Permanent Ink – part 5: The Big Reveal!

Posted: April 15, 2022 in Chastity, Fetish, Kinky, Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial, Tattoo

It’s done! My tattoo appointment ended up being delayed by 3 weeks due to circumstances out of my control, but as of 3/17/22 I now have it! As for an excuse as to why I haven’t written about it and finished up my “Permanent Ink” series of posts until now is… I’ll just say that any spare time that comes along I just can’t pull my eyes and hands away from this new body art! Lol

Turns out I greatly over-hyped the pain aspect of it in my head. Even being a pretty sensitive spot like the pubic area, it was a little uncomfortable but I can’t really say it “hurt” too badly at all! Really, I would compare it to just having someone running their fingernail along my skin over and over. Maybe I’m lucky, have a higher pain tolerance than I realized, or just have good skin for this kind of thing. I really don’t know, but while a few stories/experiences I’ve heard from others sound similar to mine — many others seem MUCH WORSE!!

I’ll tell you what though, I absolutely cannot imagine any way to be happier than what I’ve been feeling the last few weeks after having this done! Being so much more permanent of a commitment than even my wedding ring, it just feels like Angel and I are connected now on a so much bigger and deeper level than ever before! I am completely part of her now, and she is part of me.

In fact, when planning for this and deciding to include her initials as part of the tattoo, it was Angel’s idea to see if we could replicate her own handwriting for the letters. Never having had a tattoo before, I really had no idea what to expect with that (naively thought the artist might have to look at the picture and literally hand-draw the letters as close to Angel’s style as she could get.) Little did I know it was just a matter of taking a pic with Angel’s handwriting on it, adjusting the size to fit the location, and printing out a template to simply trace over with the tattoo gun! So it REALLY IS, Angel’s exact handwriting on my body, and I think those three little letters might be my favorite part of the whole thing!

Now for the bigger question I had about whether to keep my chastity cage on for the tattoo.. I did LOTS of thinking about this and talking to different folks in the kink community (i.e. Fet) before deciding what to do here. Obviously the easy answer is just “take it off,” and for many that would be the ONLY acceptable course of action without knowing anything about whether the tattoo artist is “kinky” or not. Any other action would be seen as violating the artist’s consent.

I greatly appreciated all of the thoughtful feedback I received with that stance, just in the end I kind of disagree. Of course I would never just go out and openly flaunt my cage without someone’s consent, but in a situation where genitals are already most likely going to be exposed, I felt that at least having a short conversation about it up front would be warranted. The only way to GET consent (or not) is to ASK for it, right?! So yes, I brought it up. I did have the keys with me (provided by Angel) to be able to unlock and remove the cage if necessary, but it turned out to be no big deal at all!

I began by asking the artist how much state of undress she would need for me to be in for this work. Then I kind of ventured into asking how this works. i.e. I was “assuming” that for the most part everything below the pubic area would end up being somewhat draped at least most of the time? I think at first she thought I was just being sort of shy and conservative, and preferring to stay covered during the tattoo (which I WOULD kind of prefer to, but not for that reason!) So she mentioned that yes we could drape a pillowcase or something over the genitals, but she was also quick to point out that they DO see plenty of penis around the shop so it really wasn’t a big deal!

So that’s when I said Thanks but that’s not really the reason I was asking.. and said that I just needed to share a little tidbit with her because I didn’t want her to be caught off guard or anything.  I then just told her outright that I do wear a little chastity cage for my wife, which was really the main motivation of the tattoo I was about to get. I let her know that I did have the keys available to go to the restroom and remove it if that was needed. But I just wanted to check in with her first to see if A) she thought something like that might be in the way at all of her work, or even more importantly B) if she would be uncomfortable at all working around it, then I would be happy to just take the cage off–no questions asked. I just didn’t want it to get too awkward or anything.

The cool thing is that she hardly batted an eye at the notion and said that she was totally fine with it, as long as we’d be able to like stretch the skin out from under it or something for the tattoo.. but she’d have to see first when we went to apply the template, before she could really tell me if it would be in the way. So that’s what we did. When my shorts came down all she had to say was that this was a “very cool little contraption” and that she’d never seen anything quite like that before! When I said “chastity,” she was thinking more of a full belt style like more popular images would conjure up. THAT of course could be in the way of a pubic tattoo, but once she saw what I was referring to she said it would be no problem at all to work around.

It was all handled very professionally and there was very little further mention of the cage which was fine by me! There was no “humiliation” aspect of having someone else learn about my little secret and I was in no way shape or form getting off on the fact that she knew. I’m happy that I was able to keep it on, because it is just a huge part of who I am and I am much more comfortable wearing the cage than not!  Now, the tattoo artist certainly has a new and interesting story to share around her shop if she so chooses, but that’s her business now and not mine!

Really, the only thing I worried most about was what ANGEL would think when she learned that I didn’t end up using the keys that she had provided so that I’d be able to take the cage off for my tattoo! Angel is a very private individual and would be much more likely to be embarrassed by the fact that someone else knew “our” secret! I did plan to tell her if I didn’t take it off, just hadn’t exactly discussed ahead of time that I was going to check in with the artist for her opinion first. But as it happens, Angel was also totally fine with the fact that my cage had been seen by another person, given the fact that it was a purely professional incident.

So that’s the story of how I am now permanently and happily marked and “owned” by Angel!  And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for with the big reveal of my tattoo to the world! 🙂  This was the first picture taken by the tattoo artist, moments after finishing up.  Now that its had a chance to heal and is a little more set into the skin it looks much more smooth, but this is still the best picture that I have of it to date.  Enjoy!







  1. Nicotime says:

    Way to go, you’ve helped give me the final push to get mine scheduled. Was worried about them having a problem with location.

  2. gky says:

    Beautiful! I would guess she’d rather watch a cage than an erection. 🙂

  3. Mark C Lukas says:

    Great tat, congratulations it looks really good. Tattoo artists see a lot of things so I’m not surprised she didn’t mind the cage.

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Thank you, Mark! Yes, that’s kind of what I was betting on with the artist. I’m very happy with how smooth the process was and how everything turned out!

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