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It’s done! My tattoo appointment ended up being delayed by 3 weeks due to circumstances out of my control, but as of 3/17/22 I now have it! As for an excuse as to why I haven’t written about it and finished up my “Permanent Ink” series of posts until now is… I’ll just say that any spare time that comes along I just can’t pull my eyes and hands away from this new body art! Lol

Turns out I greatly over-hyped the pain aspect of it in my head. Even being a pretty sensitive spot like the pubic area, it was a little uncomfortable but I can’t really say it “hurt” too badly at all! Really, I would compare it to just having someone running their fingernail along my skin over and over. Maybe I’m lucky, have a higher pain tolerance than I realized, or just have good skin for this kind of thing. I really don’t know, but while a few stories/experiences I’ve heard from others sound similar to mine — many others seem MUCH WORSE!!