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Posted: October 30, 2014 in Chastity, Key-Holder, Male Chastity, Solo Chastity


I had been kind of wishing to try being locked in chastity for longer than the normal 1-2 weeks that Angel and I usually did.  My longest to date was about a month, and that was mainly because we had just had a baby so sex was off-limits for a while!  I also kind of wanted to know what it was like having absolutely zero access to the keys, as opposed to knowing they were sitting in the top of my wife’s nightstand practically begging me to cheat! (But no, I never did take advantage of that!)

Then I came across possibly the perfect solution, The CarliLock!

CarliLock is a web site that was apparently written originally for a school project or something like that.  It is designed to help people stay locked in a chastity device for a pre-set or variable length of time, and can be used either with or without a key-holder.

The idea is that you first have to purchase one of those realtor lock boxes with a combination lock that is normally used to safely store keys to a home for sale.  You can pick these boxes up for about $20 at your local Home Depot.  Then essentially you put the keys to your chastity device in the box, and upload a picture of the combination to start your session with whatever other time options, etc. you choose.  When the time is up, you get the picture back and can unlock yourself!

When using the site with a key-holder, she can set up the session entirely, and provide an activation code for the wearer to enter when ready to start.  The key-holder can always see the picture, and can end the session any time. It’s really a great way to keep the keys readily available for emergency purposes, yet otherwise totally off-limits to the chaste!

Taking the picture, is where I think it gets tricky for solo chastity.  It’s easy enough to set a random combination on the lockbox, but you do kind of have to look at it to be sure you are taking a clear enough picture to upload. What’s to say those 4 digits aren’t going to stick in your brain during that process? But I came up with a way around that, too.  It takes a little bit of self-control to get it going, but once the session starts you’re not likely to ever remember the combination until your time is up (at least I can’t!)

First, I took a picture of about 10-15 different, random combinations, making sure each of them was clear and readable.  I saved all of them to a single folder on my computer, and added another folder inside of that one called “used.”  I randomly moved one pic into the “used” folder, and set the lock to that combination.  For that moment of course, I knew what it was. I left the door on the lockbox open at this point so I could wait until later to actually secure my keys inside. Immediately after setting the combination, I went back to my original folder and read aloud all of the other combinations I had taken pictures of. Since none of the numbers really meant anything of significance to me, they all kind of jumbled together pretty quickly in my brain so I’d already pretty much forgotten what combination was actually set! To be extra safe I even waited a couple more days, re-reading all of the UNUSED combinations regularly.  I just had to be sure not to ever look at the picture in my “used” folder.  When I started a session on CarliLock, I browsed to the “used” folder and chose that file to upload, then immediately went back and deleted the picture completely from my machine, still without looking at it. That’s where self-control is crucial!

There are all kinds of options that can be set at the time of starting a session.  The main ones are setting the starting duration and basically a min and max duration, though I think the terminology may be a little different for that.  A fun option that can be set is a “penalty” time which would be added to the duration every time the wearer decides to check to see how much time is remaining.  It can be anywhere from 3 hrs to a week! (Not to exceed the max session time, of course!)  You can also enable “member voting,” which allows other users of the site to add or remove anywhere from 1-6 hours to the duration, at their discretion! For free members, there is supposedly a requirement that you have some new, non-member click a link back to the CarliLock site before you can be released, but I’ve found that once your max session is reached they will provide the combination picture anyway..

In a nutshell, that’s how the site works, and here’s how I used it to my advantage:  One day I started a session for myself for the longest duration allowed to the “free” members, which was basically about 6 weeks. Specifically, it would allow me to choose 5 weeks, 6 days, 23 hrs, 59 minutes.  I locked the keys to my chastity device inside the box, and left THAT sitting out for my wife with a note to ask me about CarliLock. When Angel did approach me about it, I showed her the site and the active session currently in progress. It essentially took will-power out of the equation for BOTH of us, as neither would be able to let me out of chastity until the time was up, even if we wanted to. She wasn’t opposed to the idea, but said she wished I’d talked to her first, because 6 weeks was an awfully long time to commit to, and she’d have liked to have been part of that decision. She had a point there, I suppose I probably did overstep my bounds a bit.

But here we were, for the first time truly in “enforced” chastity, for a solid 6 weeks! During this time I made it a point to still get intimate with Angel as much as possible. I would go down for a good long taste of her, and spend considerable time fingering or using her “best friend” the Hitachi Magic Wand on her. I would get her to orgasm time and time again. Don’t get me wrong, it drove me absolutely wild with desire to be inside her again, but we both would keep reminding each other that there was no possible way for that to happen, and that fact just added a whole new level to the pleasure. I think it was during this time that Angel did begin to see that I was very serious when I said that I really didn’t necessarily need to orgasm myself, as long as I could help HER get there!

The 6 weeks passed, but at that time life kind of got in the way again with some colds and other little sicknesses making their way around our house, so by the time we actually got around to retrieving the picture from CarliLock to get my keys, I counted about 8 1/2 weeks as having gone by. That pretty much doubled my personal record, and Wow- what a thrill it was! I don’t believe that would have happened by then at all, without having the CarliLock site take some of the “human factor” away from the key-holding!

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    If this works for female chastity belts, i hope a certain person i know does not see this! Or i am in trouble! lol

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