Three Weeks in the Keep

Posted: December 30, 2014 in Chastity, Male Chastity, Queens Keep


I have to admit when I first locked myself in the Queen’s Keep and gave Angel the keys, I really wasn’t sure that my first “longer” experience with it would make it quite THIS long. But here we are three weeks in, and still going strong!

There is still nothing too major to report as far as “difficulties” with it. This week I did notice for the first time, a tiny bit of rubbing happening on the scrotum, right at the very bottom of the cage where it hits skin. It was only very mildly uncomfortable though, and just a couple days of applying some lotion to that area cleared it right up. So that was hardly even worth mentioning!

Other than that I’m still just always as horny as can be, and am enjoying letting Angel take full advantage of that fact! I always wonder how much longer she’ll let it go.  But whatever she decides I’ll just have to live with, since that is after all exactly what I asked her for!

  1. pantylove73 says:

    The longest I had ever gone was 10 days and just recently Mistress got me to 31 days in a cage. I totally understand that feeling of riding the wave and feeling constantly “there”. I’m not sure how long we will go next but I’m willing to follow Her direction.

  2. PA_Locked says:

    As the time keeps ticking along, do you regret doing it without establishing a limit of some type?

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Honestly- No, not really. I’ve gone 8+ weeks before in continuous chastity; and as good as it feels to be out and have a real orgasm, the feeling fades so quickly afterwards that sometimes then I still end up wishing I’d been kept locked even longer.. It’s hard to explain to anyone who hasn’t experienced that kind of denial for themselves, but as “frustrating” as it can get to be so horny all the time with no release, it also feels GREAT to be so horny all the time with no release!

      I’ve written similar things like this before–Everyone knows what it’s like to build up to an orgasm, then there are just a few seconds of “just a little bit more,” then it’s over. When locked it’s like I’m constantly at the top of the “build-up” phase, and it just keeps going, and going, and going… For myself, I can forego a few scattered seconds of 100% bliss in order to stay 99% there for much longer periods! 🙂 There have been several times after an evening of being denied while helping Angel to orgasm multiple times, that we’ve woken up the next morning and I’ve actually told her THANK YOU for keeping me locked last night as I was STILL feeling like I was right there at the top of my game!

      So for myself anyway, I’m good without any hard limits. Our game ends whenever Angel decides that she really, desperately wants me inside her, and nothing else will satisfy her at that moment. And that’s good enough for me!

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