I wrote this little poem (a limerick) to leave with my keys, when turning them over to Angel for the first time with the new device:

Locked Limerick
Free for a while, now time for a debut
Stay alert for something shiny and new
When you have these keys
It is quite the tease!
You’ll have O’s aplenty, while mine are few!

Keep in mind at this point she is not aware of the Queen’s Keep.  I sure hope all goes well once she learns the meaning of the embedded riddle!

  1. apfel1Apfel says:

    In the mean time, back at the ranch, little ole me, has ordered the sizing rings. Now I can’t wait for the journey to start with just that part.

    I will take my time with measurements and hopefully it will be done by end of the month. Don’t want to hurry any part because of the excitement of the chastity, or heart beating with anticipating of wanting.

    I would like for the device to arrive and be tested, as you have done, by Valentines’ day. If I am not successful by then, there is always an Easter Baskets to fill.

    Good luck on your surprise announcement, your limerick is just the right poem for your wonderful key holder. I am sure that she will embrace you and the Queen for her keeping, as I am hoping that mine will too.

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