First Time Key-Holder

Posted: October 27, 2014 in CB-6000s, CB-xxxx, Chastity, Key-Holder, Male Chastity


After a few years of flying solo in regards to chastity, the whole idea got put on the  back-burner for a while, and my CB-6000s was packed away for an indefinite period, when I met the woman who would end up becoming my wife (Angel).  Angel and I met on an online dating site, had a couple very good in-person dates, then started seeing each other nearly every day.  We have shared pretty much every aspect of our lives together since that time, but even with her it was very difficult and took a long time to open up about the fact that I enjoyed being locked in chastity and really wished to have someone else hold the keys and control how often I was allowed to orgasm!

In the early stages of our relationship, I’m sure that I was timid about bringing up the topic of chastity for the same reasons I couldn’t tell my last serious girlfriend: fear of her rejecting the idea, and maybe even me altogether… Of course now nobody will ever know if that would have actually happened while we were just dating.  Since we saw each other all the time, I couldn’t exactly wear a chastity device for very long periods and worry about getting it off before I met back up with Angel again, so instead I pretty much just gave it up for a while.  Our relationship blossomed, and after a couple of years we were very happily married!

The idea of chastity had never completely left my mind, but at this point it had been so long since I had actually done anything with it, that it wasn’t too hard to just keep the status quo and continue living our normal lives without ever bringing up the topic.  Eventually though, I would come to find that the urge and desire to be in chastity, could not be completely quenched.  I ended up digging my CB-6000s out of storage, and trying it on again to make sure I still had the same fit as before.  I started putting it on and wearing it to work, or any time I was completely alone for a while.  The only times I could ever wear it for multiple days in a row, would be on the rare occasion that my wife might be traveling out of town to see relatives without me (I had a hectic work schedule with little vacation time at that point).  Otherwise, when I’d be coming home from work or soon to be around Angel again, I would stealthily remove the chastity device and hide it until my next opportunity to put it back on.

I did feel bad about hiding this very private part of my life from my wife, whom I loved more than anything and shared every other possible thing with.  Plus, I still had a very strong desire to let someone else keep the keys to my chastity device, so it was a no-brainer that I would have to share it with her!  But I still had no idea how to approach it.  Angel is no prude or anything, but I was still terrified of making her think she’d married some pervert who was into really weird sex games, etc.  Finally, I got up the nerve.

I wore the chastity device to work one day, and chose not to remove it when I got home.  Turns out, Angel didn’t even notice!  I was constantly expecting her to brush against me some way, or try to sit in my lap, or anything like that and wonder what she was feeling, but that particular day none of that happened.  Though relieved, I still dreaded the inevitable day that I would actually have to TALK to her about it!  The next day, the same thing happened.  By the third day, I was practically over the top with anticipation, and decided it was time.  I had to just man-up and have the conversation.   I started by wrapping up the box that the CB-6000s came in.  Angel was in the office doing some work she had brought home.  I went to the door of the office and very timidly asked her if she could come out to the living room whenever she had a stopping point, because I wanted to talk to her about something.  She was very curious about what I wanted, but I would not elaborate any more than that at that point. Then I went back out to the living room and watched TV for a little while until she decided to come on out and find out what I wanted.  During that time waiting for her to come out, my stomach was just completely tied up in knots and I had no idea at all how it was going to play out!

Finally, Angel came out, sat down next to me, and very sweetly asked what I wanted to talk to her about.  I nervously handed her the “present” I had wrapped up for her and asked her to open it.  She did, and I could tell by the puzzled expression on her face that she had no idea in the world what this was.  I explained that it was a chastity device, and that I wanted to wear it “for her.”  I wanted her to know how much I loved her, and that I wanted sex to always be about her first.  With this she would know that there was no way I could ever do anything with anybody else (not that there was any chance of me straying, anyway!) or even to take things into my own hands, so to speak!  I know that’s not all I said and probably not even the way I said those lines, but I somehow managed to falter through a little speech on the topic.

Obviously, I had been thinking about this for a very long time, and already had enough experience to know pretty much exactly what I wanted out of it.  For Angel, however, this was her first ever exposure to the concept of male chastity and was clearly a lot to take in.  She just started by saying that it sounded sweet, but I really didn’t have to do that for her…  Beyond that I think she was pretty much at a loss on what to even say about it!  I told her that I was already wearing the device, and she wanted to see it.  We did that, and I could just kind of tell that she seemed a little put off by it, and really didn’t know how to proceed.  She didn’t want to hurt my feelings though, so she agreed that it was ok for me to wear it if I really wanted to.  She even went ahead and took the keys, though she left them lying right on her nightstand, so they would still be available to me any time I might need/want them.

We didn’t really talk about it much for the next couple of days.  I had never been particularly nervous about being naked in front of her, but for some reason now I was.  We tended to shower together whenever we had the chance, but I started avoiding that, worried that she wasn’t going to like looking at me while wearing a chastity device. She finally came out and said that even though she didn’t understand why I wanted it, if we were going to do this, I had to let her see it!  It slowly started getting a lot easier to just let it all loose and let her completely in.

It may not have quite been exactly what I was expecting, but I finally had my key-holder! Only time would tell how much Angel would not only warm to the idea, but actually EMBRACE the idea of keeping me locked in chastity!

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