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I had some more great questions come in from a new reader, regarding (among other things) how I brought my wife on board with male chastity and “convinced” her to keep me locked for longer periods.

bigdaddyb wrote:

I haven’t read through all of your posts (just found the site today) but I have a few questions as I have been trying to figure out how to get my wife to be interested in chastity play.

1. How did you bring it up to your wife and did she show interest right away or did you have to slowly work into it?

2. How long did she lock you up for to begin with? (I read about your current status and lengthy lock up with enjoyment and excitement).

3. Did you have to tell her not to let you out/deny you at first? or did she take to it right away and keep you in? I ask this one because even though I have told my wife how much the thought of T&D in chastity excites me – including the denial part – she still hasn’t kept me locked more than 4 days so far.

4. Did your wife always enjoy her wand or is it something she had to get use to? I bought my wife a wand and a rabbit vibe based on everything I had read thinking that she would enjoy them and that would be a means for her to orgasm while keeping me locked but she has not shown interest in them saying that “they don’t do anything for me”.

5. Does she keep the keys hidden or does she wear one on a necklace/anklet/bracelet?

Thanks in advance for any answers/input. I’m hoping that she will eventually see the fun that can be had for her by being a more strict keyholder.



Ok, I gave a little teaser post on Halloween, but being how this past weekend was spent mainly focusing on the kids’ fun (as it should be!), now I finally have a chance to sit down and tell about what I was referring to!

I’ve written before about occasionally securing the keys to my Queen’s Keep into a little realtor’s lockbox, and uploading the combination pic to a site like CarliLock for a while.  This takes the control away from both myself AND Angel! The last time we did this, Angel and I sat down together to set up the session and upload the pic, making sure neither of us could ever remember the combination! We had talked briefly from time to time about doing this again, but so far had not done so.  Over the summer, I had suspected that we might do it pretty soon, so I had even gone ahead and set the lock on the box (making sure not to close it) and had the pic file stored in a specific folder on our computer.  I knew that as the weeks/months went on, there was no way I would remember what it was. So as long as I didn’t peek at that file, we would never know!  After our summer vacation, for various reasons we still did not go this route again with the keys, so a random combination has been set on this box for quite some time now!


Well we’ve done it! It has been almost a week since we floated the idea of securing my keys in the lockbox and starting a new session on CarliLock.  But tonight, the topic came up again and this time we did something about it!

I showed Angel how the site worked, and let her set the random combination and upload a picture without my ever seeing it.  She was still thinking for now, that sometime around Easter weekend might be a good time for a possible release, so we set the session times (both Starting and Max duration) to 2 weeks. Already 33 days into this session so far, and now it is for sure going to be at least another 14 days! IF it comes off that day, that would put me just short of the 7 week mark. We will just have to see how Angel is feeling about it at that time to see if I will end up going even longer than that!


Last night I got the first feedback from Angel regarding my note about Long Term Chastity, but not exactly in the way I expected!  I had actually gone and laid down in bed a little early, trying to fight off the beginnings of a cold that I was feeling coming on, while Angel was still up finishing some work that she had to bring home. When she did come to bed, she asked if I was still awake, which I “barely” was.. She tried starting a conversation about what she had read (my note) earlier in the day, asking if I really wanted to stay locked all the way until my Birthday??  I wasn’t sure I was really awake enough to have that conversation right then, but managed to mumble something about being willing to go that long if SHE wanted to try it!  She commented about that being a LONG time (which it is!), then it seemed to drop at that for the time.  Eventually, she rolled over and turned off the lights, saying we could talk more about it later…

BUT THEN, as I was snuggling up behind her and truly starting to drift off to sleep, Angel suddenly grabbed my hand and guided it down to her crotch in a clear indication that she wanted some attention! Somewhat late, on a work night even… That virtually never happens anymore since we started having kids! 🙂


As I alluded to in my last Valentine’s post, Angel and I did start having a conversation about possibly doing some longer periods of chastity.  A couple of the main issues that we have with this are:

  1. She thoroughly enjoys having me unlocked on occasion for “real” sex. (And so do *I*, I’m not going to lie about that!)
  2. We both rather enjoy leaving the “power” in her hands, to decide at any particular moment in time whether she wants to unlock me or not.

So we are both rather hesitant about setting a hard end date and saying that I HAVE TO stay locked until that time with no exceptions.  One “middle ground” option that was mentioned, was to be locked up for a set amount of time, but it wouldn’t technically be a hard limit because she would still get the option to let me out any time she wishes.  If she DOES unlock me, I would lock the device back on again immediately after we are finished playing, whether I actually have an orgasm during that time or not.  Angel did say that she might not mind at some point, if we were to put the keys back in the lockbox again (see my CarliLock post to read about previous experience with this), but we’d have to think about how much time to put on it.



Merry Christmas everyone!  Locked or not, I hope you all get everything your hearts desire.  I know I certainly am! And remember that when it comes to chastity (along with most things in life), it does pay to Be Careful What You Wish For! You never know when it might just come true!  🙂


It’s been a rather long couple weeks around our house, but at last Angel did manage to finish up all of the work that she had to have done before her extended holiday break! Furthermore, it may not have happened exactly like I imagined (what ever does? Lol) but she has seen the Queen’s Keep!


Ha, there’s a nice blast from the past, reminiscing from my childhood!  🙂

It’s officially a Go, with the Queen’s Keep! I’ve had it on since yesterday morning; I put it on then and wore it all day and night for one last test. This morning, I had to verify one last time that the screw was still working. I didn’t take it all the way out but just tightened it up again and left the keys sealed in this envelope, in a place for Angel to find them.


I’m certain she’s gotten the message, but I haven’t heard anything from her about it yet. I suspect I won’t, either, until we’re both home this evening and can have a proper conversation about it! I do still have to do WORK today, though I’ll bet this stays at or near the forefront of my mind pretty much the whole time. The anticipation is killing me! 🙂

My Current Status page is updated with the new dates, here.


I wrote this little poem (a limerick) to leave with my keys, when turning them over to Angel for the first time with the new device:

Locked Limerick
Free for a while, now time for a debut
Stay alert for something shiny and new
When you have these keys
It is quite the tease!
You’ll have O’s aplenty, while mine are few!

Keep in mind at this point she is not aware of the Queen’s Keep.  I sure hope all goes well once she learns the meaning of the embedded riddle!


Well, for better or for worse, I think I’ve done it!  Sarah Jameson very adamantly warned to “Be Careful What You Wish For,” and I have this feeling I’ll be finding out just how true that is!  It would seem that my beautiful wife who once “humored” my desire to be locked up, now is starting to really embrace male chastity for me, and even starting to get a little hooked on the “power” that comes from key-holding!  Yes, I did ask for this so don’t think I’m complaining… At this time I can’t imagine ever having regrets about it, but I certainly do hope I can handle anything else that might come my way down the road!


In my previous post, I referenced a blog that I had gotten a lot of inspiration from early in my journey into male chastity. It was called quite simply the “Male Chastity Blog.”

The link is a bit useless here, because I have recently discovered that the site is completely down! 🙁


Update 11/13/14:

Turns out I was mistaken on this blog being “completely down.” There have been no updates to it in well over a year and when I tried it several times while writing about it, the link went nowhere, so I assumed it was dead.  But it does work now, and all original content is still there.  I stand by my statements below recommending this blog as well as the e-book “Be Careful What You Wish For” for anyone trying to get some good information to get started in male chastity.

*New Update: The site seems to be up & down at random times..  I have no affiliation with it other than as a previous customer, so I can make no guarantees that anybody will ever be able to access this URL!