50 Shades Has Nothing on US!

Posted: February 24, 2018 in BDSM, Bedroom Bondage, Bondage, Chastity, Fetish, Kinky, Male Chastity, Orgasm, Romance, Sex, Spanking


This will probably make more than a few of my readers cringe a bit, but Angel and I watched the 2nd installment of “50 Shades of Grey” last weekend. I had watched the first with her a couple years ago after it was released on DVD, and we’d skipped the second one but she wanted to get caught up on it before the last movie runs its course in the theater and becomes available to rent.

Overall, I find it to be a very cheesy plot line and only so-so sex scenes — probably a fairly typical “guy” reaction. Yes, I DO know that it’s not a particularly good representation of BDSM, but the effect it has on Angel… OH MY! That alone makes it soo worth watching with her, and indeed made for a very fun “post-Valentine’s” night when we managed to have an evening alone without the kids!

canstockphoto13639259When we kicked back in bed and started the movie, there wasn’t much going on until I hear this little (almost inaudible) gasp coming from Angel next to me. I believe it was during the scene with the infamous “silver balls,” for anyone who has seen the film! I reached down to feel her and could not believe how wet she was; quite literally dripping onto the sheets! I have to say there are times she’s not even quite THAT wet when we finish with her magic wand! Of course I couldn’t resist that, so quickly got my head down between her legs for a good taste and to finish her off.

The next notable scene came when Ana is exploring the “Red Room” and inquires as to what a spreader bar is. I knew Angel was getting pretty turned on again, which was confirmed when she asked: “We have that, right?” Well YES, as a matter of fact we DO have ‘that!’ And as luck would have it, it is already under our mattress, and fastened to the foot of our bed! 🙂 So as the scene unfolded for Ana to have her demonstration, Angel was also quickly secured hand & foot to our own bed for a couple of wild screaming orgasms with her wand! Of course we missed the whole sex scene and a fair amount of the movie afterwards, but at least we were at home where we could rewind it and rewatch the fun parts during Angel’s “cool-down” period.

20170610_222240Performing our own reenactments of the movie was incredibly fun, to be sure, but I haven’t even touched on the REST of our kid-free evening! To start with, after getting back home from a nice, quiet dinner, I had Angel change into some sexy new lingerie I had gotten her for Valentine’s Day and asked her to meet me upstairs in the office. There, we got the fun started on her Sybian–something we hadn’t really had a chance to dig back out again since our vacation last year! It was still SO worth it, and quite satisfying to watch her getting off multiple times during her ride.

For “round 2” I even bent over a chair in front of her, and let Angel whip my ass with a riding crop at the same time. It’s well known between us that she always seems to get more into the action and swings much harder as she orgasms! I almost couldn’t even take very much of it.. It did hurt! But that nice warm feeling on my ass afterwards as the little red welts rub against our smooth sheets is probably my favorite part of impact play!

Then came the movie, and after that was over Angel and I threw down some big towels on the bed and took turns tying each other up and dripping candle wax all over our bodies. This is quickly becoming one of our favorite combined “kinks.” If only it wasn’t so messy, we would probably try to incorporate it much more often!


After all of this, we finally settled down to call it a night and found that it wasn’t even midnight yet! It was amazing how much fun we’d had in such a short time. Angel commented that it was a good thing we never tried to watch any of those movies in the theater, as they are much better from bed! She thought it was fun to try some of the things from the sex scenes, even though a lot of it we’d already done before and then some. I agreed. Compared to what already goes on behind our closed doors, 50 Shades has nothing on US! 🙂

But if the least it can do is help get Angel into the mindset.. I’m almost embarrassed to admit but I kind of can’t wait for a chance to see the finale!


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  2. They have the same effect on my Queen! Though we have seen them in the theatre then come home to play!

  3. Pelgris says:

    Sounds like the best way to enjoy those movies!

  4. bluebird says:

    Sounds like a fun night!

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