Conjugal Visits for the Jail Bird

Posted: February 14, 2017 in Anal Sex, Chastity, Fetish, Jailbird, Key-Holder, Kinky, Long Term Chastity, Male Chastity, Orgasm, Orgasm Denial

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!  Being how it falls in the middle of the week this year, Angel and I had a chance to celebrate this past weekend instead.  Friday night we had an all-night sitter for the kids, so when those nights come around something fun is almost always bound to happen!  We started off with getting tickets to a Broadway production currently touring at a theatre in our city.  I haven’t been to a live show myself for a few years, so that’s always a good date night!  Since we ran out of time for dinner beforehand, we stopped off for some food after the show, then it was back home where we very quickly made our way to the bedroom, already getting quite frisky!

As I warmed Angel up with my hands, she wanted to jump straight to her best friend (the Magic Wand), propping it between my legs and riding herself to several quick and powerful orgasms!  I love the experience of getting to have a front row seat and being kept right on the edge for the entire time, while Angel basically just uses my body as a wand holder and comes over and over again on top of HER locked dick!  In fact there aren’t many places I’d rather be, second only to having my head down BETWEEN her legs licking her to even more orgasms..  That’s a good thing, I suppose, since as soon as she was completely drenched from riding her wand, Angel rolled over to her back and nudged me right down there to help clean up!

Once she was happy with that, Angel got up on her knees wanting more of her wand while simulating some hot doggy-style action.  This has always been one of her (our) favorite positions and it gives me nice access to her ass!  So of course I had to play with that too, including rubbing my cage against it. Closing my eyes I could almost feel myself deep inside her, only to be stopped by the hard, unforgiving bars of the Jail Bird.  As I described that to Angel, she decided that she really wanted to feel me inside her ass again..  At least try to.  So, she reached for the keys and let me unlock myself for the first time in well over a month!  We did try the ass, but she wasn’t really ready for that yet after all, so she rolled on over and let me in the other side instead.  THAT hasn’t been allowed since our anniversary (over 4 months ago!) and it felt absolutely WONDERFUL!

Of course, with so much pent-up horniness there was no way I could last particularly long, but Angel didn’t care.  She just loved having that connection between us again!  A few minutes after finishing we were both very exhausted and ready to get some sleep, so I excused myself to the bathroom where I went ahead and locked back up again then handed Angel the key to keep safe until the next time she wanted to have that kind of fun with me.

It turns out I didn’t have to wait very long until that next time!  First, it was soo nice to have an empty house and be able to sleep in quite a bit on Saturday morning.  When we did finally wake up, we were both just horny as hell again, so I began helping Angel to a few more orgasms to begin her day with.  She even rolled me over and had one for herself while riding her wand between my lower legs and whipping MY ass with the crop again!  Mmm, I could definitely take some more of THAT!  🙂

When Angel was finished playing, she decided that she really wanted to feel me inside of her one more time.  So she let me out, and I had the priviledge of being inside of her for the second time within 12 hrs!  While that one was better & longer, it still obviously wasn’t any marathon or anything.  I hit my peak and then…  it’s over.  I’m drained, and don’t really feel like doing much else at all for at least the next several minutes.  I’m not sure I’d have even been able to get ANGEL off anymore at that point.  I don’t think she minded that, as she had already gotten her fill too, but still..

Now don’t get me wrong, I am definitely not complaining about getting to come myself!  It most certainly is a fantastic experience and I look forward to the next time it might happen; but when it does, it often just serves as a reminder of how much BETTER Angel’s are!  It’s amazing how she can practically take the momentum from having one, to roll right into another, and another, with all of that energy just building up into a massive finale!  Except that’s not usually even a finale, as she’ll step down with a few more smaller ones after that before calling it quits!  I do love taking that ride with her, over and over again, even when I’m locked and denied for the entire time!

Anyhow, after that second release I was again locked back up again pretty quickly.  I may have been out and even allowed to orgasm twice in one day, but total time out I’m sure was less than 30 minutes.  Heck, we never even bothered taking the base ring off, knowing that I would be going straight back into chastity afterwards!  That being said, I’m not resetting the clock or anything yet on my Current Status page.  This is a personal record-setting run of continuous days locked in chastity!  In fact, since the arrival and installation of the Jail Bird, that device has not been completely removed (including base ring), yet!

Still, even REAL Jail Birds can sometimes be entitled to conjugal visits for good behavior, right?  So that’s how I’ll have to consider my time out with Angel on Saturday–a conjugal visit!  That may well end up being pretty much the only way I get out this year, in occasional 20 minute increments as Angel sees fit.  And that’s fine by me, I’m perfectly content to remain locked and unable to even touch myself (much less have an orgasm) without her explicit permission!

  1. Tony says:

    Time for an update? 🙂

  2. mdavid44 says:

    Sex is amazing after being freed from my cage. I have been wearing a cage for the last four years!

  3. I have been wearing a tiny cock cage for four years and when I’m let out the sex is amazing!

  4. Rob says:

    Curious adventures. I’ll have to read a few more before I comprehend WTF is going, lol

  5. Oh I do like the way you write and your take on life! Such fun! Hugs pixie x

  6. Great analogy.

    MrsL prefers to leave me unlocked for awhile so she can play with the penis. She likes edging me to the point of feeling the penis twitch in her hand. I love her giggles when that happens.

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