Unlocked Far Too Long

Posted: May 14, 2016 in Chastity, Fetish, Kinky, Male Chastity, Mature Metal, Orgasm Denial, Queens Keep


Funny story:  I’ve had my re-sized Queen’s Keep back from Mature Metal for at least a week or so now, and didn’t even know it!  I’ve had several other little orders coming in lately from Amazon, etc. so it’s nothing new to come home and find a box or two waiting for me on the front porch.  One day last week, there were about 3 of them, which Angel had already brought in and set on the table for me.  I thought I knew what all of them were, and didn’t really have time to open everything at the time, so I just took everything downstairs and set it on my workbench until later.

Finally, this week I did get back down there to start cleaning things up and open all of my packages.  The second one that I came to, without even bothering to look at the return address or anything I just assumed it was probably a small battery charger or something.  But lo and behold, out comes this little red velvet bag, with my Queen’s Keep inside!  Unless I missed an e-mail from Mature Metal somewhere, I didn’t even realize that they were finished with it and sending it back!  🙂  It was taking a little longer to get it back than what I was used to with them, but I figured that when it came to shortening the cage that might just take a lot longer to do, maybe more like building a brand new device. But apparently not, because they did still have a VERY fast turn-around time!

So apparently, after the base ring of my CB-6000S broke, I could have gotten back into the Queen’s Keep much faster if only I had paid more attention to my mail!  While it IS nice to be out for a little while sometimes, I have been missing being locked.  It’s just kind of… part of me now. 

Now I’m trying to kind of ease my way back into it, since I suddenly started having several issues with rubbing badly on the scrotum, right where the bottom of the cage hits the skin.  I had both of the base rings adjusted a bit, so now have two options:

  1. The smaller (1-5/8″) ring now has a little bit larger gap size, and I also had it reshaped to be perfectly round instead of oval, because with the oval shape I was having a lot of trouble getting my balls to actually squeeze through the opening.  This seems like the best size ring for me right now because it passes the “1 knuckle” test that Mature Metal advised me to try.
  2. The larger (1-3/4″) ring still has the original oval shape, but I did have the gap extended just a 1/2 size on this one as well.  This ring served me very well for over a year, but I CAN get almost a full finger underneath it (not just up to the first knuckle).

canstockphoto26353826I started with the smaller ring (option 1) and wore it for most of a work day.  It was OK for the most part, but when I would turn certain ways it does seem like it’s still pinching me in funny ways that I’m not used to.  We’ll have to see how it goes, I may eventually try to extend that gap even a tiny bit more..  The next day at work, I went back to the larger ring (option 2) to see how that one goes.  I would say so far so good, as at least for now it is VERY comfortable!  I will probably try to wear it like this for a while now, but will be keeping a close eye on it because if the ring is still a tiny bit too loose I do worry that it might start with the bad chafing again.

The other big change that I made with the Queen’s Keep this time around was having the cage portion actually shortened quite a bit.  Mature Metal had stated that it is best to be able to still touch the sides and tip of the cage when completely flaccid.  I was finding that at my smallest, I was still somewhere around 1/2″ – 3/4″ short of reaching the end of the cage.  I thought I’d have them go ahead and shorten it a full 3/4″, but the cage was already only 1 3/4″ long, so that would take it down to 1″.  Turns out the smallest they can even go with a Queen’s Keep is 1 1/4.  And even with that length, there is no room for the anti-pullout pins anymore.

I had them go ahead and take it down to 1 1/4″, removing the plate for the pins.  I only ever used the shortest blunt pin anyway, and that was mostly just to kind of keep everything pushed down towards the end of the cage since it was still a tiny bit too big.  I figured that by making the cage that much shorter, it would probably be a moot point now anyway.  So far, I’m right!  I was a little nervous when I first saw this cage, wondering if I’d ever actually be able to get it on, but I did.  And it really is very comfortable so far!  I think I’m going to have to stick with what I’ve been saying for a while now, that the smallest possible cage that you fit into when completely flaccid definitely seems to be the best way to go!

Here are a couple views of what the resized cage looks like.  Keep in mind that this is as small as they can possibly make a Queen’s Keep!

20160510_220415.jpg 20160510_220453.jpg

  1. Caged Lion says:

    I wear a Jail Bird. I noticed with my 1 3/4″ base ring I can get more than a single knuckle through. So, like you, I ordered a 1 5/8″ ring. It rubbed and irritated me. So, I ordered a 1 11/16″ ring (you can’t get that resized). It also irritated me. So, back to the 1 3/4 oval ring. My discovery is that the overly simple rule about just 1 finger to the first knuckle isn’t valid in my case. The 1 3/4 is perfect. It doesn’t fall off or slip. I am not likely to try to pull out. Even if I wanted to, it doesn’t seem like I could do it without considerable pain and inconvenience.

    The moral of the story for me, at least, is to leave well enough alone. My cage only comes off for teasing and short weekend trips in our camper.

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Great advice, thank you! I’m not 100% sure yet, but I might be in the exact same boat. The 1 5/8″ ring passes the “one finger test,” but so far that one just hasn’t quite been working out for me so I’ll probably end up sticking with the 1 3/4″. Did you ever have to change anything with the length or diameter of your cage, or the gap size? So far I’ve been ok this time around, but I’m still trying to figure out why the cage started digging into me so bad all of a sudden a couple months ago, after everything had been perfect with it for well over a year.. When MM suggested that the ring might be a little big, so it was moving around too much, that seemed to be very plausible at the time. Now I’m not entirely sure if that was my issue or not.

      • Caged Lion says:

        I did have the cage adjusted too. The diameter was fine. Good thing since that isn’t adjustable, but the cage was too long. I shortened it by 1/2″ from 1 3/4 to 1 1/4″. Now my entire penis, including the head, is always in contact with the cage. It is way better. I’ve had this adjustment well over a year and I am very happy I had it done.

        • pcguy0681 says:

          Wow, that is EXACTLY the same adjustment that I just had done as well! So far so good; hopefully it will continue that way for the long term!

  2. Hope the new size of the base ring and cage works out well.

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