No More FourPlay!

Posted: February 1, 2016 in Chastity, Key-Holder, Kinky, Long Term Chastity, Male Chastity, Mature Metal, Orgasm, Orgasm Denial, Queens Keep


JUST in case you’re wondering, yes–the play on words in my title was very intentional! Four months of being locked in the Queen’s Keep pretty much equates to four straight months of foreplay leading up to the big event that we had this past Saturday night! So yes, I think that the term “fourplay” seems to be most appropriate! 🙂

I wasn’t completely sure if I would be getting out this past weekend or not.  Friday night came and went without much of a word about it.  Saturday, Angel did start hinting quite a bit that she “might” unlock me. Later that night after we had gotten the kids down to bed, we started talking about maybe taking a shower together since we had relatively early plans on Sunday morning and it would be much more difficult to take them while trying to get the kids going at the same time. The reasoning was sound, plus we don’t seem to get many opportunities to actually shower TOGETHER anymore, so of course I was all for that idea!  As she went off to get undressed, Angel also commented that maybe we should also go ahead and get that code for the lockbox (from EmlaLock).

At that point I pretty much knew that she WAS planning on letting me out, but the wheels also started turning a lot in my head.. I followed her back to the bedroom and made a suggestion that IF she was planning on using the key, maybe it would be a good idea to unlock me BEFORE our shower so I could get everything sort of “cleaned up” before we came back to bed to have some fun!  I think I do manage to keep the device relatively clean, but with 4 months of not being able to touch myself who knows what I may have missed in there! 🙂  She agreed that this might be a good idea, but just wanted to wait a little bit longer to make sure the oldest kid was really asleep and wouldn’t be walking in on us anytime soon…

It turns out we still had different ideas about what was about to happen next, and Angel’s version will always win.  Where I had thought that I might just be unlocked and we’d head straight for the shower, Angel informed me that I still needed to “convince” her to let me out! That was a wide open invitation to help her have HER share of orgasms first, with fingers, vibrators, etc. I did all of this while continually whispering in her ear what I’d REALLY like to be doing with her, and telling her that I knew that SHE wanted to have me inside of her again too! A few big orgasms later, she did go for the keys and I was out of the Queen’s Keep within a couple of minutes.

Once released, it was actually slightly different this time than most. Sometimes I’m already so “hard” inside the cage that it is a bit difficult to actually get the device off, especially when it comes to the base ring.  This time, despite being very turned on while pleasing Angel, everything still seemed to be relatively “soft” and I was able to slip the device off pretty easily.  I know that I wrote in a previous post (Effects of Long-Term Chastity) that I didn’t really think being locked for long periods would have much impact on actually being able to GET an erection, but of course at that point I’d never been locked for quite THIS long, either!  I will still stand by my position in that post, for the most part.  It did take a minute or two to get the pipes cleared and everything going again, but ultimately I was just as hard (and big) as normal.

canstockphoto3409011Then the moment came when I was allowed inside her again, and I do have to admit that during our extended “fourplay” I had almost forgotten just how great THAT feels!  We’ve always known that the first time or two after a long period of chastity I tend to not last very long at all, and that would remain true with this time as well..  I tried to keep it going rather slow & methodical, but within a couple of minutes there was no way I could contain myself any longer and I’m sure my whole body must have been shaking on top of Angel as my own orgasm exploded deep inside of her! Having the occasional chastegasm while I’m still locked up feels pretty good and can provide a fair amount of temporary relief, but damn… Nothing can compare to the real deal!  It always has and always will feel wonderful with Angel, but I do believe that the extended teasing and foreplay that comes with chastity (be it 4 days, 4 weeks, 4 months, or 4 full quarters of a year!) enhances the experience exponentially!

canstockphoto24069676I am still unlocked for now at the time of this writing, almost two days after the fact.  I don’t know how much longer I will be “free” but I haven’t pushed the issue with Angel yet, or taken the liberty of locking myself back up without even being told to.  When we did finally make it to the shower the other night and I was able to get a better look at things, the only “bad” thing I found was some slight redness and a very small sore spot on the very bottom of the penis, right where the very back of the cage might rub sometimes.  It wasn’t hurting at all while wearing it, but I think it would probably be wise to go ahead and let that heal completely before trying another round.  Especially with the colder weather, my skin is so dry most of the time that I probably need to be more diligent about putting lotion or lube around that area while locked, to keep things moving freely within the cage and cut down on chafing!

So here’s to my new, personal best record duration of being locked continuously in chastity! 124 days total! However you want to look at it, that’s [17 weeks & 5 days], or [4 months & 1 day], or [over 1/3 of a year].  I suspect it might be quite a while before I come very close to breaking THAT record again!



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  2. Selina says:

    I really love reading your posts and I”m glad you both got to have some more involved fun (Giggle)

  3. Congratulations. Great night for both of you!!

  4. Kitten says:

    Congratulations!!! I could never ever keep my man locked for that long. What patience Angel has!!!!

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Never say never, practice makes perfect! 🙂 But keep in mind too, that at least in this case once we secured the keys with EmlaLock even Angel didn’t have full say in the matter for much of the 4 months. But it really was quite a ride for both of us and I think she understands even better now what kind of benefit and advantage she has by keeping me locked!

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