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Posted: June 27, 2015 in Chastity, Key-Holder, Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial, Sex


I have told Angel before that I’m pretty sure if more guys knew what it felt like to be able to do nothing but please a multi-orgasmic woman while their own orgasm was denied for weeks at a time, there would probably be a lot more people doing it! Her reply was that maybe there ARE a lot more men out there locked up, and we just wouldn’t know about it! And that is very true.. Nobody else that I know in “real life” (besides Angel) knows about me being locked in chastity. So I could very well have other friends/acquaintances who do the same thing, and I just don’t know about them doing it either.  If we were to ever find out, that would certainly open up a whole new topic of conversation with someone!

Chances are I’m never going to start putting it out there to people I see every day, what goes on with Angel and I behind closed doors.  But being how everyone reading my blog knows all about it, I have to admit that I AM a little curious how many of you guys are engaged in chastity to some degree! I have never played with the Polling feature here on WordPress before, but I just put this one together to see how it works..  So if you don’t mind, please choose below the best answer that describes your current status in chastity. If none of them match up very well, go ahead and type in whatever you like in the “Other” field.  Also, as always feel free to leave any comments you see fit–I love to hear from you!



  1. Lucinda Ella says:

    I’m a sissy – this means I’m a genetic boy who grew up in an environment where nature and nurture combined in a way that meant I didn’t develop any masculine traits like a real man would. I’m not aggressive, particularly assertive, interested in typically male sports or hobbies etc. Instead I’m gentle, supportive, kind-hearted, loving, romantic, passionate about cooking and home making, devoted to pleasuring my Lady/Mistress/Princess/Angel until she can’t bear even one more orgasm, but I’m also Her tormented toy, the eager victim of all her devious humiliations and the loyal partner she can mold into her image of the perfect, sexually objectified, sissy-whore housemaid that every husband should be.

    It seems gurls like me are forgotten when male chastity is discussed, yet we’re often the most severely chastised group of all.

  2. Jan says:

    My Mistress partner has parties when we get together for her female friends as her submissive male I serve them drinks and anything they want to eat nude at all times apart from Mistresses chastity cage so a lot her friends see and know about our relationship and would like the same kind of relationship for them selves but very hard to find any submissive males in east Africa

  3. sophiejc50 says:

    I am in permanent chastity

  4. Jan says: am locked 24/7 when we are apart we are in a long distance relationship witch brings its own problems with airports and so on

  5. buquet0 says:

    I am currently blocked by my Mistress for periods of at least 6 months. At the end of these periods, it is either a ruined orgasm or the most a prostate milking.

  6. sophiejc50 says:

    I’m locked up for long periods of up to 6 months.

  7. I’m brand new to chastity but it already excites me. The absolute feeling of wanting to please my partner can only be a good thing. For too long I have been selfish in pleasuring myself and not her. That is already changing. Making her orgasm is almost as good as a release for me now!

  8. Remember that this poll is only from your readers and people who come across your blog when searching the internet. There are many, many people in chastity all the time and that number is growing every day. I regularly like reading about chastity and there are sites and other forums out there with 10’s of thousands of members on them regarding chastity and you hear from different ones every day!
    I firmly believe that wearing a chastity will become a more common approach and become a more vanilla thing over the next decade!

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Thanks for the comments! Yes, I do realize that my numbers might be a little bit skewed in favor of those who are currently engaged in chastity or would like to be, being how that is the demographic of people most likely to find/follow my blog. So I certainly don’t think my results would be indicative at all of the general population, but I do still enjoy just seeing what my readers are into as far as chastity is concerned! And you’re right, it does seem to be getting more and more popular. I have to wonder sometimes if anybody else that I know in real life might already be locked as well, and I just don’t even know it!

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