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Posted: January 24, 2022 in Chastity, Fetish, Kinky, Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial


Hello again! First of all I do want to apologize (again) for my lack of posting over the past 1-2 years.. It’s not that I’m enjoying the Chastity lifestyle any less; quite the opposite actually! Unfortunately, I have just really gotten out of the rythm of writing about my experiences and it has been extremely difficult to get back in.

But speaking of “back in,” I am indeed happily BACK IN my Jailbird! My last post, nearly a year ago, found me unlocked after almost 2 1/2 straight years of being caged continuously. Various medical things kind of forced our hand to end that session when we did. After that, I was actually unlocked for the remainder of 2021, amounting to a solid 308 days of freedom! During that time, we finally pulled the trigger on another (elective) medical procedure, and last Spring I had a vasectomy. No huge mid-life surprises to happen in OUR house!

canstockphoto70702076I had been thinking of having the vasectomy for a very long time, and in fact part of the reason my last chastity session went to 2 1/2 years is because Angel and I agreed together that I shouldn’t get out until the time came that I was going to have that done. Then came Covid… and those plans were pushed out indefinitely along with my lockup! But last Spring since I was out anyway, it was definitely time. I had been a little worried about the possible effect that having a vasectomy could have on being able to wear a chastity cage, and engaged in numerous conversations around that topic on Fetlife and other such sounding boards. But it seemed like overall it really wasn’t an issue for most guys. If anything, it was just a matter of waiting long enough after the procedure for everything to heal, before trying to get into a cage again. Well, we wound up waiting at least 8 months afterwards, so no issue there!

After that, well I suppose you could almost say that Angel and I were in a bit of a renewed honeymoon stage again for a while. Either of us could (and both often did) initiate sexual activities any time that it was convenient. And it didn’t matter what we did or how far we went with it, being how there was no longer any risk of further expanding our family! Don’t get me wrong, I do love my two boys to death.. But they are enough! 🙂

canstockphoto10554710During this time, for the first time in several years we did completely skip out on the concept of “Locktober” as well as “NO-vember.” Chastity just didn’t really come up much for us during those months, until probably mid December, approaching Christmas. As some may recall, I had created this whole little parody called “I’ll be LOCKED for Christmas” and even hired an artist to record the track, then created a little slideshow/video to go along with the words as well. It had become somewhat of a Christmas tradition to play that a few times a week during the holidays, and I think Angel began to miss it. One night out of the blue she turned to me and asked if I was locked up. I said “No… Should I be?” Angel replied No, but there was clearly a hint of disappointment in her voice that we were skipping out on our song that year!

canstockphoto28830113That night I could hardly sleep. Chastity had kind of become a backburner topic for several months, but that one little question from Angel brought it right back to top of mind for me. Suddenly I REALLY missed it, and began to desperately CRAVE to be locked up again! Later that weekend I told Angel how I was feeling about it, and learned that she was missing it too. She always felt like I was a lot more “playful & attentive” when locked and she really enjoyed that side of me.

We agreed to maybe wait out the rest of 2021, but come New Year’s I would go back into the cage and under Angel’s control. We would put the keys into our little lockbox again, which we had previously used by uploading a picture of the combination to EmlaLock and let that site control my duration. For a while back then, NEITHER of us could access the keys even if we wanted to, which had its own little exciting spin to it! That had issues too though, which I may detail out some day in other post. THIS time though, would be different. Angel would set her own combination on the box, so she alone has full control of my keys and therefore my release. When we first started dabbling with chastity together, there is no way that Angel would have been able to hold out very long without letting me have an orgasm. But she has grown so much since then, that now I have no way of predicting how long she might choose to keep me locked! And it is VERY exciting indeed, to know that I am completely at my Wife/Mistress’s mercy and she can use me to orgasm herself as many times as she likes while denying mine!

So that is my current state since 1/1/2022. Like I said it’s been long enough since my vasectomy that it wasn’t an issue at all to get used to being caged again, and I am absolutely LOVING the feeling! I had almost forgotten what it feels like to be denied for weeks at a time, but now it just feels like I am right back at home where I belong! I am SUCH a lucky man!

I WILL try to churn out at least a few more posts in the coming weeks, as there are a few things I’d like to get on record. But honestly I can’t guarantee I’ll ever be fully back to a regular weekly or even monthly post. My blog will stay up as long as I can keep affording the domain, and hopefully some of my past content will continue to be an inspiration for guys curious about this lifestyle to go ahead and take the plunge! I’m always pleasantly surprised to still see hundreds of page views a day on my site stats, even when I haven’t been able to post in such a long time!

That’s all for now. But do stay tuned for at least one pretty exciting thing happening in my life that I intend to write about soon!

  1. JG says:

    Hi Pcguy,

    I hope you had a great Christmas and will have a happy New year! Since it’s almost the end of 2022, would you provide an update on your current year-long lock up? And resolution of continuing lockup for another year in hope to beat your record?


  2. JG says:

    Hi pcguy, seeing you locked up again is very exciting. Since you have done so many in your cage, including normal dr visits and TSA screening, looks like nothing except for an serious medical condition would justify an unlock, unless Angel wants it. Expect to see another record long lock up session. Cheers!

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Thank you, JG! You are correct, the more serious medical issues at this point would be the only real “need” to be released. Except at this point I’m still kind of debating whether or not to be unlocked for a pubic tattoo; but that’s more a question of exposing my kink to the tattoo artist than anything else… We’ll see what happens there, but yes I think in general I’m back in the cage for the long haul again!

  3. As a long time reader of your blog I just wanted to say you “thank you” for letting us take part in your experiences.

    • pcguy0681 says:

      You’re welcome! And thank YOU very much for reading! I always say on here that I primarily write just for myself, as it is somewhat cathartic for me. But in all honesty it’s also just nice to be able to tell SOMEONE, ANYone, about this very private (yet huge) part of my life. Outside of Angel, it’s not something that I can really talk about to people that I know “IRL,” so having an audience around the world who are actually interested and engaged in what I have to say, is great for my mental wellbeing. And it’s kind of nice to know that maybe along the way I can help at least a few other guys with chastity urges, to know that it’s not really as abnormal as they feel like it is!

      Thanks again,

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