Hooked on Key-Holding

Posted: October 31, 2014 in Be Careful What You Wish For, CB-6000s, CB-xxxx, Chastity, Key-Holder, Male Chastity


Well, for better or for worse, I think I’ve done it!  Sarah Jameson very adamantly warned to “Be Careful What You Wish For,” and I have this feeling I’ll be finding out just how true that is!  It would seem that my beautiful wife who once “humored” my desire to be locked up, now is starting to really embrace male chastity for me, and even starting to get a little hooked on the “power” that comes from key-holding!  Yes, I did ask for this so don’t think I’m complaining… At this time I can’t imagine ever having regrets about it, but I certainly do hope I can handle anything else that might come my way down the road!

Following our CarliLock experience, we ended up taking a fairly long break from chastity for a couple of good reasons: One, we were trying hard to get our 3-year old potty trained, and didn’t really want to expose him to this type of thing if/when he would be watching ME use the bathroom!  Two, we were also trying to get pregnant again so obviously that doesn’t work well with chastity!  Eventually BOTH of those endeavors were successful!

During Angel’s second pregnancy we mostly kept the CB-6000s off and had more of a “traditional” sexual relationship.  But after the new baby arrived, I put myself back into it and made the same commitment as the first time. As long as SHE couldn’t do anything, I didn’t want to either!  Compared to the rest of my posts on here so far, this all happened fairly recently.  At the time of this writing, it’s been almost 6 weeks that I’ve been locked up.  Angel was cleared by her doctor, about 2 weeks ago.. This time though, when she told me that sex was OK again, she followed up with a sly statement that she didn’t think she really WANTED to unlock me just yet! In fact, she rather LIKED having me in my cage! I swear just hearing those words come out of her mouth nearly sent me over the edge! 🙂

Since then there have already been at least a couple of times in bed where Angel has allowed me to help bring her to orgasm multiple times, all while teasing that I am NOT getting out that night! The more she said that, the more it would just drive me absolutely wild, and really WANT to get out and be inside her again. Yet at the same time, the tease & denial just kept me so close to the edge for so long… I found myself so in tune with Angel that every time she came, I felt like I practically was as well! I told her that I believe this has to be as close to having multiple orgasms as a man can get, and it was absolutely amazing!

Afterwards as we lay cuddling and talking about what we had just done, I told Angel that even though it had been WEEKS since I’d been out and had a “real” orgasm, right then I felt so relaxed, and satiated, as if I had just had a really big one then! It was true that her orgasms were so much better than my own, and in fact hers were enough for the both of us! She confided in me again that when I had first brought it up and started wearing my chastity device, she was a little weirded out by it. But now she rather liked it! She enjoyed having that kind of power to decide if I got to orgasm or not, and loved how my body would react whenever she told me NO!

So good or bad (so far all good!) it seems I am getting what I wished for.. My wife is taking on a very active role in being my key-holder as well! Time will tell how strict she will decide to be with it and how often she will let me out, but I will accept and love her for it, no matter what she ever decides. Indeed, I am a VERY lucky man!

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