Reader Question: Effects of Long-Term Chastity?

Posted: January 10, 2016 in Chastity, Key-Holder, Kinky, Long Term Chastity, Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial


I had another question from a reader, this one about possible unwanted side effects from engaging in long-term chastity.

πŸ”’πŸ†πŸ—πŸ‘ΈπŸ½ wrote:

Hi, I’m an avid follower and love your writing. My wife and I enjoy it as we have much in common with you guys (or as much as can be surmised from your writing) ;).

I know you can lay an issue we have with chastity to rest once and for all, get it from the horses mouth so to speak. We have gone to 20 days in the past and read you can either have difficulty achieving erection or your size of the erection gets diminished with long term chastity. My wife saw this and immediately unlocked me. Now we are going to try for 6 weeks but were hoping you can put our concerns to rest.

Any advice you might have would be wonderful, thanks!


Well πŸ”’πŸ†πŸ—πŸ‘ΈπŸ½,Β here’s the deal.Β  First of all, thank you for the compliment! It is rather flattering to hear that I have an “avid follower!” Lol

As for your question, I can’t speak for everybody in every situation, but in my own personal experience I have not seen any evidence of this happening.Β  I seem to feel like I am straining against the end of the cage trying to get hard practically all the time, so once the cage comes off (even after several weeks of being locked) it pretty much springs right into action! In fact, sometimes it’s up so quickly that it is very difficult or impossible to get the base ring pulled off!Β  There have been numerous times when I have had to just turn the ring so that the locking post is at the bottom, to make sure it doesn’t hurt Angel.Β  At that point it would likely kill the mood if I made myself get soft enough again to get the ring completely off!

I also have not noticed any difference in size, though I’ve never really asked Angel to verify that either.Β  I’m no doctor, so take this as a grain of salt, but I tend to think that’s just a myth.. I don’t really see how wearing a chastity device could lead to being “smaller.”Β  I mean, it’s just a bunch of blood vessels down there that expand when aroused, so I don’t really believe that the “use it or lose it” philosophy would apply the same way as say, muscle memory or something like that in other parts of your body.Β  Again, those are just my thoughts on the matter and I have no scientific evidence to back that statement up! πŸ™‚

Now if you want to take this question a step further and talk about performance issues, then I would say that stamina can definitely be affected by long-term chastity.Β  I do believe that it takes a lot of practice to develop enough self-control to be able to delay your own orgasm in the heat of the moment.Β  One thing Angel and I have noticed and talk about quite a bit is that the first time (and probably even a few subsequent times) after I’ve been locked, I will definitely not last very long! In some ways, this kind of leads straight into greater enjoyment (by both of us) of keeping me locked even longer.Β  There have been MANY times where I am pleasing Angel and really starting to feel desperate to come out, but at the same time I don’t want the current feeling to ever end–and I know that if I were unlocked it would be over within a minute or so!Β  And Angel often feels the same way, where she would love to have me out and inside her, but the more we push it and the longer we play she will end up having much longer/deeper orgasms than what would have been possible if she had let me out at the first urge!Β  It really is quite a unique catch-22, which only those who have experienced it would really be able to understand!

canstockphoto24069676To get back on track with your question about having difficulty achieving/maintaining an erection as a “result” of long-term chastity, IF any accounts of this happening are true, I would have to say this: Not to single anybody/demographic out, but do you suppose it might be possible that the person this is happening to is just starting to get a little older, and these issues might have started happening whether they were playing with chastity or not?Β  When that happens, maybe it just means that it’s time to start talking with your doctor about a little blue pill or something, you know?Β  There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just part of life! Guys doΒ age, and certain parts tend to stop working quite the way they used to when we were younger.Β  If you’re still enjoying a healthy sex life with your partner then I see no harm in getting a little help, even if it’s just for a quick boost in between periods of being locked in a chastity device!


  1. lefty0 says:

    I’ve been locked about continuously for nearly 7 years now, and my last orgasm was a bit over 5 years ago. So here’s a data point farther out on the curve. And I’m in my early 70s, so I was pretty friendly with little blue pills at the beginning of my confinement. And I have to take supplemental T for my health, doctor’s prescription. Whether due to the T or the confinement, I’ve shortened from about 7 inches to somewhat under 5.5 inches in that time, and neither my keyholder nor I is concerned about the loss.

    In that time I’ve become much more able to control my excitement, and I can stop myself from getting too close to the edge. Somehow the body just recognizes the precipice and pulls back from the edge by itself. Kinda neat, and even more insurance that I’ll get to 10 years with no orgasms.

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Wow, very interesting–thanks so much for sharing! So you’ve definitely noticed some significant “shrinkage” over the years, but from what I am gathering from what you said it’s not necessarily a direct correlation to being in a chastity cage, correct? It could be that, or other meds, or perhaps a combination of multiple factors? Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I’d wonder a little bit if that might eventually just happen with ALL of us men over time, as we age? For the record, I think that’s awesome that you are still that active with chastity in your 70’s! I can only HOPE that Angel and I will still be having that much fun with each other in the bedroom when we get to that point! πŸ™‚

      Thanks again for reading, and for sharing a little different perspective on it than anything else I’ve ever really come across up to this point!

  2. Great post pcguy. I hope you don’t mind a little comment from the peanut gallery to further allay your reader’s fears?

    I fall in to the category of “a little older” and had noticed some endurance and erection issues before we reintroduced chastity into our lifestyle. I visited a local men’s clinic that specializes in “male performance issues a year before as well because as you noted “Guys do age, and certain parts tend to stop working….” Having that little boost every once in a while is fantastic.

    However, I have found that during and immediately after a lengthy lock up period I too am straining against the end of my Steelheart and when MrsL takes it off I seldom need the little boost from the men’s clinic. The endurance is definitely NOT there but it has forced me to learn how to control myself to make her pleasure last longer! I have gone from only being able to have one erection and when it is over…well…to being able to have many erections immediately after being let out.

    Thanks for the post. I hope this helps your reader a bit as well.

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