Locked Up & “Hanging Around”

Posted: February 3, 2017 in Anal Sex, BDSM, Bondage, Chastity, Fetish, Kinky, Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial, Self Bondage, Spanking

I had kind of an interesting, self-imposed experience last weekend which, well.. didn’t exactly go quite as planned/expected!  First off the boys went to spend Saturday night with their Grandpa, meaning Angel and I got the evening completely to ourselves.  After dinner and a movie we did rather quickly make it to the bedroom to have plenty of fun giving Angel numerous orgasms while I still continued to be denied in the Jail Bird!  (Which, by the way, I still have no idea when I may be out of again, but will at least be trying to write up a bit of a review of soon!)

After we were both exhausted and very satiated, it was time to get some sleep.  Angel even decided to sleep naked with me for the night, which is a fairly rare occurance these days!  It’s always nice to go to sleep snuggling up against her naked body, always just TRYING to get hard but having that steel cage constantly reminding me that it’s NOT going to happen!  With no kids in the house, it was also very likely that we would be able to pick up and continue the night’s activities again the next morning!  I think I’ve said a few times on here that morning sex is the BEST!

However, when Sunday morning came around I woke up well before Angel with a somewhat different plan brewing in my head..  I just had this deep seated desire, if not even a NEED, to have my ass played with–something we hadn’t actually engaged in at all the night before.  Since the house WAS empty, I really wanted to introduce Angel to the new spreader bar and “probe” that I wrote about playing with once a few weeks ago (see “Hands Free Anal“).  So after a little bit of contemplating how I wanted it to happen, I grabbed a few things from a bin under our bed and headed to the basement..


It didn’t take too terribly long to get things set up.  I started by placing some impact toys (a leather paddle, a crop, and a flogger) across a nearby chair for Angel’s convenience.  Soon afterwards I was wearing a set of leather ankle cuffs attached to the spreader, and some suspension cuffs that would be ultimately be hooked to a couple of short chains hanging down from the rafters overhead.  With some quick snap-hooks, I knew that I could easily attach myself to the chains, and if it came down to it I would (should!) be able to free myself, though that part would be more difficult.

Before completing the final steps I sent a couple of quick texts to Angel’s phone.  They read:

I didn’t expect those alert tones to actually wake Angel, but I did fully expect at that point that it shouldn’t be too terribly long before she would wake up, probably have to use the restroom, would notice that I wasn’t in bed, and would also start playing with her phone where she would see these messages and come to find me. So with the note being sent, there was no way to back out of it then, since she would still see her texts eventually and I’d have to explain what I was at least TRYING to do!  I’d prefer to just have her find it for real…  So I went ahead and lubed up, and extended the bar from the spreader in order to push and lock the probe deep into my ass.   Then I even went so far as to blindfold myself, and carefully reached up with the snap hooks to attach my cuffs to the chains.  Not being able to see, that last part did take a few minutes to accomplish, but then my work was done.  Now I just had to wait!

While waiting, of course I spent a lot of time gently rocking up and down on the little intruder in my ass.  I only had a couple inches of clearance before it was in as far as possible, but it was quite pleasurable to take advantage of that length!  I felt like I must have been leaking quite a bit from my cage, but without being able to see I couldn’t tell for sure.  At times, of course my arms would start to feel a bit tired from being tied overhead like that, but I found that wiggling my fingers helped alleviate that for the most part!  A few times, I did REALLY start to get tired of this position, and would even shout out Angel’s name hoping she might hear me and come searching.  I have no idea if I even yelled loud enough to be heard upstairs in the opposite corner of the house, much less loud enough to actually wake somebody up!  Still, each time I did try calling her name I immediately felt a little bit guilty for trying to wake Angel up instead of just letting her get up on her own accord.

Finally, I did hear Angel moving around upstairs.  She walked around a few rooms, then opened the basement door and called down to me.  I responded, “Yes, Mistress?”  She wanted to know what I was doing, so I asked her to please check her phone if she hadn’t already.  She hadn’t.  I heard her disappear for a few more minutes, use the restroom, etc. and then came on down the steps. She kind of chuckled a bit when she saw me, but said that unfortunately we really didn’t have much time before we had agreed to go meet her dad to pick up the kids..  If you notice the time on the text above was from 7:05 AM, and she wanted to know if I’d really been like this since then.  I said yes, and asked what time it was then.  It was 9:00!  I had been down there, hanging from my arms for a solid TWO HOURS!  I had no idea it had been that long!

I knew Angel was right, and being that late we really DIDN’T have a whole lot of time to play.  Still, she did pick up the crop and gave me a few hard swats while she had me in that position.  I wouldn’t have minded more, but at that point I don’t think either of us really had our hearts totally in it so it didn’t really matter.  Angel released my cuffs and I had to very slowly let my arms drop until I started getting more of the feeling back into them again.  Then I took care of the rest of the clean-up myself before joining her upstairs for a nice hot shower.

Angel apologized profusely for not coming downstairs sooner.  It turns out she had actually woken up the first time around 8:00 which is closer to what I might have expected!  At that point she only glanced at her phone to see the time but never even unlocked it at all to get to where she would see texts or anything.  She did notice that I was gone, but guessed that some issue must have come up at work that I had to deal with, and that I was upstairs on the computer or something.  So she had turned on the TV for a few minutes and ended up dozing off again.

But I can’t blame Angel at all for my plan not working out as expected.  I took it upon myself to try something new on a whim, without letting her know anything was even going on.  I took a gamble with it, and this time I lost.  No big deal!  On the bright side, Angel wasn’t totally freaked out about finding me like that and seemed to be open about possibly trying something like that again “for real” some day.  And she even offered a very good suggestion, saying that I should have set an alarm or something to kind of force her to wake up and get herself going.

All-in-all it was a little bit of a disappointing morning.  In my head I had envisioned some fairly hot & heavy D/s play, after which we could have taken it back upstairs where I could lick Angel to another orgasm or two.  But instead, I ended up “hanging around” by myself for so long that all other morning sex was off the table.  At least if I had stayed in bed that morning, the second half of my plan could have still happened!  But on one other bright side, I also learned a lot about my own physical “limits,” at least to the point that I have a LOT more endurance in my arms than I would have ever thought!  Perhaps THAT is something that could be explored even more sometime in the future!

  1. Jack says:

    I’m not surprised you got tired of the position a few times, my arms are aching just reading about it although damn that toy looks like a lot of fun!

  2. First, I think this post was kind of hysterical because I can imagine the predicament and I can imagine that for so many couples that something similar would happen. You’re lucky that you didn’t have any pain or cramping from being stuck up in that pose for so long.

    I think it is so awesome that you have a partner who can appreciate and enjoy your attempt even if it didn’t go as planned. I am sure you’ll have better luck next time.

    You didn’t mention what she thought of your spreader bar and dildo set up…

  3. Lol, that was a good one!

  4. I would never try that. I might still be hanging weeks later. lol. Good on you for the attempt though. And it’s always nice to find out things about oneself and one’s endurance.

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Lol yea… I think I could have still gotten myself out of it if need be. Admittedly I even considered trying a couple times, but had no idea how long I’d been there and hated to give up right before Angel might have been waking up and saw my note. It worked out in the end, just not quite the way I thought!

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