Best. Chastegasm. Ever.

Posted: December 2, 2019 in Chastity, Fetish, Kinky, Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial


Quite some time ago I coined a term at least for use in my blog: Chastegasm.  Basically just meaning being able to have an “orgasm” of sorts through only indirect stimuli, since full direct stimulation is impossible due to the presence of a chastity device.

I do have the privilege of having one of these every once in a while, when Angel allows.  When her “Magic Wand” vibrator is placed directly against my cage for a prolonged period of time, it will do it pretty much every time!  While these do feel very good, I would stop short of saying that they are really as good as a “real” orgasm.  At least of what I remember of real orgasms–it has been a while!  🙂  There’s definitely some degree of buildup of intensity leading up to it, but instead of shooting a load as far as possible during the climactic release it just sort of… dribbles out.  Probably the best part of the chastegasm is that I’m generally not done after that!  It leaves me still horny as hell and ready to go again, much to Angel’s delight!

Today, I want to write about one recent experience of a Chastegasm to top all that I’ve ever had before it.  Possibly even rivaling the best REAL orgasm I can remember!

This all goes back to the things I’ve been writing quite a bit about lately, with my keys being secured in a lockbox controlled by EmlaLock.  Only my time is technically UP in EmlaLock, meaning that we could feasibly go end the session and get the code to the lockbox at any time now.  Now it is all Angel’s decision that we have not unlocked my cage yet.

A couple weeks or so ago (sorry it’s taken a little while for me to actually sit down and write this out!) Angel and I were lying in bed talking again of how she has control of my keys, and I may have nonchalantly mentioned that technically I COULD get the keys myself, since I can just log into EmlaLock and end the session to get the code to the lockbox..  but of course I WOULDN’T do that without Angel’s permission!  She just said that was good, because if I did she might just flush the keys down the toilet next time!  I don’t know what it was hearing her say something like that exerting her utmost authority over my orgasms, but I was pretty much instantly straining very hard against the inside of my cage!

canstockphoto74717761.jpgIt wasn’t too much later before things progressed to sex (at least as we know it!) and Angel was riding her wand on top of me to a couple of nice orgasms for herself.  I reminded her of our previous conversation and said that I doubted she would really do something like that, as she wouldn’t be able to handle going the rest of our lives without feeling a “real” dick inside her again…  Her response was simply “Could YOU handle it??”  I don’t suppose I would have much of a choice if she actually ever went down that path now, would I?!

After coming down a bit off of the high of her orgasms, Angel (seeing how much that kind of talk was turning me on), upped the ante even more.  Purposely holding the wand right against my cage, she had me imagine never being out of the cage again.  EVER.  She would make very good use of my hands, tongue, and of course her vibrator and other dildos that could fill her up much more than I ever could anyway.

Even with not being the least bit close to fully hard inside my cage, I could feel pressure building up as if I were about to cum myself, so I warned Angel that I might be about to and asked if it was OK.  She said it depended on my answer to this next question:  Would I be OK with this being my only form of release for the rest of my life, if she deemed it so?

“Yes, Mistress!” I said.

“Really??” She asked skeptically.  “I could literally throw away the keys and you would be completely OK with it?”

“YES, Mistress!  As long as that’s what YOU wanted and were happy with that arrangement, then I would live a very happy, content life with you in control!”

“You may cum..”

canstockphoto25744311.jpgAnd I did..  Still pretty much a ruined orgasm but it still felt stronger than most times I’ve dribbled cum this way!  Afterwards I just laid back completely spent.  But still locked, still horny, and knowing I’d still be able to go again at a moment’s notice if Angel desired it!  That’s the beauty of chastity in that the desire and even the ability to keep going, NEVER goes away!

I do believe that to have been the best chastegasm I have ever experienced, with Angel completely messing with my mind to make it happen!  I don’t believe for a minute that she would ever REALLY do something like that… but she has really learned how to press all of my buttons and she does it VERY well!

  1. Lisa Stone says:

    great reading! and the term Chastegasm is so snip-snap

  2. I get this 100%. lol

  3. wow, quite an interesting read.

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