Chastity as… Birth Control?

Posted: December 28, 2014 in Chastity, Key-Holder, Male Chastity


We were driving home from the in-laws house the other night following some very busy, tiring days of Christmas activities. Angel looked over and asked if I was “too tired” or not. Of course I knew what she was referring to, and let her know I’d be up for whatever she had in mind! She was happy about that and made it a point to say that I wouldn’t be getting out that night though, because she hasn’t been taking her birth control recently. (We just had our newest baby recently and chances are that might be it for us.. Keeping options open for now though!) It’s always fun seeing her take advantage of the control I’ve given her and to blatantly deny me like that.  It was interesting though, hearing her throw that out as a “reason” to deny me that night!

It got me thinking.  I’ve written before about Chastity as a Game, and Chastity as a Lifestyle, but Chastity as a form of birth control?  I’d say YES!  Great idea! Traditionally speaking, even as far as other birth control options have come these days the only 100% effective way to not get pregnant (outside of a tubal or vasectomy) is with complete abstinence. 

Per Webster, abstinence is defined as:

the practice of not doing or having something that is wanted or enjoyable : the practice of abstaining from something

Abstaining from sex, obviously, means no chance of pregnancy! So where does chastity fit into that?  On the surface, one might think that being locked in a chastity device ALSO means practicing abstinence from sex. But I disagree!  In fact I would venture to say that Angel and I might even have MORE sex when I’m locked than when I’m not!  Some might argue that “Chaste Sex” isn’t really sex at all, but again I would disagree!  In my experience even when I’m not having a full orgasm myself, being able to help HER to orgasm is just as good and even better than my own.  And when we’re finished I am generally both exhausted and completely satisfied (as is she).  If that kind of intimacy isn’t “sex,” then I don’t know what is!

In short, I do believe that chastity is a very effective form of birth control.  Angel and I can have all the sex we desire but since I’m not actually inside her it’s 100% sure not to result in another pregnancy!  It’s like abstinence, but without the actual “abstaining” part! 🙂  hmmm… It’s almost a surprise that teenagers haven’t taken off with that concept yet!

  1. Mike V says:

    After some fun chastity play we also discovered this as a birth control solution as we spread out our family. It is 100% effective. As she approached the fertile partner her cycle she locks me up and takes the keys to work where she leaves them in her desk for two weeks to allow us a safety margin before and after. We are prevented from acting in the heat of the moment. What I have discovered is an even more satisfying sex life by pleasuring her with thoughts of my own orgasm well in the back of my mind. I’ve found much satisfaction from focusing on her needs and pleasure and I don’t miss a thing during that time which I’m in right now. When we are safe again she brings home the keys and unlocks me, ties me to the bed and has her way with me, concentrating on my pleasure and even making me beg for release now and then. It’s a fun game but a very practical one. The vasectomy I thought would be in my future down the road may or may not happen as this is a satisfying alternative.

  2. I completely agree, chastity is a great form of birth control. If it were more socially accepted, then more teenagers would be in it, I guarantee it. I don’t think it’s far off either. Chastity is growing in popularity along with a few other currently considered kinks.

    Sex does not just include intercourse. Sex is defined as related activities to sexual intercourse. Meaning other activities such as oral sex, anal sex, strap-on sex; Websters dictionary goes to the extent to include kissing and touching of the body to be considered sex. So I would include, fondling, teasing, edging and giving pleasure as other forms of sex as well.
    Don’t think that a couple who are restraining from (traditional) sex till marriage aren’t having (modern day) sex in other ways.

    I created an earlier post on the sexual gratification I receive when giving an orgasm. I would not go to compare it as to being better than having an orgasm myself, but being satisfying to me while getting the gratification of being in chastity as well. I love to give, and being denied and controlled in this way is very satisfying to me even ore so while giving the orgasm I cannot have. We are still having sex, just not in the vaginal intercourse style.

  3. PA_Locked says:

    For my wife and I chastity actually led to the birth of our only child. After being locked and denied for a month we had sex (10 years ago) and she conceived. I always credited the lack of masturbation with being potent enough to fertilize her.

    • If you remove your condom, then you are no longer using birth control. She did not get pregnant because you were in chastity, she got pregnant because you were removed from chastity 🙂

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