Reader Question: Longer vs. Shorter Cage?

Posted: April 17, 2017 in Chastity, Fetish, Kinky, Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial


I had a Reader question come in via one of my older posts (Queen’s Keep: Official Review) regarding my observation that shorter chastity cages seem to work better than longer devices and are much more comfortable for the long-term.  I felt that my response was getting a bit too wordy for the comments section, so here we are with a new post!

Tamekeri asks:

I’m curious. Can you explain why having less space in the cage means less strain on the scrotum? From what you wrote, it sounds like the less space there is in the cage, the less the penis can grow. But in my experience, the penis will grow no matter what. The less room it has to grow outwards, the more the erection is pulled into the body, but the more pressure there also is for it to go outwards. Which means that the less space there is in the cage, the more strain there will be on the scrotum, not less.


That’s a very good question, and I do agree it may seem somewhat counter-intuitive.  The penis will indeed “try” to grow no matter what, it just becomes a matter of how much it CAN grow.  For me, where now my cage is small enough that it fits pretty snug when I am completely flaccid, I will fill out the tiny bit of space that is available, but any attempted erection is pretty much stifled before it can even begin.  So it can’t even get hard enough to start pulling the cage out from my body.

When I had larger cages, specifically the CB-6000 devices, there was quite a bit of space to grow into at the end of the cage.  What I found would happen is that I would begin to get hard, all of that space would get filled up, but at that point there was already enough momentum going that I would be trying to get even more hard and it would take the cage right along with it.  That’s when it would also pull the base ring (and the balls) along for the ride, and could get slightly painful at times.

I don’t know if this is a good analogy or not (I’ve been trying to think of a better way to describe it) but try this:  Make a fist with your right hand and hold it against the open palm of your left hand.  If you start with your fist directly against your other hand and push, it’s easy enough to push back with your left hand and keep your fist from going anywhere.  If however, you start from a foot or so away and literally swing a punch into your other hand, there’s going to be some follow-through.  Your fist will end up going further, and there’s not much (from the standpoint of your left hand at least) that you’ll be able to do to stop it.  And of course your fist drags everything else that is attached right along with it (your forearm, elbow, etc.)

That’s kind of what I see happening here, is that once an erection gets some momentum it’s difficult to stop the follow-through.  You’ll never get quite as hard as if you were completely out of the cage, but you’ll grow enough to feel the increased pressure behind your balls as the base ring gets pulled out from your body!

Now this is my experience at least, where a smaller cage just completely prevents any attempt whatsoever at an erection, and therefore ends up being much more comfortable than a longer cage with room to grow.  I have read several other accounts and even had some other guys tell me directly of having very similar experiences.  Overall, I think the general consensus among chastity wearers that I’ve interacted with seems to go towards “shorter is better.”  But the important thing to remember is that EVERYBODY is different!  What works for me, and maybe even what works for most, may not work for YOU!

So if in your case you are experiencing more pain with a shorter cage, then by all means go for a longer device!  There’s no one right way to “do” chastity, and everyone’s mileage will vary greatly.  The important thing is that you are comfortable and happy, and if you have a key-holder that they are happy as well!wpid-canstockphoto2867977.jpg

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