Fit to be Tied (part 2)

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Now for part 2 of our weekend adventure (Part 1 can be found HERE).  Our fun started on Thursday night, but then fast-forward to Saturday…  We had a pretty busy morning/early-afternoon, so sex was pretty much off the table outside of some extra teasing and reminding each other of the fun we’d had a couple nights before that!  When Saturday evening came around, Angel already had plans to have a group of girls over to the house for a little party and to binge-watch some new Netflix series that just came out.  Not exactly something I cared to stick around for!  Luckily, I had also managed to acquire a baby-sitter for the boys, and they were going to stay there all night (gotta love having grandparents nearby!)

So that left me free to be out, hanging out with other friends for the evening, and I didn’t hear any more from Angel until almost midnight!  I was sitting over at a friend’s house when the “dirty texting” began…  I missed seeing it for the first few minutes, but essentially the conversation went like this:

11:49 Angel:  I just want you to know I am in bed – lightly clothed
11:54 Angel:  I just made my toes curl!
   [nice, she’s gotten all the way to THAT point now–perfectly willing to take care of herself, whether I’m there or not! She has come SO far in that area since we met!]

11:58 Me:  I’m jealous… be there in 20 mins?
12:00 Angel: Sooner
12:01 Me:  Will try.. keep it warmed up for me 🙂
12:05 Angel: Trying but that is a long time for vibrating

By the last message, of course I had already excused myself and started home, walking in the door probably around 12:15ish.  The great part was that it was only the two of us in the house, so we didn’t have to worry about noise anymore.  Angel had left the bedroom door open, and I could hear the distinct sounds of the magic wand and some soft moaning coming from within.  I walked over and looked in, expecting to find Angel sprawled out on the bed holding the wand on herself.  What I did not anticipate, was that Angel seemed to take a small page from MY book, and had more or less tied herself to the bed!  We have some soft restraints/tethers that we keep attached and kind of tucked under the mattress for whenever the mood strikes, and apparently it had struck HER that night!  There she was, face down on the bed, with her arms stretched up towards the corners.  Of course it’s a little bit difficult to get into that position completely by yourself, so one cuff was more snug than the other, but now I was there and could help her tighten the other side better!  She was laying on the wand, continuously grinding herself into it as it buzzed away.  There’s no telling how long it had been running, because when I picked it up it was definitely very warm to the touch!

canstockphoto17076699With Angel “properly” restrained now, I was able to help her out with the wand as well, pushing it into just the right position where it drove an almost immediate orgasm from her!  That was the first that I got to witness for the night, but she had already had a few before I’d gotten there! In this position, Angel’s nice ass was also right there in the air practically begging for some attention.  I got to work smothering it with little kisses/nibbles, then reached back into our drawer for some lube and a plug again.  As I worked that in while still holding the magic wand on the other side, Angel reached the heights of orgasm once again!

wpid-20150925_085440.jpgEventually, Angel was done with the restraints so asked me to untie her, but she was definitely NOT finished for the evening!  Turning her attention to me, she first wanted MY ass to be plugged as well, so this time we went straight for the largest one which I had finally been able to use a couple nights prior.  It was still very tight and took a while to work in, but Angel stayed right there encouraging me as I pushed it further and further, until it finally hit home!  At that point, we put the wand back between my legs again and Angel climbed on top to “use” me once more, all the while making sure it was crystal clear that she was still NOT going to be letting me out of the Queen’s Keep!

By the time Angel was satisfied in that position it was nearly 1:30am and we had both had a pretty long day, so we cleaned up a bit and went to sleep for a few hours.  Once again, I know that at least SHE was relaxed enough to go right to sleep; I on the other hand was still straining against the end a rather tight cage, kind of reliving the events of the past couple nights in my head and definitely wanting to keep that going as long as possible with Angel!

I woke up again just a few hours later, and knowing that we would definitely not have any little “visitors” in our room that morning, I wanted to set up a last little surprise for Angel.  I needed to get up and use the restroom anyway, so while there I went ahead and slipped another plug back into my ass again.  I went with a smaller one this time as I wasn’t sure I wanted to push my luck with stretching it so far again so soon..  I also pulled on the strap-on harness that we enjoy playing with sometimes.  With that, I climbed back into bed next to my sleeping Angel and drifted off to sleep again.  Not for long though, because as soon as I sensed her starting to stir, I snuggled in a little tighter and made sure that she woke up to some nice rubbing followed by my tongue once I got her to roll over on her back.  She enjoyed that immensly and reminded me that morning sex has pretty much ALWAYS been our favorite!

wpid-20151027_201715.jpgIt wasn’t until a while later before she even noticed the strap-on, and was also very excited about that!  One way or the other (whether she let me out of chastity or not), Angel was going to be filled up the way she deserved!  I started penetrating her with the strap-on, very slowly at first, laying on top where our hearts were pretty much beating in unison.  As she got more and more into it, so did I, and the pace escalated dramatically!  With no kids in the house, Angel could scream out as much as she wanted as her pleasure came in very big waves!  After a while, we switched to more of a doggy-style position, which I don’t believe we’ve ever actually done with a strap-on before.  Taking the whole length of it from behind, must have hit even more “pleasure points” within Angel as her reaction was off the charts!  The best part of all of this is that even though I don’t get to feel the sensation myself, I am able to keep going as hard and as long as Angel needs me to!  I don’t have to worry at all about not having enough in me to get her to that point.  Watching Angel, and feeling her entire body as it loses all control underneath me, is definitely one of the most beautiful things I ever get to see/experience!

canstockphoto15258370This time, once Angel was done, I truly did feel like I was too.  Even though I wasn’t let out of the cage at all this weekend, and have two weeks (so far) of “horny” build-up, all of that was taken care of vicariously through Angel.  I don’t NEED to actually come myself, as long as I can be a participant in Angel’s!  And however she wants to do it is fine by me! If she wants to be tied to the bed, or to tie ME to the bed, I’m very good either way!  Since I still have both visuals to look back on just from the past few days, a part of me would probably say that between the two I would probably tend to prefer being on the bottom, letting Angel use me and take whatever she wants/deserves–even if that just means being her “wand holder.” But I certainly do also enjoy the sights and sounds of Angel being all tied up and helpless too!  I am so happy to be married to a woman who is willing to come along with me on this journey and explore all things about our sexuality together like this!  I can’t say for sure that chastity is what started the ball rolling with ALL of this, but Angel really does seem like she’s become MUCH more adventurous (and “kinky”) since we started down that path!

  1. vinnieh says:

    It sounds like it was one intense session.

  2. vinnieh says:

    Sounds like an intense and sexy session.

  3. Morning sex is always the best!! Great weekend for both of you!

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    sometimes #switching can be fun for both!

  5. newlychaste says:

    Inspirational post. I told my wife last night about my feelings and desires regarding chastity and anal play. She is still processing it but posts like these reaffirm my belief in the beauty of an open, honest relationship.

  6. Sounds like you 2 have a very warm and loving relationship. It’s really nice to see that.

  7. A fantastic post, loving, sexy and full of wonderful details

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