Reader Question: Anti-pullout Pins?

Posted: May 16, 2016 in Chastity, Fetish, Kinky, Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial


I had a reader question come in regarding the use of Mature Metal’s “anti-pullout” pins, wondering if it is worth the purchase.  Again, my response was beginning to get rather lengthy, so I thought it worthy of a post all to itself.

Pogo Asks:

What advice do you have about investing in the anti-pullout pins? Do they make it possible to loosen things up in the ring? I’ve been having serious chafing problems on top of HolyTrainer and Miss wants to upgrade to something from Mature Metal, but trying to figure out what right combination is

Hi, Pogo-

I’ve actually had some mixed opinions about the anti-pullout pins since getting my Queen’s Keep.  In the beginning they seemed like a pretty good idea.  I mean, who in chastity wouldn’t like the idea of something that might completely prevent pulling out the back of the cage?!  So I went ahead and ordered mine with that option, not for sure if I would ever actually USE it or not.  As you’ve probably seen, the pins come in 3 different styles (blunt, spiked, criss-cross) and 3 different lengths (short, medium, long).  I’m not really into pain (not perpetually, anyway!) so I was mainly only interested in the blunt pins.  I ordered the short and medium lengths of that one, then since I could get a total of 3 pins I went ahead and also included the short spiked one.

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Once I started getting comfortable in the Queen’s Keep with no pins, I began to experiment.  Starting with the shortest blunt pin, this one went right in and I really barely even noticed it was there, so no problem.  In fact, it did even help kind of keep things pushed down towards the tip of the cage, which made it easier when using the bathroom, etc.  From there, I also went ahead and tried the medium pin.  At first there was not much difference in how it felt, but after a few days it did seem like it was starting to rub a big sore spot on me, so I stopped using that one and went back to the shorter pin.

With both of those pins, they will certainly prevent any “accidental” pullouts, and if you are the least bit hard they will sort of “grip” the skin enough that it would be pretty much impossible to pull yourself out of the cage.  But even with the longer pins, when completely flaccid it would most likely still be possible for someone to work their way out of it if they wanted to bad enough..

I don’t believe that I ever actually tried the spiked pin, because as I mentioned I’m not really into perpetual pain which is what that would probably feel like at EVERY attempted erection!  It seems to me like that would make it more of an “anti-pullout” mechanism and more of a “punishment” or something.  And as a matter of fact, I think that Mature Metal has since even renamed that option on their site, from “Anti-Pullout Pins” to “Punishment Pins.”  Go figure!

At the end of the day, it seems like the only reason that the shorter pins worked at all for me was that my cage might still be just slightly too large in diameter (and at the time was definitely too long), so the pin helped to fill some of that gap.  Now that I’ve had my cage shortened, I am always touching the end of it so there is no longer a need for them.  Good thing, because the shorter length that I had the cage adjusted to is not large enough to also include the plate which holds the pins in place, meaning that now I don’t even have that as an option!

I hope I wasn’t rambling too much, and that this helps answer your question to some degree..  In summary, I would suggest that if you are into the “punishment” aspect of it then by all means go ahead and purchase the pins.  But beyond that, as long as you get really good measurements for a perfect fit, for the most part I don’t really think they’re needed.

Good Luck!


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  1. Ian says:

    I’m just looking into Mature Metal’s options as a possible first cage for myself and collecting all the information I can, and I really appreciate your detailed posts. Thank you!

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Hey, no problem man! If you have any specific questions about anything not already addressed, feel free to ask! Anything I know, or at least have an opinion about, I’m more than happy to share. Mature Metal is also VERY good about responding to specific questions about your own personal needs, so don’t shy away from sending them a note pre-order either!

      I might actually end up ordering a second device from them soon, so keep an eye out for that post with more details around it!

  2. rking27 says:

    For me, I need the Sharp pens because i tend to be a sexual compulsive, just knowing that it will hurt if I entertain my carnal thoughts too long.,It serves as a great help to focus my energy and time on more productive activities. I believe that my commitment to chastity has improved my relationship with my wife as well as with my friends. Because I am more focused on what they might need and less on my selfish ego needs, I find that I am more compassionate.

  3. pogo says:

    Thanks for the detailed answer. Since I’m not really into the punishment motif (or here, anyway), I think I’ll pass. Thanks again.

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