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Posted: November 15, 2016 in Chastity, Fetish, Kinky, Male Chastity, Mature Metal, Orgasm Denial


This isn’t going to be anything directly related to my own chastity experience, but I just wanted to throw out another little nod to my web-savvy readers and how you guys might happen to find my little blog out here in the vast expanses of the internet!

One thing that’s kind of nice about WordPress (that’s who hosts my blog here, JUST in case you didn’t know!) is that it gives all kinds of stats about how many visitors you get each day/week/month, as well as country of origin, what other site they may have clicked through to reach mine, etc.  One thing I’ve always found particularly interesting are the various search queries that folks will type into a web browser, and ultimately end up on my site.  Apparently some search engines (Google in particular) encrypt that kind of data so I can’t actually see what terms were being searched, which is unfortunate because I do know that quite a lot of my traffic does come through Google first!  I’m sure that those probably account for the majority of nearly 20,000 “unknown search terms” to be flagged in my stats.

But none-the-less I do still get to see quite a number of queries generated from other search engines, and wanted to take some time to examine a few of them, possibly spread out over multiple posts.  It’s entirely possible that there could be some search terms that landed on my site for which I only have some tiny little blurb, but nothing very substantial/helpful to the person searching for information.  If I find something like that along the way, it could even generate a more lengthy response if it’s a topic that I have some good experience to share!

So let’s just start at the very top of the list…  The top 5 search queries to find “Thrill of the Chaste” are:

  1. Male Chastity
  2. Mature Metal
  3. Carlilock
  4. Male Chastity with kids in the house
  5. Chastity blog

The first one is fairly obvious.  I mean, the sub-title right at the top says “Personal experiences in the world of Male Chastity!”  But just how likely is it that somebody doing a generic search for “Male Chastity” will actually end up on MY site??  Well, in the name of research, it was time to try googling myself!  🙂  I know that when I’m searching for pretty much anything, I generally don’t make it past the first few pages of results before I’ll either pick a site that looks interesting to spend my time on, or give up and try to narrow my search query.  But when it comes to searching “Male Chastity” on Google, I found my site listed near the end of Page 2!  With as many sites as there are on this topic in the world, I figure that’s not too shabby!  Of course Google is not the only viable search engine around, so I checked this on Bing and Yahoo as well with fairly similar results.

wpid-canstockphoto2867977.jpgMoving on, the second most popular search query to frequently find its way to my site, is “Mature Metal,” the small, privately-owned company who has now created TWO custom chastity devices for me!  I have written frequently about their superb products and excellent customer service.  When I type those terms into Google, of course the number one result is (and should always be) Mature Metal’s direct web site.  But, I was actually pleased to find TWO specific posts of mine listed on the very first page of search results!  It was close to the same with Bing and Yahoo, but with only one listing on page 1 and another near the top of page 2.  It seems that my post of “Measuring & Ordering from Mature Metal” is one of the most popular clicks in this category!

wpid-canstockphoto15365432.jpgThird on my list is “Carlilock.”  Now I haven’t written about this key-holding website for quite some time, but when I Googled it for myself it seems that my post “The CarliLock” is listed directly after a couple of entries for the CarliLock site itself!  For this one I did drop down just a little bit on Bing and Yahoo, but still had page 1 results.  So I guess I had a pretty good little write-up about it back in the day..  We haven’t actually even used a site like this for a while, but it IS a great way to kind of “force” a longer lock-up period, whether playing solo or with a new(er) key-holder who may not be quite so sure about how long to keep you locked!

canstockphoto16816674Number 4 was interesting: “Male Chastity with kids in the house.”  And here we have it folks!  It is currently the 4th entry down on Google, but the very FIRST search result on both Bing and Yahoo– “Reader Question: Chastity With Children!”  I guess that WOULD be a pretty common question, among guys who would really like to try chastity but are worried about possibly “exposing themselves” to their kids.  So it’s kind of nice to know that I was able to write a piece that actually seems to resonate with quite a number of people!

Finally to round out the top 5, “Chastity Blog” is also a fairly obvious term that could bring up my site in the results.  On all three search engines I’m not number 1 by any means but am at least on the first page, and in the top 10 search results.  There are certainly some very deserving blogs listed ABOVE mine as well, so well done to those writers and I DO recommend all of the following reads (among others):

So like I said, this post isn’t really anything directly related to my own chastity experience, but it’s just kind of fun seeing how I rank compared to so many other great sites/blogs out there!  Obviously my readers have many options on where to spend their time, so for anybody reading this:  THANK YOU for choosing Thrill of the Chaste!  🙂

  1. Caged Lion says:

    I read and recommend your site. We’re honored to be mentioned by you.

    • pcguy0681 says:

      No problem, and thank you as well! I know I’ve said it before but I’m still always amazed at how both of you are able to write so eloquently and publish new, relevant content, EVERY day! I only wish I was better about even reading your blog daily; I tend to get behind and take a week to catch up at times! 🙂

      Well done, and keep up the good work!

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