Believe it or not, my last post was not originally meant to be all about “Richard,” and strap-on sex!  But as I began writing and got stuck on that topic, it just kept getting longer and longer until I felt it justified its own blog entry.  What I had intended to write about, was the deepening D/s bond which has definitely been happening between Angel and I of late!
I feel like every day I wake up loving Angel even more and more; not just as my beautiful wife, my life partner, and my (kinky) best friend, but as my key-holder and most recently–my Domme.  We’ve talked about this a few times and even Angel can’t believe how much she has been able to find her little “inner dominatrix” and how much she enjoys and even gets off on dominating me!  Of course just hearing her speak in her own words of getting off while having her way with me, just makes me want even more of it right then and there!

A lot of the kinds of things we’ve been getting even more into involve finding more creative ways for me to “service” Angel in the bedroom.  That includes (as I took a deep dive into with my previous post), a lot of strap-on play.  But also plenty of oral service (one of my favorites!) as well as some foot/body worship, and lots of spanking activities.  Fairly often during our play I will wear a leather collar attached to the end of a leash, which Angel can use to guide me around to exactly where she wants me at any given time!

Not to discount in the least any of the hot bedroom activities that we engage in, because that is definitely a large part of our dynamic, but another big piece of our growing D/s relationship tends to fall in the more subtle things.  When Angel asks for a back massage, or a foot rub, I am always right there to help out with whatever “hurts” at the moment.  When she needs (more) help with the kids, or something done around the house, I try to just get up and go do it, without asking too many questions..  Not that I wouldn’t normally be doing these things just as a loving husband anyway, without having to call it D/s…  But with her in complete control of me from a sexual standpoint, my focus has tended to shift very far towards making sure that Angel is comfortable and happy all around! And when she is happy, I am definitely happy as well!

The last little thing that has been changing quite a bit lately in our relationship is how I address Angel–at least in private and with no kids present. She is my Mistress! Certainly not in the “other woman” connotation of the term, but as my Domme.  Being able to be so open with her and submissive to her is truly one of the most liberating and fulfilling feelings I’ve ever been able to experience!

In part to continue encouraging and reinforcing this type of dynamic with Angel, every night before we fall asleep some of my last words to her are always “Good night, Mistress.  I love you!”  Likewise, I always make it a point to wake up with a “Good morning, Mistress!”  Angel says that she never gets tired of hearing that, and from the huge smile that crosses her face every time I say it, I totally believe her!


  1. I hope you don’t mind that I linked to this article in my post today!!!

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  3. I am glad for you and Angel. Here’s to continued growth for both of you!!

  4. mrbillsails says: was just commenting to my wife yesterday about how the whole FLR aspect has deepened our relationship and our love for each other way beyond what it has been for the past 30 years. Our sex life is the best ever too! I have become much more open in communicating with her, particularly when I am spilling all my secrets when on the brink of a denied orgasm.

  5. Glad things are going so much better for you. I too, find that I am closer with my wife as a result of this chastity thing. I’m hoping that we extend our contract yet again.

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