Downsizing the Keep – Back to the CB-6000S

Posted: April 20, 2016 in CB-6000s, Chastity, Fetish, Kinky, Male Chastity, Mature Metal, Queens Keep


I wrote a post recently (Re-Sizing the Keep) about how I’ve been having a few “fitting” issues with the Queen’s Keep.  This came as a little bit of a surprise to me at first since I had been able to wear it for so long already with no issues at all, but I’ve learned that over time your body can start changing in chastity and the device might need to be adjusted a bit.  For starters, I am going down to a slightly smaller base ring, but found that the gap size on that one was way to small.  I sent the ring back to Mature Metal to increase the gap, but I failed to include the cage itself at the time.  I didn’t realize at the time that this was necessary, plus I was still WEARING the cage with my larger base ring!

When I got the ring back, I tried it on right away and it did seem to make a world of difference with the wider gap.  However, it wasn’t very long before it was still rubbing the scrotum pretty badly again.  So, last Friday morning I had to ask Angel for the keys back so I could take it off to re-assess the situation.  I ended up stayed unlocked for a few full days so everything could get really healed up properly.  In the mean time, I was trying to figure out what else could be causing this problem.

20160419_065318.jpgI put the ring and cage back together (off of my body) and immediately saw a potential problem. Since adjusting the gap size, the cage is way off center, all the way over to the right side of the base ring!  I thought when I was wearing it last week it seemed like everything was always kind of falling back to the left side most of the time, so clearly that’s because there was a lot more space on that side to work with!  I will say up front that it is not Mature Metal’s fault that this happened…  They did warn me that they needed to have the cage to make sure the alignment was correct, but I opted to take the risk and just hope that it still came back ok.  I would be willing to bet that this is probably a big part of why it’s rubbing so much now, so the whole thing will need to go back to Mature Metal one more time to make it right.

While it is there, I decided to do a couple of other adjustments as well.  For starters, I am going to have them extend the gap a bit on the orginal, larger base ring that I had been using.  It may not make much difference if the whole thing is too big, causing the cage to slide up and down, but I wanted to at least have another option to try out if needed.  I am also making a bit more drastic of a change, on the cage itself!  Pretty much ever since I’ve had it, I have said that I could have actually ordered it a bit smaller than I did.  I think you could measure yourself every hour of every day and think that you have your absolute shortest, flaccid length, but it’s not until locked in a cage that you can tell how small you can REALLY get!

canstockphoto12280991The cage that I bought is only 1 3/4″ long already, and of course when I’m even the least bit excited I do fill up every bit of that space.  But at other times, I don’t seem to be anywhere close to reaching the end of the cage.  With that in mind, I am going to have Mature Metal shorten the cage by 3/4″.  I’m a little bit nervous to see how small the remaining 1″ cage is going to look, but I think that ultimately it should be a better fit!  It’s possible that I could have gotten by with a slightly smaller diameter of the cage too, but that’s not something that can be adjusted after the fact.  So if I need anything different after making the cage shorter, I will probably just have to wait until it is feasible to order a brand new device.

I shipped the cage/rings off to Mature Metal just today…  I don’t know exactly how long it will take them to get everything done and back to me.  My previous experience has always been a full turn-around within about a week or so, but for all I know the cage adjustment might possibly take a little while longer to complete.  In the mean time, as I was getting everything cleaned up and packed into a box last night I was ALREADY missing being locked (after 4 days out for healing).  So I decided to go back and dig out my old CB-6000S again to get me by until the Queen’s Keep comes back.

wpid-2015-10-26-09-05-24-1849914957.jpegThe CB-6000S did go back on pretty easily and still fits fairly well, but it does have a LOT of pieces to put together!  I haven’t been used to doing that anymore, since using the two piece Queen’s Keep for so long!  I wore it all night and during the day at work today, and it’s been ok.  I do think this one is probably as comfortable as any stock plastic device could possibly be, but I am still looking forward to getting back into the Queen’s Keep!

For the record, on my Current Status page, I’m not even really counting these times of being unlocked for “healing purposes.” I’ll be adding sub-notes about it, but as far as I’m concerned I’ve been locked since about Valentine’s Day.  I haven’t had any orgasms or even really “officially” unlocked by Angel since that time, so my lock-up period will stay intact.



  1. I can relate to the sizing issue. I wore the Bon4 most of last spring/summer and when trying the original ring ordered for the Steelheart it was too small by a couple of mm’s. Now that it is getting warmer and things are more relaxed in the heat the 2mm larger ring may be too big. Going to have to experiment.

    As for the length, I went with the shortest tube available and cut the avg. diameter from our measurements by a couple of mm’s. Thankfully I don’t have an issue there; except, I can’t use the PA wire! That little bit of extra width would have made the PA wire a non issue.

    Hope you get Angel’s Queens Keep back quickly!!

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Yes, 2mm doesn’t sound like much, but it’s amazing how much difference that small amount can make! I’m sure I’m probably getting pretty close to the “shortest available tube” now as well. I’m sure at first it will seem like there’s no way I’ll ever fit in there, but ultimately it should work!

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