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Posted: April 16, 2015 in Chastity, Male Chastity, Mature Metal, Orgasm Denial, Queens Keep, Sex


I have been wanting to post about my being let out of the Queen’s Keep this past weekend while it is still somewhat fresh in my mind, but have been far too busy lately to be able to actually sit down and write much!  Last weekend was definitely one to remember, though! To start with, our oldest boy was taking a little trip out of town with his Grandma.  That left only the baby with us, and Angel convinced another family member to watch him over Saturday night meaning the two of us would have the entire evening to ourselves to do whatever we wanted!

To begin with, upon returning from running couple of errands in the afternoon, I was rather surprised to find Angel waiting for me in bed decked out in some of her sexiest lingerie!  I hadn’t really expected to be getting down to business before we even had dinner, but if she was ready for it I sure wasn’t one to complain! She let me help her to a couple of “mild” orgasms, and as usual it wasn’t long at all before I was really wishing to be unlocked.  Angel decided that she wanted to go ahead and let me out for just a little bit, and I could have one orgasm myself to get the night started.  BUT, I was to go right back into the cage before we left the house to eat!  This was rather carefully planned out, as she wanted me to be ready to go for the long haul that night, and we know from experience that my first time after a long period of lock-up tends to be rather quick!

As expected, that was a somewhat fast, though very explosive and wonderful orgasm inside Angel! Immediately afterwards per her wishes I did lock the Queen’s Keep back on again and began getting ready to head out for dinner.  This is where I got the next little surprise of the night: Angel decided to tease me pretty much the whole time that we were gone by letting me know that she wasn’t wearing any panties! 🙂  Not so very long ago at all, Angel would have never done anything like this outside of the bedroom. Now she has gotten to a point where she will send provocative pics through text messages from long distances, and will go out on the town “commando!” I would like to think, that me being locked and giving her the final say over MY orgasms, has been playing at least some role in her opening herself up to expressing  her own sexuality in a new light!

We went to dinner at a little winery in the “downtown” area of my city, a mere 5 minute drive from the house.  It was a little bit of a cool evening, but we managed get a table outside right next to one of their fire pits so it was not bad at all. It was rather fun teasing Angel whenever the wind would blow, asking how she liked that extra little breeze up her skirt! Lol

After a nice romantic dinner we headed back out. Before going home, we decided to take more advantage of being childless for the night, so we went to browse around one of the several adult novelty shops that are around town. We weren’t really looking for anything in particular, just seeing if anything struck our fancy at the  time. We almost didn’t even buy anything, but Angel was a little bit curious about these cock rings with a little vibrating nub on top meant for “her pleasure.” I was thinking we may have done something like that years ago (before we even got into chastity together), but that was a very long time ago so I wasn’t opposed to trying it out again with her.

Upon arriving home, we were back into bed almost immediately, completely unable to keep our hands off of each other. I know I’ve made this comparison before, but we were again just like a couple of teenagers starting to explore their sexuality! It was now that I learned of another little “fantasy” that Angel has sometimes, which involved having foods (chocolate, etc) licked off of her naked body. I certainly couldn’t deny her THAT pleasure so it was off to the kitchen to grab some chocolate syrup.  I squeezed some out onto strategic places on her body and proceeded to give her a nice, long tongue bath while she held her magic wand down in just the right place to produce several screaming orgasms! To be able to witness that while really all I was doing was eating food off of her (she was doing all of the work with the vibrator on her own) was absolutely amazing, and I’m still almost surprised that I didn’t come right through the cage!

The evening progressed on from there, and obviously Angel did have to release me again later to try out our new toy. It really wasn’t anything to brag about and she was a little bit disappointed that she could barely feel any of the vibration at all. I kind of suspect that this may be a situation where Angel has gotten used to orgasms from a very powerful Hitachi Magic Wand, so there might not be many other things out there capable of matching that!

In the end I really have no idea how many orgasms Angel managed to have that night, and I had a few pretty amazing ones myself! It was very nice to have one night with just the two of us, no kids, for a spectacular “Release Party!” I am still unlocked at the time of this writing, several days later. But when I am locked again the memories from last weekend will be more than enough to keep me looking forward to some day when perhaps we can do a lot of that all over again!


  1. U may have to go through a resensitizing phase to get over Hitachi dependency

  2. sulagno13 says:

    made my cock erect to its full size….amazing <3

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