Reader Question: CB-6000 vs. Custom Device

Posted: January 4, 2016 in CB-6000s, CB-xxxx, Chastity, Male Chastity, Mature Metal, Orgasm Denial, Queens Keep


I had a question from a reader regarding my opinion on purchasing a CB-6000 chastity device vs. saving that money to put towards a custom metal device.  I realized that I’ve spent pretty much the entire last year or so just raving about my own custom device, and haven’t really talked for quite a while about the other devices that I used to lead up to this.  So, I thought I would publish this question & answer in case anybody else might also care to read about it..

Outatlast wrote:

sorry to bother you.  Having a bit of a dilemma of what cd to buy.  You used to use the cb6000 as I recall.  Didn’t the 8cm tube stick out a bit and make it obvious that you are wearing something? I was thinking of going straight into custom – rather than blow £100 on a device that I may only use for a few weeks.  I’ve been chatting to a guy on the chastity forum who is about to start making devices out of titanium.  I could just spend the £100 on paying for adjustments to be made.  I’d really appreciate your opinion, if you have time.

First of all, thank you for reading and for the good question!  I did use the CB-6000 for quite a while, but I actually had the slightly shorter version (CB-6000S).  I did, in fact, start with the regular CB-6000 but it didn’t seem like I even filled a fraction of it when soft so when I saw the CB-6000S and learned that I could order only the shorter tube (using the same base rings) I jumped at that one.

To get to the point of your first question, no–in my experience none of the cages really stick out enough to make it “obvious” that I was wearing anything.  That goes for either one of the CB-6000 lengths or even any other of the CB-xxxx models before that.  Of course the size of the “bulge” depends entirely on what you are wearing, but as long as you’re not trying to walk around in completely skin-tight pants you should be totally fine.  When I first started wearing a chastity device in public I was very much self-conscious about it and could have sworn that people somehow must see it and know what I had hiding in my pants.  But the more I did it, the more I got over that and came to realize that it was all in my head! There was no way anybody could possibly know that I was wearing a chastity device. Even if they did happen to notice a slightly larger bulge in my pants, they would have no reason not to just think that was just how “endowed” I was! 🙂

I actually found the CB-6000S to be quite comfortable, and I could easily wear it for several weeks at a time.  That being said though, once I moved on to a custom device I very quickly realized what I had been missing out on!  It is SOO much more comfortable than any plastic device I had worn in the past!  Still, the question to skip the CB-xxxx devices altogether and go straight to custom is kind of a tough one..  On one hand, if you’re pretty sure that you will end up there anyway, I would say YES! Save your money and just go straight to the best right away! On the other hand though, I do feel like the progression that I took through several of the CB-xxxx models did kind of help my body start to adapt to being in chastity and certainly helped me figure out what kinds of things worked and didn’t work for me before I pulled the trigger on a more expensive device.  For example, knowing what ring sizes, etc. I had used successfully with the CB-6000s helped tremendously when deciding what size rings to order with my custom device.

Ultimately, the decision is completely up to you.  If you do decide to go custom right out the gate, do yourself a favor and at a minimum get the rubber sizing rings from Mature Metal.  If other vendors offer something similar, that may be fine as well, but this is at least one place that you can get them without costing a fortune.  I have really enjoyed my Queen’s Keep device (also built by Mature Metal. See review here.) but that’s really the only custom device that I have any experience with so I can’t really say how it would compare to other chastity vendors.

Titanium does sound interesting; I can’t say that I have ever heard of a device made of that before! I would suspect that it would probably be significantly more expensive than stainless steel, but are there other benefits?  Lighter, maybe? Frankly, I find that the weight of the steel devices is negligible. It doesn’t take very long at all before I hardly even notice that it’s there!

That’s my take on it, in a nutshell.  Feel free to leave comments with any other questions, or perhaps some other readers might share their own opinions/experiences on the topic!

  1. pogo says:

    The other alternative to a custom fitted device is the Holy Trainer v2, which is an upper end plastic device that I’ve found works far better than the CB series. It’s more expensive and only comes with one ring, so measuring is still important. I’ve had to downsize the ring once, but there’s been no chafing even with extended wear. Miss has taken to wearing the key on a chain around her neck…

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