Holy Trainer V3 Review – Part1

Posted: January 11, 2018 in CB-6000s, Chastity, Fetish, HolyTrainer, Kinky, Male Chastity, Mature Metal, Orgasm Denial

My new Holy Trainer V3 has arrived! The only complaint I have so far (and it’s very minor!) is that it took a tiny bit longer to get here than I hoped.. I did pay for expedited shipping, hoping to get my Jail Bird off to Mature Metal as soon as possible. It still took about 2-3 days before I even heard that the order had been processed and shipped, and by then it was the weekend so I didn’t expect too much. I then recieved a tracking notification from the shipping company with an ETA of this past Monday, so I was very excited that whole day at work, anxious to get home and try it out! But alas, there were no packages on my doorstep that evening, and when I checked the tracking link again it was still in Switzerland… Luckily, Overnight Post as it is, it DID arrive in my town by Tuesday though and since I wasn’t home at the time I was able to sign for the delivery on Wednesday of this week.

As far as plastic chastity devices go, this really is a thing of beauty! My only other experiences with plastic is the CB-xxxx line, so I will mainly be comparing this to the CB-6000s which I spent most of my time locked in back in the days prior to going with custom steel.

The first thing I notice is that the HTV3 has only two pieces to put together (not counting the locking mechanism). That is compared to about six pieces to assemble for the CB-6000! The base ring of the HTV3 also has a much more anatomical design than the perfectly round version of the CB-6000, so this does look like it should be quite comfortable!

I already know my measurements fairly well since I’ve been through ordering custom devices and even having them resized until achieving a near-perfect fit. So I used that knowledge when deciding which size to order for the HTV3. This one has a total of four different sized cages to choose from. Of course, none of them are quite exactly the same dimensions as what I have from Mature Metal, but the closest would be either the small (1.75″ long) or the nano (1.36″ long). I opted for the small cage, but for reasons deeper than length alone. I believe I would actually fit nicely into the nano, and this small cage will actually be slightly too big when I am completely soft.

However, as you can see from this pic (pulled from the Holy Trainer site itself) the nano has this huge gap on the underside of the cage.. It basically ONLY protects the penis head, and to me it looks like it would be super easy to pull right out of that, without even having to back all the way out through the base ring. That’s the main reason that I opted for the small size instead, as it looks to be much more solid on the bottom. Perhaps there is a reason for that extra large gap on the extra small (nano) version of the HTV3, but I sure can’t figure out what it is!

It seems I’m not alone, either. Based on [this] review by ‘Denying Thumper’ that came out last weekend, apparently that space also makes it very easy to touch and stimulate yourself as well.. The idea of a chastity device is normally to PREVENT such activities, right?? I ordered mine before I even saw Thumper’s review, but I’m already pretty happy that I went with the next size up.

For the base ring, the HTV3 also has four different sizing options, none of which really fit what I know I need, but we’ll see what happens. The options are 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, or 50mm, and apparently 45mm is “standard” for most men. Yes, being raised in the U.S. I did have to convert all of that to inches to know how to really compare it to my Jail Bird, and it seems I would fall somewhere right between the 40 & 45 mm sizes. Not really wanting to have that degree of uncertainty with an international purchase, I just added both of those rings to my first order so I could switch between them as needed.

One big Pro in the CB-6000 column is that device comes with ALL available ring sizes in the box right out of the gate, and it would have been nice if the HTV3 was the same way.. Overall the CB-6000 is much more adjustable, as you can also choose different lengths of spacers in order to change the gap between the base ring and cage, but I think as long as you do some decent measuring the HTV3 can still be made to fit fairly close to at least most guys’ anatomy.

So, I now have a Holy Trainer V3 and I’m trying it. My Jail Bird is off back to Mature Metal to replace the one bad key, and to countersink the screw head. I will be sure to write much more about the HTV3 after I’ve actually worn it for a couple days and have some real opinions on it, but so far it is great!

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  1. Ordering the HT v3 tonight in anticipation of travel starting up in two weeks.

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Nice! It’s not a Jail Bird, but so far I’m liking it pretty well for what it is (a plastic, stock device). Should have a much better review up by the end of the week..

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