected that Angel would have me unlocked prior to that trip.

Boy was I wrong!



I’ve been writing a bit lately about the happenings of our 10th Anniversary Weekend last October (2018) in a Sybaris pool suite.  I don’t know if Angel even remembers this exact conversation, per se, but I may have actually kind of planted a seed at the time which might have somehow been given some Miracle Gro and started coming to fruition a full year faster than I expected!

To elaborate, one night laying in bed after giving Angel several of her 52 orgasms for that weekend, I recall telling her of my 2020 Vision.  Nothing to do with my eyesight (though that is nearly 20/20 as well!)  I told her then and I’ll say it again now:  If you haven’t heard that term thrown around much yet, I’m quite sure it WILL become a very common catch phrase for anything from politics to corporate planning meetings, you name it..  Anything referring to plans for the year 2020 will be called a “2020 Vision.”  Then I’m sure, the following year everyone will start reflecting back on the year they had, with perfect “2020 Hindsight,” and those phrases will both get very worn out in their public usage.  You heard it here first!  🙂

Anyhow, MY particular 2020 Vision involved chastity.  Obviously–what else would I be thinking of and writing here?  Specifically, my vision involved a full year of continuous lock-up in my Jail Bird chastity device.


Last October I wrote a couple pieces about Angel and I taking a 10th anniversary trip to a Sybaris resort, and WOW was that a great time! Looking back, I REALLY did not do that trip justice in my writing. You can see a couple pics of our accommodations from that weekend here, and here is a short piece about the couple times that I was briefly unlocked that weekend, before sealing the keys away… for a VERY long time! I wanted to write so much more about that weekend, so I’m sorry that my blogging has kind of had to take a back seat to other, more “vanilla” things in life since that point.

Things I had intended to write about include the 52 orgasms that Angel had, compared to the grand total of 2 for myself, which I did write about previously. Yes you read that right, FIFTY TWO orgasms for Angel over that 3 day period. We counted! 52-2 was the final tally. We clearly did not leave the room much, but if you’ve seen those pictures I posted before can you blame us? Lol And of course with me being locked for 99% of that time, we found SO many new positions and ways to get HER off than we’d ever thought possible! Of course the van full of toys that we brought along helped a lot, as did buying even more (larger pieces) while there. Ever seen the Liberator Esse? Let me tell you the ‘Deep Impact’ position on their chart is absolutely AMAZING, even if I’m only allowed to do that with Angel while wearing a strap-on (which happens to be exactly how that happened!) Never mind the fact that we barely had the space to squeeze the Esse into our van behind the middle seats to even bring it home!


This weekend I hit 230 days on my EmlaLock session which started back on the 1st day of “Locktober” 2018! I HAVE been locked basically continuously since that time, with the exception of two very brief outings part way through that month while Angel and I were at Sybaris, but then the keys truly have been locked away and out of reach ever since then.

I don’t know exactly how much time is left, other than the session should end sometime before my birthday in June. Then it will be up to Angel again to determine exactly when I will be released. The remaining time has been on “Very Hot” for several days now so it should be any time now!

Over 7 months now, I am definitely in personal record territory at this point for continuous time locked, and still loving every minute of it!



Ok, I suppose the little teaser from my last post has been going on long enough! I promised at that point to reveal MY answer to one of the most asked questions in the Chastity Community.  I’ve always had opinions about this topic, but now I actually have a bit of experience to back myself up with when talking about it!

For anybody who follows me on FetLife, you may already have seen exactly what I’m talking about here.  No, Fet is still not my primary blogging platform, but in this case it was definitely easier to update there in near-realtime as events were unfolding for me, and now I have a little more time to share with the REST of the world!

Without further ado, the ultimate question that I am now capable of  answering for myself as well as any curious readers out there is…


…Drum roll please…


Flying in chastity! Going through the dreaded metal detectors and/or full body scanners at the airport, while locked. Will TSA agents see, or even care?

I am well aware of one popular opinion on this, which is simply “Don’t do it.” It is not fair to even think about exposing vanilla folks to our kink “non-consensually” yadda yadda. I do respect that stance but please don’t flood me with messages to that effect! Personally I am more in the other camp; that chastity is a personal choice, not illegal, and exposure to certain things like that may come with the territory of certain jobs. An occupational hazard, so to speak. It’s no different than exposing other very personal things like piercings or tattoos to the general public, including people who might find those types of things objectionable. I think as long as everyone remains professional, even a TSA agent can do their job to ensure our flights are safe, without infringing on anybody’s personal space too much.

Back in October when Angel and I agreed to lock the keys to my Jail Bird into a lockbox with the combination controlled by EmlaLock, I never anticipated this trip coming up at all! With only a couple weeks notice, I learned that I would be flying to Las Vegas for a tech conference for work.  When I’ve flown before, I’ve always made sure to not be in chastity at the time, but that has always been when flying with my family (children, mother, etc.). I would worry more about how to explain to THEM why it might potentially take me longer to get through security than they did! But luckily for this trip I would be traveling alone, so the only conversations would be between myself and TSA. What could go wrong? Lol

I’ve read plenty of other threads along these lines and people chime in with their own experiences flying chaste. I’ve seen everything from no issues whatsoever to being taken into a back room for a visual inspection. Some stories I tend to believe, others I’m not really so sure as they just smell of wank fodder… But one thing I’ve NEVER read about was someone being denied boarding a plane because of it! Nor should I ever hear of that happening, because as stated above – not illegal!

It was time that I find out for myself, once and for all, exactly what happens when going through airport security with a steel cage wrapped around the nether regions.  I have been through countless metal detectors at other venues (sporting events, theme parks, courthouse…) but this may just be the ultimate test of it!