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I have told Angel before that I’m pretty sure if more guys knew what it felt like to be able to do nothing but please a multi-orgasmic woman while their own orgasm was denied for weeks at a time, there would probably be a lot more people doing it! Her reply was that maybe there ARE a lot more men out there locked up, and we just wouldn’t know about it! And that is very true.. Nobody else that I know in “real life” (besides Angel) knows about me being locked in chastity. So I could very well have other friends/acquaintances who do the same thing, and I just don’t know about them doing it either.  If we were to ever find out, that would certainly open up a whole new topic of conversation with someone!

Chances are I’m never going to start putting it out there to people I see every day, what goes on with Angel and I behind closed doors.  But being how everyone reading my blog knows all about it, I have to admit that I AM a little curious how many of you guys are engaged in chastity to some degree! I have never played with the Polling feature here on WordPress before, but I just put this one together to see how it works..  So if you don’t mind, please choose below the best answer that describes your current status in chastity. If none of them match up very well, go ahead and type in whatever you like in the “Other” field.  Also, as always feel free to leave any comments you see fit–I love to hear from you!



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