Four Months in the Keep

Posted: January 29, 2016 in Chastity, Kinky, Long Term Chastity, Male Chastity, Orgasm, Orgasm Denial


We’ve done it!  Four full months of being locked 24×7 in the Queen’s Keep with absolutely no release, even for a cleaning! I’d say it’s a good thing I chose one of the more “open” chastity designs, like the Queen’s Keep, otherwise it would be much more difficult to take care of and keep the device from getting rather smelly!  At any rate, I might have been able to get a break from it last weekend after EmlaLock released the keys back to us, except for the fact that Angel decided that as close as we were we should shoot for a full 4 months..  So here we are! My previous record duration of 60 days has been completely shattered (by more than double).  I could try to say it’s been the hardest 4 months of my life (no pun intended!), but it really hasn’t! 

In the beginning, when I first started getting into chastity, I doubt there’s any way I would have made it nearly this long.  Even more recently, when Angel first started getting into it WITH me, there’s no way SHE would have made it having me locked for nearly this long either!  But with a little bit of practice (and yes–in this case also with a little bit of “enforced help” from EmlaLock), we made it! It has been quite a ride these last 4 months, with both of us going through several times of desperately wanting to have me out for some of that close, intimate contact that we haven’t had since the last time I locked back up following our Anniversary Get-Away weekend.  That was at the end of September! But Angel can still have plenty of fun by other means while I’m locked, and I truly can’t get enough of watching that and participating as much as I am able to!

So if you have been caught up on my previous posts regarding this current round of chastity and are still reading this far, you must be wondering if I was finally able to get a release after hitting our 4 month goal or if I am still locked.  And the answer is…


See my Current Status page to find out!  Lol

It’s still early in the weekend when I’m posting this update, so even if I’m not out YET, who knows what might actually happen by the time we both have to go back to work on Monday!  🙂 I may or may not have any time to write a whole other post when my current status changes, but it’s easy enough to update that page.  Don’t worry, there will be a more descriptive post about it eventually!


  1. Shirley Koh says:

    You have a very interesting blog indeed but I am still trying to how your blog post works, I’m a little confuse 😮

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Sure, what part of it are you having trouble understanding? Perhaps I can try to explain something a little more clearly?

      • Shirley Koh says:

        Like… your locked and unlock status and queen. So your wife/GF kept you at home to do housework or what? Sorry I don’t understand…

        • pcguy0681 says:

          Oh, I gotcha- no problem. No, it’s nothing quite like that. I’m not locked indoors or anything like that.. What I’m referring to is having a stainless steel chastity device (this particular one is called the Queen’s Keep) locked onto myself for weeks/months at a time. During these periods, “normal” penetrative sex with my wife is not possible at all, and I am not able to orgasm on my own at all. It makes for a much different bedroom dynamic where I can focus on pleasing her by any OTHER means! Outside the bedroom, life pretty much just goes on as normal.

          If you’re very interested in the topic of Male Chastity at all, I would invite you to peruse some of my past blog posts where I’ve gone into a little bit more detail about my “situation.” Way back towards the beginning I even have several pics of the steel cage that I am wearing, if you’re having trouble visualizing what I’m even talking about! 🙂

  2. pcguy0681 says:

    Yes, folks- I AM currently unlocked, as of last night (Jan 30). There will be more to come on that topic later! ( Again, no pun intended! Lol )

  3. A super congratulations! That was a very long time and much longer than we have been able to go, hats off. I believe we are caught up with all your past posts but am wondering what your “game rules” are. We never know how long my hubbie has been “officially” locked. About 2 weeks ago he had an accident right in his cage (my fault), we don’t believe that counts as an unlocking. And about 3 weeks ago I was not having a good day (it happened to land on a bad day of the month 🙁 ) and I unlocked him out of anger and told him to give it to me. I wasn’t even warmed up and as he had been locked for a few weeks at that point he lasted exactly 2 pumps and I put his device back on, the whole thing ended up being a lesson but does that count as unlocked? We were thinking it maybe it counts if he sleeps without the device on. I know it’s whatever “rules” you want it to be but if you can post (or point me to where you already posted) your rules of an official unlocking, we would love to follow them! You never know, your rules may become “The Official Rules to Chastity Time Locked”.

    Thanks so much for your posts, we always look forward to reading them and get so excited for you and yours.

    I hope your release is mind blowing.

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Chastity Game Rules.. That’s an interesting concept/topic! 🙂 I probably have a few of ours kind of scattered around the blog, as we have had at least a couple of situations similar to yours along the way. But you’re right, the “rules” can be whatever works for the two of you, and there’s nothing to say that they can’t change along the way as you get more experienced with it! I’ll have to do some thinking about how we generally count “time locked” and will write up a post about it at some point… Stay tuned! 🙂

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