SO Much To Be Thankful For!

Posted: November 24, 2016 in Chastity, Kinky, Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial


Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!  As usual I have SOO much to be thankful for, including my great family and wonderful friends–from old friends who have known me for years, except for this ONE tiny part of my life, to several NEW friends I’ve been able to make this year who DO know of this part of me!

When Angel and I woke up this morning snuggling and telling each other “Happy Thanksgiving,” Angel began by saying that she was very thankful for me. Of course I had to reciprocate that I am thankful for HER as well.. Along with being thankful that she still keeps the keys to my chastity device, and therefore the “control!” I’m thankful that I can just completely let go and be myself with her, and of how she takes care of me.  I’m thankful that I so often get to feel like I’m part of something much “bigger and better” when SHE loses herself to the pleasure of one orgasm after another while I’m denied yet still riding that “high” right along with her, over and over again!

Of course, as I was saying all of this my fingers were kind of wandering south along Angel’s body, until she was just completely affirming EVERYTHING that I’m thankful for! 🙂  Another great start to what should be a very fun day off of work to spend with my family and of course eating WAY too much!

Now that Thanksgiving is here, that is also traditionally the time to start getting out all of the Christmas decorations, etc. as well!  SO, I’m going to dig back in my blog a bit to pull up the little chastity jingle that I wrote a couple years ago, then had actually put to music last year.  If you haven’t heard it yet, enjoy! You can probably expect to see this attached to the bottom of every new blog post I publish for the rest of the year!

*click the title below for an old blog post with full set of lyrics, if you’d rather read them..


I’ll Be Locked For Christmas

Lyrics by: pcguy0681
Music by: Dying Seed
To the tune of Bing Crosby’s classic melody: “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”


  1. A fun way to start the holiday season.!

  2. Happy thanksgiving

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