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Posted: April 12, 2016 in Chastity, Male Chastity, Mature Metal, Orgasm Denial, Queens Keep


I wrote a couple posts ago (Re-sizing the Keep) about how I was beginning to get some pretty bad chafing on the scrotum from the Queen’s Keep.  Trying to work this out with Mature Metal, it seems that over time your body can actually adjust to being in chastity and the device might need to be resized a bit.  I already had a smaller base ring that I had ordered with my original purchase, since I wasn’t entirely sure which size I was going to need.  That one was too tight in the beginning, so I’ve been wearing the larger ring up to this point.  Now, the smaller ring seems to fit better, but the gap size between the ring and the cage was so small that when I put the cage on it felt like my balls were just being crushed in a vice or something…  Not pleasant!


I sent that ring back to Mature Metal to have the gap extended, and got it back last week.  I’ve been wearing that one ever since, and for the most part it is MUCH better now!  I do think I have the correct diameter now, as I can now only get one finger underneath it, up to the knuckle, just as Mature Metal had described.  Before I sent the ring away, I had actually had a little bit of trouble getting that one on, as it seemed like a very small opening to squeeze the balls through.  It may seem a little bit counter-intuitive, but I actually had them reshape it to a perfectly round ring (instead of the oval shape), and I have found it to be much easier to get it on now!  Personally, I haven’t noticed any real difference in comfort with that shape either.  So the idea of a more oval-shaped ring does sound good as a selling point for Mature Metal products, but I’m not really sure that it actually makes much of a difference.

canstockphoto26353826The extended gap size has also made a ton of difference!  I could immediately tell that it wasn’t squeezing the balls anymore, and was actually feeling quite comfortable again, so we’re making good progress!  I wore it for a few days with no issues at all, but then the other day I did start feeling a little bit of irritation on the scrotum again.  Upon inspection, it did seem like it was starting to rub the skin fairly raw again, right where the bottom of the cage hits.  For now, I’ve simply slipped a new band-aid up under the cage again to make sure the cage isn’t coming into direct contact with the skin at that spot.  That is helping a lot, so I’m just going to play it by ear for a little while.  I’ll let that heal back up, then take the band-aid back off and see if I keep having the same problem.  I’m not really sure what else could be adjusted here to help out with that issue, but if it keeps up then I’ll check back with Mature Metal again to see if they have any other advice/suggestions.

I do still highly recommend Mature Metal, both for the quality of their products as well as customer service.  They have always been VERY responsive, even well after the sale!

  1. Domina Jen says:

    Mature Metal really is awesome. I hope it gets better soon!

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