Short Probation from Jail Bird

Posted: April 19, 2017 in Chastity, Fetish, Kinky, Long Term Chastity, Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial


My first chastity “sentence” in the Jail Bird, which also happened to be by far my longest continuous chastity term to date, came to an end last week. Unlike sometimes when I am let out of my device, there was no big fanfare involved, and no hot & sexy story to recount about the event. Pretty much no reason to even act like I was out, besides the fact that I was indeed free for well over a day so I felt it was worth resetting the counter and calling it a new session.

canstockphoto38512116.jpgLast Wednesday, I had a doctor appointment scheduled in the afternoon as a consultation for an upcoming colon screening. I kind of doubted that being locked would be an issue at all for just the consultation, but not knowing for sure I had asked Angel about a week earlier if she would be able to unlock me for this appointment, and she agreed. However, we both ended up forgetting about it, and I just remembered that morning as we were both getting ready for work. Unfortunately, that morning tension was already kind of high and tempers flaring a little bit around our house (I’m sure anyone who has ever had to deal with misbehaving children while already running late for work knows exactly the situation we were going through!) So in that case I opted to not add even more to Angel’s plate and ask again to be released. Since I do know exactly where she keeps the keys, once she left the house I just went back and let myself out of the Jail Bird before I went to work myself. Like I said, no fanfare whatsoever!

Turns out I was right, it would have made no difference whatsoever for that appointment if I had still been locked. The doctor leaned me back and pressed on my stomach a few times but never came anywhere near that area. Of course on my next visit for the ACTUAL colon screening it will be a different story… I will definitely need to be unlocked for that one!

wp-1470685343488.jpgWhen I got home that afternoon Angel already had plans for the evening, so I was too busy with the kids to worry about locking myself back up again. I did take the opportunity in the shower that night to get a good shave, as it had been over 6 months since I truly had access to get EVERYTHING! I even slept that night without the cage, and went the entire next day and night without Angel even noticing that I was unlocked. That’s pretty rare these days, as she is normally pretty much on top of that situation!

But by Friday, I really felt I had been out long enough, and it was kind of strange waking up two days in a row not feeling that tight steel cage wrapping itself around me. So before I even got out of bed that morning (Angel was already up and about for the day) I went ahead and locked myself back up and put the key back over in her bedside drawer where she keeps it.

Friday night, Angel DID get back into the swing of things and we were able to have a little fun again with her still actively denying my release. When she suddenly remembered that I had asked to be unlocked for my appointment that week I admitted that I had gotten into her drawer and took care of unlocking myself for it. She didn’t care at all, and seemed to feel kind of bad that she had forgotten about it.

So two days free with no orgasms, on the heels of over 6 months (190 Days, total) of continuous chastity! During that 6 months it looks like I only had a total of six mini-releases for myself.. 4 of which I could probably call a real orgasm, and two more chastegasms (without even being let out of the cage). It is still almost unbelievable to me how good Angel has become at denying me and instead relying on me to use OTHER means to get her off! I am still loving every minute of it though, and cannot wait to see what the remainder of this year brings about!

  1. Henry says: are lucky. When I went to the doctor prior to a colon screening he did a Prostate rectal exam and took a look at my hemorrhoid. Good thing I had unlocked.

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