One Week of Locktober 2018

Posted: October 8, 2018 in Chastity, Fetish, Kinky, Male Chastity, Orgasm, Orgasm Denial, Sex, Submissive


It’s been one week now that I’ve been locked for this round of chastity, and boy am I feeling it! I think I was out for way too long this last time. In fact, from the amount of self-indulgence going on I KNOW I was definitely out way too long! In the past I don’t think I ever thought much of it when I’d read of a guy who was either locking himself up or being locked by his partner as a way of “controlling masturbation.” I don’t think I ever did it THAT much; I just enjoyed the feeling of being locked and especially the feeling of Angel getting off herself on the fact that I COULDN’T get off!

But over these past 3 months, I have definitely done more than my share. I always knew I should stop and put the focus back on Angel again, it was just a little “hard” (no pun intended!) to do so without a direct order from my Wife/Mistress/Key-holder. Thankfully, “Locktober” provided enough of an excuse to lock myself back up, and on top of that I finally got the order that I craved at the same time!

This past week has again found me horny enough to be climbing the walls, without any way of releasing myself. Angel has been a direct benefactor of my condition, and has certainly taken advantage of that! She will get so worked up riding her magic wand right on top of my cage, then turn over and let me lick everything up right from that sweet, dripping pussy! Mmm, still my favorite place to be in the world!

It was nice and very comforting to be able to quickly get myself back into that submissive headspace. The cage is soo tight during those moments, but somehow I just want for HER to orgasm, even more than I want to have one myself! Then she does have one, and I find myself just wanting to give her another, and ANOTHER! Just sitting here thinking about it and writing about it, I’m pressing so hard against the inside of my cage–but I know that the best release would be to go give Angel yet ANOTHER!

I’ve felt for quite some time now that Angel’s orgasms are far better than my own. Now I feel that I have even more data points in my head to prove that. I’ve had enough of my own over the past 3 months, either by my own hand or with Angel’s help. And while they DO feel amazing, especially the ones WITH her, they certainly pale to what I can feel when I truly focus only on giving Angel an orgasm! It’s so hard to describe, but I’ll try again.

Though “trapped” in chastity, I can still practically feel myself inside of Angel as she builds up towards her orgasm. I feel my own building in step with hers, until I reach the proverbial “point of no return” which would normally be the end of the line for me. But as Angel explodes in her state of pure bliss I don’t just come crashing down, ready to roll over and call it a night! Instead I’m left drifting in a state of bliss of my own, and Angel & I get to float back down to earth together. But not ALL the way down, because Angel isn’t finished yet–and miraculously neither am I! We can get going again with her wand, my fingers or tongue, a dildo that can reach places inside of her FAR deeper than my real one ever could, or any combination of those things. It’s not long at all before Angel is leaping back into the Heavens again, and I’m still along for the ride! Repeat a few more times, pushing about 3 steps higher for each one that we come down.

By the time Angel is finished I am spent as well and feel like I came several times right along WITH Angel even though I never spilled a drop (not counting a fair amount of precum of course). I have to say that women are very fortunate in their ability to be multi-orgasmic, and ironically being locked & denied actually brings me the closest I’ve ever been able to get to being able to experience that particular pleasure for myself, as a man!

In other news, though our actual 10th anniversary date passed by last week, we are only a few days away from our long-weekend getaway to Sybaris! Somehow I’ve still managed to keep the secret from Angel, so I can’t wait to see the look on her face when we get there! I know Angel has stocked up on a couple new items of lingerie that she’s making me wait to see as “punishment” for making HER wait to even find out where we’re going! Making a quick stop at the local adult shop the other day, I ended up picking up a couple extra clothing articles of my own, which I couldn’t wait to show Angel. She loves when I find underwear that shows off her property, leaving very little to the imagination!2018-10-07_18.32.26.jpg

  1. cincy34 says:

    I am not locked, but I will be teased and denied for the month. Last Locktober I had one accident. Hope to make it through the whole month this time. You did a very good job of describing my feelings. Thanks.

  2. rushmorejudd says:

    Amazing articulation of your feelings.

  3. I hope you two enjoy the weekend. Nice boxers!!!

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