Permanent Ink – part 3: Survey Says?

Posted: January 28, 2022 in Chastity, Fetish, Kinky, Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial


This part will be much shorter than my last two posts! I would just like to get some feedback if possible from any of my tattooed readers out there. Please leave comments below for any or all of the questions below!

1) How many tattoos have you gotten (and if you don’t mind sharing, Where?)

2) If you have gotten multiple tattoos, what body parts have been the most painful?
(bonus points if you say you’ve gotten a pubic tattoo and can tell me more about that experience!)

3) Would you consider any of your tattoo art to be… “Kinky” in nature (chastity or otherwise)?
3a) If YES, are your kinky tattoo(s) visible to the public or mostly kept hidden?
3b) Also if YES, have you ever had a doctor/nurse, or other “professional” notice and ask about them?

Those are all of my general run-of-the-mill questions. This last one is to get opinions directly related to MY situation. I will consider any comment made here, but ultimately the decision will be up to Angel.

I am kind of torn about whether or not to open up to Amanda (my tattoo artist) about the full meaning behind what she will be drawing on me. In other words, tell her that I am caged, and could possibly be caged when I come in for the tattoo. I assume that everything from that point downwards will be draped, but working in that vicinity it’s still entirely possible that I could be somewhat exposed to her from time to time and she would see the cage. So I wouldn’t do that without at least giving her some warning first.

The other option would be to just keep quiet about the whole thing and have Angel unlock me before the appointment so there would be no chance of a cage being seen. That would be OK too, but then I kind of worry about what if I were to become erect? I have a feeling that once the pain of the actual tattoo begins, that probably won’t be an issue. But what about while she’s just sketching the design onto my skin? If I get hard, it will easily rise up into my pubic region, exposing myself far more than if I was in a cage.  Would that be more or less awkward than having a professional, adult conversation and telling her I’m caged??

So I have no idea what to do here! A big part of me wants to just go ahead and explain it to Amanda, and ask HER if she thinks the cage would be in the way of her work, or if she would be uncomfortable in any way with me wearing it. I would go with whichever direction she decided without complaint, but at least all of my cards would be on the table at that point.

4) What do YOU think? Should I even bring up the topic, or simply forget about it and show up to my tattoo appointment “uncaged?”


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  2. pcguy0681 says:

    By the way I have also posed this same question to a couple groups on FetLife. Kind of as expected, the first response immediately addresses the potential for a consent violation if I do end up exposing the cage to my tattoo artist or basically for even just talking about it with her.

    I have a lot of mixed feelings on that. I DO want to try and be mindful of not “pushing my kink” onto others who may not want to know or have anything to do with it. But when it comes to something like this, chastity is more than just a kink – it’s a huge part of who I am. I’m not going to just share it with every unsuspecting person on the street, but for an activity like getting a tattoo it’s more a matter that the cage “might” become visible, or it “might” get in the way of the work.

    If I had some other kind of piercing in that area, would that be so strange to just talk to the artist to let them know that “this is who I am, I have this on my body, and will that be a problem for you to tattoo around or should I take it out??” I don’t really see why a chastity cage would be any different, to just have an open and honest conversation about. I’m not asking her to ever get involved with holding my keys, or teasing me to frustrating bliss, or anything like that… It’s just part of getting to know me and who I am, for the couple hours that we’ll be together working on this tattoo. Am I way off base?

  3. Paul says:

    I have several tattoos, none strictly kink related and the most intimate area was on the “side cheek”. It was probably least painful and it is symbolic of my wife’s dominance though no one but us knows that. I think you and your key holder need to reach the decision about what to tell the artist and whether you should stay locked. Tattoo artists are usually a free thinking, accepting bunch. There’s no need for her to know what your tatt means, but if you all enjoy some element of public play and humiliation, this is probably one of the safer ways to do it.

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Awesome – Thanks for sharing, Paul!

      I do agree that most likely I can go in under the assumption that my artist will be open minded and accepting of it, I still just don’t want to totally spring it on her out of the blue (i.e. suddenly encountering it mid-session while she is working on the tattoo). I realize that there is no “need” to explain the meaning behind the art that she’s drawing for me but in a way it might be nice for her to at least have some idea of it.

      We don’t really get anything out of the “public humiliation” aspect of it, so that wouldn’t be a factor at all in telling her. It’s not like I’d be getting off (or even trying to inside my cage!) on the fact that someone else now knows about my kink.. IF I bring this up ahead of time, it will be as a courtesy to basically give her a heads up about my “situation” as well as offering her a chance to give (or decline) HER consent when it comes to the possibility of being able to see the cage on my body. It’s a fine line to walk here!

  4. Nicotime says:

    I am very interested in the responses you may receive! I too am planning a tattoo there, and these issues are somewhat hard to discuss with artists. I was hoping they would say to wear something loose to pull down easy, and everything would be covered by sweatpants, but I’m not sure how much room they actually need. I’m not really shy, but I also don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. Reality would be, a locked penis is way more hidden and unsexual than an exposed penis, but it’s certainly a conversation they may not want to have. Can’t wait to find out!

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Thank you for the comment! Yes, I do plan to just wear some loose sweats or something that can be pulled down easily but still basically cover me. I just know that at least when she’s doing the bottom part of my tattoo, that will be getting pretty near the base of the penis so there is always a chance of some exposure.

      You’re right it is kind of a hard topic to discuss with the artist. I mean, it may or may not be difficult at all once we get into the conversation, just depending on how she reacts to it. But being able to initiate that talk takes some nerves that I’m still working up to. I mean, chances are she’s seen and heard of a lot more hard-core things than chastity cages over the years in that profession, but then I may be stereotyping a little bit too so will try not to do that.

      I think I would start by asking if she would consider her place to be sort of a “kink-friendly” type of establishment? Then guage her reaction before proceeding with asking if she’s ever seen or heard of the concept of male chastity devices. And from there delve into the full meaning behind this tattoo and see what she thinks if I were to be locked during our session. What could go wrong, right?! 😀

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