Queen’s Keep vs. CB-6000s

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This post is far overdue!  I intended to write up something like this way back towards the beginning of my blog, when I transitioned from wearing a CB-6000s to the Queen’s Keep.  I wanted to give a good side-by-side comparison of the two, but as I got into writing pretty much solely about my experiences in the Queen’s Keep, it kind of dropped off of my radar… Until now!

Now that my Queen’s Keep has been sent back to Mature Metal for some adjustments, and I am back to wearing the CB-6000s again in the interim, I am beginning to remember a lot of the differences between the two devices, and I do already miss being locked in the Keep!  🙂

These items are in no particular order, I pretty much just wrote them down as I thought of them.  This will likely continue to be a work in progress too, so if there are additional things that you would like to know about either/both of these devices feel free to ask!


Queen’s Keep – Stainless Steel, no worries whatsoever about breaking!

CB-6000s – Clear Plastic, over time can start to wear down and split along seams.

Number of pieces (not including lock)

Queen’s Keep – 2

CB-6000s – 6

Ease of “installing” base ring

Queen’s Keep – Takes some practice to learn how to squeeze both balls through solid ring.

CB-6000s – 3 piece ring is very easy to slip on.  Just watch out for pinch points/hair pulling!

Locking Method(s)

Queen’s Keep – Padlock or Security Screw

CB-6000s – Padlock

Ability to adjust size?

Queen’s Keep – Only by sending back to vendor.

CB-6000s – Multiple rings/spacers included to find ideal fit.

Ability to have erection?

Queen’s Keep – NO!

CB-6000s – Depends on your size..  I can still get (mostly) hard inside the cage.

Ability to have orgasm?

Queen’s Keep – Partial; only with direct, strong stimulation on outside of cage (i.e. with a Magic Wand)

CB-6000s – Same as Queen’s Keep

Ability to pass through metal detectors undetected?

Queen’s Keep – Surprisingly, Yes!  (see Chastity Through Metal Detectors)

CB-6000s – Yes, especially if using plastic lock as well.  Small metal padlock never set off any alarms for me either, though.

Ability to pee standing up?

Queen’s Keep – Carefully, at urinals only

CB-6000s – No

Ability to wear long-term (weeks at a time)?

Queen’s Keep – Yes

CB-6000s – Yes

Hygiene issues?

Queen’s Keep – Open design, very easy to keep clean in the shower without removing.

CB-6000s – Slightly more difficult to clean, but with persistence (and Q-tips) it is still possible to keep clean without requiring removal.

Price Point

Queen’s Keep – A bit on the expensive side, but well worth it (in my opinion) for long-term use.

CB-6000s – Very affordable for entry level.  Great starter device for folks to see if chastity and orgasm denial is even something that they will enjoy at all!

Overall Comfort

Queen’s Keep – VERY comfortable; custom-fit to my body means it practically fits like a glove!

CB-6000s – After trial & error to find correct ring/gap sizes, it’s as comfortable as possible from a stock plastic device.

Other Misc. Comments (good or bad)

Queen’s Keep –  By far the most comfortable chastity device that I have ever worn!  Not to mention, customer service from Mature Metal is top notch.  They are very responsive to any questions, both pre- and post- sale, and will work closely with you to make sure the fit is as expected.

CB-6000s – Not bad for a starter device.  The many pieces to assemble does mean lots of places for a stray hair to get caught, and you WILL notice when that happens!  Also, since I can still get partially hard inside the cage, that results in the whole cage being pushed away from my body. In turn, that pulls the base ring along with it, putting lots of (sometimes painful) pressure on the back of the balls.  Have never had this issue with the Queen’s Keep, where the cage is short enough to not allow any sort of growth at all!
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