If At First You Don’t Succeed…

Posted: December 5, 2014 in Chastity, Male Chastity, Mature Metal, Queens Keep, Solo Chastity


Try, try again! Great advice for any situation, I think, including chastity.  My first round of testing the Queen’s Keep ended with a near mishap where I could not get the security screw back out at all. Thankfully I wasn’t actually WEARING the device when that happened!  But after sending it back to Mature Metal for some adjustments & new screws/keys, round two is so far so good!

The padlock is MUCH better now that it lays flat against the cage. It is certainly a viable option now for securing the Keep. Overall though, I think I would still prefer to use the security screw. Even though the padlock fits better now, it is still just a bit “bulky” in my opinion.  I like the much more sleek look of just having a small screw in place to lock the cage on.  The other thing I’ve noticed is that when using the padlock there is still a little bit of play allowed between the cage and base ring. What I mean is, it doesn’t fit completely tight, so you can still wiggle the cage just a tiny bit. This may seem insignificant, and so far has not caused me any problems, but in the back of my mind I can see that being a potential “pinch point” down the road. Maybe not even for skin, but I can see how a stray pubic hair could eventually find its way in there and get pulled out, much like I’ve experienced before with the CB-6000s!

The security screw on the other hand, once it is tightened I don’t see any movement at all between the cage and the base ring. So even at times when I haven’t shaved for a while, I think I would be much less likely to get a hair caught between those pieces! I am still a little timid about using the screw though. I’m very much afraid now of tightening it too tight and not being able to get it back out again!  So when using that this week, even though I’m using the key to screw it in I’m still only making it pretty much “finger-tight.” As in, I’m not putting any extra torque on the screw at all to make sure it’s extra snug. It still definitely requires the key to get it loose again.  At least, it’s not possible at all to turn it with just my fingers. I dont THINK any other tools would work very well either… The closest I can think of might be if I could grip the outside of the screw with some needlenose vice grips or something and slowly turn it out. But I really don’t think that would even work at all, and really why would I want to? I’m going into this quite willingly, and once Angel has the keys it is completely up to HER when I will get out!

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