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As I mentioned in a previous post, Angel and the boys were going out of town this weekend to visit some family, leaving me home alone once again. I miss Angel so much when she is gone. I miss not being able to wake up next to her with my cage somewhat involuntarily getting pushed into her body. I miss her reaching back and grabbing it, making sure I know exactly who this dick belongs to! I miss not being able to reach around with my fingers and give her a good wake-up call by beginning to rub her closer and closer to orgasm (pending no children ending up in our bed first, of course! Lol) It’s like a small part of me is always just missing whenever she goes away for a few days.



Try, try again! Great advice for any situation, I think, including chastity.  My first round of testing the Queen’s Keep ended with a near mishap where I could not get the security screw back out at all. Thankfully I wasn’t actually WEARING the device when that happened!  But after sending it back to Mature Metal for some adjustments & new screws/keys, round two is so far so good!



I’ve just finished up my longest test so far of the Queen’s Keep: about 48 hours worth.  The good news is that I’m seeing no ill-effects so far, like bad rubbing or chafing anywhere!  I had the CB-6000s sized as well as was possible for me, but this custom device really does blow it away in terms of being comfortable. (At least as “comfortable” as one can expect from having their junk locked up in a metal cage! Lol)

Other observations at this point:



I had been kind of wishing to try being locked in chastity for longer than the normal 1-2 weeks that Angel and I usually did.  My longest to date was about a month, and that was mainly because we had just had a baby so sex was off-limits for a while!  I also kind of wanted to know what it was like having absolutely zero access to the keys, as opposed to knowing they were sitting in the top of my wife’s nightstand practically begging me to cheat! (But no, I never did take advantage of that!)

Then I came across possibly the perfect solution, The CarliLock!



Today, I am honored to have a beautiful wife who very willingly and happily holds the keys to my chastity device, and decides if/when it comes off.  But it has not always been this way.  When I first started experimenting with these devices, I was on my own.  I really enjoyed the feeling of being locked up and not able to touch myself, but of course since the keys were right there I always had the option of letting myself out whenever I felt like it.  Kind of defeats the purpose of chastity, right?