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As I wrote about last week, the EmlaLock session that I had started which kept my keys completely out of reach for a couple months has ended.  We have not yet actually clicked the “End” button and gotten the combination to the lockbox, but Angel now has full say again of when that will happen.  The control is completely back in her hands again, and she has already taken great advantage of that fact!

Based only on recent bedroom talk and knowing our past history, I actually rather expected that Angel would most likely be letting me out sometime this past weekend.  I know that she has been desperately craving the intimate, one-on-one connection between us that only “real” sex seems to be able to fully provide.  Yes, I have been practically bouncing off the walls at times too, wanting my OWN release, but that is completely secondary to HER wants/needs and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

EL End-84DaysI had sent Angel a text at work on Friday, with a screenshot from my phone which showed the “Time’s Up!” message from EmlaLock.  She replied back with a rather long string of emoji’s, including several devils, followed by some kissy faces and a padlock. I did not know exactly what the devils were supposed to indicate, but I would be finding out! I don’t know if she planned all along to continue keeping me locked or not, but she asked how long it had been, and I told her it was just under 4 months.  She wanted to know how much longer it would take to hit the 4 months, and the fact is that we are just a few days away from that.  At that point she seemed to be pretty set that I would NOT be getting out this weekend, and we were definitely going to hit that number.  Angel is very goal oriented, and tends to like round numbers, so it probably would have driven her crazy if she thought that after all this time we were calling it quits just short of a nice even number of months!

Saturday night was when the devil came out, and Angel decided to tease and “torture” me to no end! 🙂 She was going to have numerous orgasms that night, and was very adamant that I would NOT be let out.  I was perfectly ok with this, but that would not stop me from trying to test her resolve a bit! Lol  I kept telling Angel how much I wanted to be out, and had her just imagine me being inside her with no barriers at all between us. She really did manage to stand firm though, and I swear the more she said NO, the more wet and turned on she became!

Angel thought that we should both have a butt plug, so I pulled out our toys and let her choose for both of us.  Since it has been a little while since she’s played that way, she went with the mid-size plug that we know always works for her.  For me, it was between trying this Large size plug which neither of us have ever quite gotten all the way in, or going with a vibrating plug which is about an inch shorter and only slightly less in diameter than the Large one.  She decided that I should do the vibrating plug, so that I “could have a little bit of fun as well!” Angel’s plug slipped right in, as expected.  Mine took just a little bit longer to work in, as it had also been a while since I was stretched out quite that much.  But once past that widest point, it slipped right in and felt wonderful (especially when the vibrations were turned on!)

wpid-20151027_201715.jpgFrom that point it was many more orgasms for Angel, primarily with the use of my fingers and her magic wand. When I “complained” more about wanting to be out, and teased Angel about wanting to have me inside of her, she held firm and directed me to the strap-on instead. When combined with chastity, that is always one of the most intense mind games… I am so close to her and going through all of the same motions as regular sex, but not actually being able to feel any of it myself! After a few minutes with the strap-on, reading Angel’s body language as she was getting more and more into it, I ended up increasing the pace drastically and apparently was hitting a spot inside of Angel that she told me later she had NEVER felt before! Being able to watch her face as the biggest orgasm of the night exploded from her was absolutely priceless! I knew I must have gotten just the right spot, as it was a look that I have never seen before, and I seriously doubt I would ever be able to get her all the way to that point on my own (IF I were unlocked!)

In the end we pretty much just collapsed into each other, both completely exhausted and sexually satiated.  And that’s saying a lot, considering that one of us hasn’t had a proper orgasm in nearly 4 months now!  I am such a lucky man! 🙂


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