Fit to be Tied (part 1)

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This will end up being a two-part post, as I just wanted to take a little time to write about a pretty wild weekend that Angel and I just had. It actually began a little bit early, as in last Thursday night!  Angel had to work late into the evening on Thursday, but as a result she also got to take the day off on Friday.  I still had to work on Friday, but that wouldn’t stop us from having some fun!  I knew that Angel was working until around 8:00pm on Thursday, then she and a few co-workers had planned on going out somewhere for a bite to eat.  I managed to get the kids all settled down and off to bed, then naturally my horny mind started wandering.. wondering what kind of “fun” Angel and I might be able to have that night since she didn’t have to get up early for work the next morning!

canstockphoto15689390I’ve written before, how one thing in particular that Angel has been getting more and more into lately, is some ass play.  OK who am I kidding.. we’ve BOTH been getting more and more into that! 🙂  It has become a fairly regular thing for one or both of us to be wearing a butt plug while we’re playing with each other, but neither of us have ever quite managed to get in the largest plug in our “collection.”  Once I had a little bit of time to myself that evening, I thought that it was a good opportunity to “practice,” and see if I could get any further with it that time!  I grabbed the plug and the lube, and started slowly working it in.  I’d have to keep taking short breaks once that widest point of the plug started trying to force its way in, but after a good 20 minutes or so of this, suddenly there it was! It was in! With my ass now stuffed more full than it had ever been before, my cage was also getting extremely tight… Not that there was anything I would be able to do about that!

Walking around with this plug was only slightly uncomfortable, mainly just with the feeling that I needed to go to the bathroom… only I really DIDN’T have to! Eventually I found that if I just layed down and stayed mostly still, that feeling would subside and I could better enjoy the sensation of being completely filled up.  Clenching down on this anal obtrusion felt very good!  I decided that rather than taking the plug out and trying to put it back in again later, I would just keep it in until Angel got home, and see if she wanted to be plugged as well.  As I laid in bed waiting, still very horny and with no way of doing anything about it until Angel arrived home, I decided to add a bit of self-bondage to my “predicament” for Angel to be able to find and take advantage of.  I knew I couldn’t go TOO crazy, because even though I knew that both boys were fast asleep I would still need to be able to get myself loose if any kind of emergency came up.  Oh, the buzz-kill of “responsible parenting!” Lol

We have a pretty good sized stash of leather straps of varying lengths, so I decided to first start with buckling a few of those around my legs, effectively immobilizing that area.  In preparation for Angel, I did place her favorite magic wand between my thighs before placing the last strap to hold everything in place!  We also have sort of a beginner set of velcroe thigh-to-wrist restraints, which is something I can fairly easily get in and out of alone, so I went ahead and fastened the larger part of those to each leg to get ready for later.  I laid back on two of the longest straps that we have, and fastened them around my chest, with enough slack in them that I would be able to wiggle both arms in.

canstockphoto17076699By around 10:00, I still had not seen or heard from Angel yet, but already being two hours since she would have gotten off of work, I didn’t figure it would be TOO much longer before she arrived home! I decided it was time to complete the ensemble and wait for her that way, rather than try to rush to get the final pieces in place once I heard the garage door going up.  I started with a blindfold (waiting is always better in the dark, right? Lol) then felt my way to the top strap and worked my arms through it, all the way to my upper arms.  I found at that stage, I could easily reach the buckle on that strap, and managed to tighten it down pretty significantly.  I then worked my forearms throuth the next strap, and found that I could STILL turn my wrists/hands upward enough to tighten THAT strap as well!  Finally, one at a time, I managed to work both wrists into the restraints attached to my thighs.  I knew it wouldn’t be too difficult to reverse-engineer that setup if I needed to escape in a hurry, but it was rather fun to just lay there straining gently against all of the bonds, waiting for Angel to get home and “discover” me!

Turns out, I still had quite a while to wait… As can happen when a group of “girlfriends” go out at night and don’t have to work the next day, dinner turned into a couple of extra drinks, and sitting around gossiping for an extra hour or so.. all while I (unbeknownnst to Angel) am at home in bed, blindfolded, immobilized from the neck down, and with a giant butt plug filling my ass! I knew it was getting later than I had expected it to, but of course could no longer see a clock to know just HOW late!  I’m sure I probably dozed off a time or two in this position, but finally I did hear Angel pulling in (sometime after 11:00, as I would later learn).  This is where my stomach will generally start tying itself in knots too, wondering what she is going to think when she sees me like this! Angel has always been very supportive and non-judgemental of my little “kinks” but for some reason it is always still a bit nerve-wracking at first! Angel came into the house, peeked in the bedroom, and I heard a slight chuckle as she made her way to the bathroom to get ready for bed.  That felt like another eternity, but eventually Angel made it back into the bed, pulled back the sheets, and was quite delighted to see the extent of my helplessness, and that I had even remembered her “friend!”

canstockphoto13583116Already naked, it didn’t take long at all for Angel to start taking full advantage of the situation.  With my hands in the position that they were, I could still grip the wand and control the on/off switch, so I did.  With Angel straddling me, and pinning my arms down further to the side, now there was NO way that I would be able to work my way backwards out of the straps that I had secured myself in, so I was just along for the ride!  As Angel reached one huge orgasm after another, I wanted so bad to at least reach up and hold her, fondle some boobs… anything! But that was simply not possible, and the more I struggled to do so seemed to turn Angel on even more and she had several more mind-blowing orgasms from this position!  By the end, she did at least remove the blindfold so I could watch her use me like that.  At that point, I was merely a “holder” for her magic wand, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!  When she was half-exhausted and rolled off of me, I did make my escape.  I worked my hands back out of the restraints, got all of the straps unbuckled and tossed to the side, then snuggled into Angel.

As we talked about the fun we had just experienced, I told Angel about finally having success with the large plug as well.  That topic started the next round going, as we also worked a more mid-sized plug into Angel’s ass, and brought her to a couple more orgasms with me on top pressing the wand down onto her.  I was still straining very hard against the end of the Queen’s Keep, but when I mentioned this to Angel she was very adament about “NO, you are NOT getting out tonight!”  Wow, I do love how far she’s come in embracing chastity, and making sure that moments like that remain all about her!

Eventually, Angel had gotten enough, so we cleaned up a bit then turned out the lights to go to sleep.  At least, ANGEL went to sleep, completely satiated and relaxed from so many orgasms.. Many times I end up feeling the same way, even when SHE is the only one who actually gets release, but this time I was still extremely horny and couldn’t get that feeling out of my mind of being completely helpless and at her mercy; my body being used completely for HER pleasure alone!


Continued on: Fit to be Tied (part 2)


  1. That sounds like a great beginning to a fantastic weekend!

  2. Hot, but lovely and touching at the same time.

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