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I have reached 100 days of being locked continuously in the Queen’s Keep, and still am not entirely sure when my EmlaLock session will end for me to be released! It definitely should be this month, I just will not know an exact day until it gets here..

Angel and I have been having lots of fun with it lately though! There was a ton of “action” going on while we both had a little bit of time off over the holidays, I just never really had much of a chance to sit down and write about it much. One of my favorites relates back to a previous post (Playtime for Angel?) where I had tried to prod Angel into having a little bit of solo fun one day when she was home alone.  It didn’t work out that day, but one evening later that week she decided to go for it!



Merry Christmas, everybody! I hope your holidays are filled with cheer and that you get everything you wish for (or wish you HADN’T wished for! Lol)  For us, Angel still has one package that she won’t be able to “unwrap” for at least a couple more weeks.  We are both very much looking forward to that day! But for now, it’s all about the kids and spending time with the family, and you can’t go wrong with that!




I’ll Be Locked For Christmas
Lyrics by: pcguy0681
Music by: Dying Seed
To the tune of Bing Crosby’s classic melody: “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”










Angel has a bit more time off of work than I do over the holidays, and for today the kids were still going to daycare so she would be free to run some errands.  This also meant that she was going to be home by herself for a while at certain times of the day.  After talking to her at one point (so I knew that she was home) I sent Angel a little e-mail, followed by a text message to make sure that she actually checked her e-mail!

The message read:


Before you leave the house again, you should go back to the bed and relax (lights out, clothing… optional!) Listen to this (attached) a couple times, grab your friend… and tell me all about it later! 🙂

You know that I’m thinking about you!





I have been locked in the Queen’s Keep non-stop now for 76 days, and still counting.  On one hand I am practically climbing the walls with how horny I am, ALL the time! Sometimes, it seems that this is pretty much all I can think about! Angel has been thoroughly enjoying having me in this state, and egging it on even more.  I know she is anxious to have it off as well, but in the mean time she likes to pet me through the cage and comment about how it’s too bad somebody can’t come out and play–which just manages to drive me even more wild! 🙂

This past weekend, I did show Angel the EmlaLock session that is controlling access to my keys, and explained the little calculation error that I made when setting it up.  If she was very disappointed that I will be locked a few weeks longer than we originally thought, she didn’t show it much, and in fact we ended up having some of the hotter rounds of “chaste sex” that we’ve had for a while!  That’s where the other side of the catch-22 comes into play for a chaste man.. While I am extremely horny and want to be released very badly, it still just never gets old watching and feeling Angel as she loses control of her body time and time again, as her orgasms come in huge waves! At that point, I truly don’t even care that I’m not getting a release. I only want HER to have more!

As of this past weekend, I am treading new waters and have reached a personal record as far as length of time being locked continuously in a chastity device! As tracked on my Current Status page, my previous record was 60 days.  As of today, being locked since September 29th, I am at 63 days and still counting!

2015-12-01 Current StatusA

2015-12-01 Current StatusB




A couple of nights ago, Angel began hinting very early in the evening that she would like to possibly get to bed a little bit earlier than normal, at least after the kids were both down, so we could take care of a little “stress relief” for her. A series of strong orgasms can do wonders in that area for her! Of course I agreed, but we did both still have some other work to get done first–her for her job, and me for a small remodeling project that I still have going on in the house.

Once the kids were in bed and we had both finished up what we needed to do, we hopped in the shower to get cleaned up a bit before bed. Angel and I do manage to shower together fairly frequently, but while she was expecting a very FAST shower that night so we could move on to other business in the bedroom, I had a little surprise for her instead!



As much as it pains me to say, Angel and I had a pretty big fight with each other towards the end of this past week. Very possibly, I think, the worst we’ve had in all the years of our marriage so far!  I’m not going to get into the cause of the fight here, because it really isn’t relevant. I’m fairly sure ALL couples must go through similar things at some point in their relationships.  Money, kids, friends, general stresses of day-to-day life.. There is always some sort of disagreement lurking around the corner when people co-habitate, no matter how much they love each other!


After a great, romantic get-away last weekend for our anniversary, Angel and I have had to get back into the grind of normal life this past week.  The weekend seemed to be especially busy, as we both had different obligations to fulfill so it didn’t feel like we even SAW each other all that much!  We did wake up on Sunday morning though, both feeling rather frisky.  Being how it hadn’t even been 1 week yet since starting this latest round of chastity, it was a pretty safe bet that I wouldn’t be getting an orgasm any time soon. But that sure didn’t mean that Angel had to do without!

As we started with some heavy petting, and working my fingers to all the right places down her body, it took a little while for Angel to completely let go and enjoy the sensations. She always had one ear tuned for some little footsteps coming down the stairs, since more often than not our 4-year old will end up climbing into bed with us by that time on the weekends!  Once it became fairly apparent that he was actually still asleep, she was able to have some fun!


Besides Angel’s birthday coming up here very soon, we will also be celebrating our wedding anniversary within two weeks of that. I wrote a bit on a previous post (Chaste Anniversary Planning) about how we are planning a long weekend out of town, leaving the kids behind this time, so we can have a bit more than just a PG-rated celebration! We are very close now to making this trip, and both of us are extremely excited about what is to come! (No pun intended… or was it?!)

As of today, I have been locked for 42 days so far for this current chastity session.  I fully anticipate that I will be out at least part of the time over this weekend (though it is still well within Angel’s power NOT to unlock me, if she so chooses!) so that will probably put me somewhere around 44-45 days total.  That’s hardly a record for me, but will easily be well within my top 5 longest durations! This has certainly been one of the more intense periods though, as Angel has been pretty much constantly teasing me and giving me lots to think about–primarily in regards to our upcoming trip!  I definitely cannot wait to see this new lingerie she bought herself recently.  Apparently it’s a lot more “dirty” (in her words) than what she usually wears, so I’m looking forward to finding out exactly what she classifies as dirty! 🙂


For the first time in my life, I was summoned for Jury Duty this week. It is a very interesting process, which took 2 days just for the selection of twelve jurors and two alternates. In this case I was not chosen in the end, so I did not have to return for day 3.

I was a bit nervous when entering the courthouse on the first day, considering that I would have to pass through metal detectors while wearing a stainless steel chastity device! As I’ve previously written about, I have passed through the detectors numerous times at baseball games with no issues, but I can easily see how they might have the machines calibrated quite a bit tighter here. I even considered asking Angel to unlock me beforehand to make sure I didn’t set off the alarm. I’m sure she would have gone along with that, but the more I thought about it I decided to go ahead and take the risk. What’s the worst that could happen? A security guard would find out about my “situation.” I mean, it’s not like there’s anything illegal going on here!



At least for my U.S. readers, I just wanted to say Happy Labor Day! It is always nice to have a long weekend off of work to relax and spend time with family & friends.  For many people, this holiday also marks sort of an “unofficial” end to summer, so I wanted to reflect a little bit on what has been a very fun, mostly chaste, summer for me!


Angel’s birthday is coming up towards the end of September, followed shortly after by our wedding anniversary (7 years).  To celebrate, this year we have been planning a little getaway, leaving the kids with their grandparents for a long weekend.  For us, we have reserved a small condo on a lake, about a 3 hour drive away.  We are both really looking forward to having a few full days alone, away from everybody!

It was very cute the other day, when Angel decided to do a little shopping for some new lingerie to take on our trip.  Rather than go out to local stores, she decided to do it online this time instead.  I didn’t even know she was doing this, until she sheepishly came to me asking if I could show her how to clear all of the search history, etc. from the web browser.  She wanted to be sure none of these sites would come up if other family/friends might ever happen to be over and use our laptop for anything!  She was also rather worried about the “discreet shipping,” but was pleased when it did come in a completely plain, unmarked package.  Angel apparently found two new outfits for herself.  She has only given me a preview of one so far, and I know it will look very sexy on her!  The other, she says I will have to wait until the trip to see, but has teased that it is a bit “dirtier…”  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with!


Wow, there is so much to write about and so little time lately to do it! I’m hovering right around the two week mark again for my current period of chastity.  This tends to be the timeframe where I generally start to hit a peak of being VERY horny and antsy pretty much all the time! Once I get over that hump (No pun intended! Lol), I know I’ll still be extremely horny and ready for a release any time I’m with Angel and particularly when we are playing, but it should start to slip off of the top of the mind a little bit as I go through my normal day-to-day work activities.

As far as Angel goes, she has also been doing a lot to KEEP me in that heightened state of horniness! She pretty much never misses an opportunity to grab the cage, even through my clothes, making sure I know who’s in charge of the keys.  And any time I’m walking behind her, she will make it a point to step back into me and grind her ass into it for a few seconds, immediately making the cage get a bit tighter! Speaking of that ass, Angel has become extremely good at teasing me with that, as well! I remember one morning, probably a little over a week ago now, where we weren’t playing much that morning since the 4 year old had come down and climbed into bed with us again. But, when he got up and Angel was going to go start some breakfast for him, she very purposfully lifted her nightie to give me a great view of the fact that she wasn’t wearing any underwear! Wait–she wasn’t wearing any underwear… Meaning she must not have had them on all night! I called her back to bed to make sure she knew that I did see and appreciate that fact, and to get in a few extra minutes of fondling before the toddler got too impatient!


When the kids are away, Mommy & Daddy get to play! 🙂

Sometimes, trying to plan too much in advance for a sexual adventure can lead to hightened expectations and possibly some disappointment when things don’t go quite like it was envisioned.  Not so for Angel and I, at least in terms of this past Wednesday night! Sometimes we don’t have much choice but to plan these things out in advance so we can take full advantage of the rare occasion when we don’t have to worry about having kids in the house to hear us and possibly be scarred for life. We had such an opportunity last night, and it was absolutely everything we had planned it to be and more!

After having dinner and dropping the kids off to stay with their grandpa last night, we arrived back home with lots of time to play, even with still needing to get up to work the next morning.  I’d say we managed to roll almost everything we’ve ever played with before into one long session, along with plenty of new things as well! Angel took off to the bathroom to change into some of her sexy lingerie, and while she was out of the room I took the opportunity to also pull out another of her pieces that I’ve worn myself before, and put that on so we’d BOTH be rolling around with each other in soft silk/lace! When Angel came back into bed with both of us dressed like this, things really started to heat up fast!


Lately, Angel has been finding a kinky streak within herself that a year ago she probably would never have even thought existed! Maybe that comes partly from keeping her husband (Me!) locked in chastity for longer and longer periods at a time.  Maybe it comes from getting VERY friendly with her magic wand, and therefore getting much more in tune with her body as far as what turns her on and makes her orgams the best they can be.  Maybe it’s a combination of both or something else altogether; but whatever the underlying reason, I’m certainly not complaining about it! Lol

Case in point about Angel opening up much more to trying new things, is with Anal Sex.  I have always had quite a bit of interest in this myself and have even done a fair amount of experimenting with a few different plugs, etc. on  myself. Angel, on the other hand, has always been pretty adamantly opposed to anything back-door related, either giving or receiving. I think she had at least one bad experience with it with an ex or something.. And that is totally fine, as we still come up with plenty of other ways to keep each other happy!  Recently though, Angel has made almost a complete 180 degree turn on that stance! It started a couple weeks ago right before our vacation, and after some of the stuff I wrote about in my “Wand Magic” post. It seems that the wand has become even MORE magical! 🙂

With 172 people responding to my Chastity Reader’s Poll that I put up a few weeks ago, that seems like a very good sampling of my readers!

The results are:




We arrived back home this past Sunday evening from a nice and (mostly) relaxing vacation.  As I previously wrote, Angel did decide that I should be unlocked for the duration of that trip.  It was nice, and we did manage to find a fair share of “alone time” as well! Of course, Angel had the most benefit from those times with numerous orgasms, but I’m sure I had no less than 4 of them myself over the past couple of weeks! By the end of the trip though, Angel was telling me that she WAS missing having me locked (she loves how horny she can keep me in that state), and was ESPECIALLY missing her “friend” (the Magic Wand)! We planned on playing with the wand some on Sunday night, and work on Angel’s endurance with it a little bit, but got home quite a bit later than expected and have been so busy ever since that it is still yet to happen.  Soon enough though! 🙂

As for me, I was rather missing being locked as well.  Looking back through the history on my Current Status page, I have not been out of chastity for that long since late January! Still, I did not go back into the Queen’s Keep immediately upon arriving home, or even the next day.  This morning though, I woke up before the alarm clock, very hard, and was fairly sure that if I didn’t get back into the cage right away I’d probably wind up taking other matters into my own hands too! Lol


I wrote a bit recently, about how I’ve been teasing Angel sometimes that  some day I’m going to tie her best friend (the Hitachi Magic Wand) on to her and just see how long she could go having orgasm after orgasm, with no way of getting away from the very intense vibrations! We had a little “practice” session of that last weekend, where she went a little over 16 minutes. Friday night after the kids were in bed, Angel was feeling particularly horny again so we set a timer and went at it for another round! (more…)


I know that today is not a holiday for many of my readers outside of the U.S., but to all Americans I want to say Happy July 4th! The day we celebrate Independence… The day we celebrate Freedom… But wait, this is a blog about Chastity, so I’m sure you can tell the direction this is heading! 🙂

There is one area of my life where I am NOT currently “Free.” Still being locked in the Queen’s Keep, I am not free to orgasm on my own, without Angel knowing and allowing it!  (And looking at the results of my recent poll, it seems that quite a few others reading this are in the same state as me!)  To anyone who has never experienced chastity (from either side of it), it might seem to be absolutely crazy that someone would voluntarily be kept locked up like that.  But, being locked provides a whole new perspective of “Freedom!”



I have told Angel before that I’m pretty sure if more guys knew what it felt like to be able to do nothing but please a multi-orgasmic woman while their own orgasm was denied for weeks at a time, there would probably be a lot more people doing it! Her reply was that maybe there ARE a lot more men out there locked up, and we just wouldn’t know about it! And that is very true.. Nobody else that I know in “real life” (besides Angel) knows about me being locked in chastity. So I could very well have other friends/acquaintances who do the same thing, and I just don’t know about them doing it either.  If we were to ever find out, that would certainly open up a whole new topic of conversation with someone!

Chances are I’m never going to start putting it out there to people I see every day, what goes on with Angel and I behind closed doors.  But being how everyone reading my blog knows all about it, I have to admit that I AM a little curious how many of you guys are engaged in chastity to some degree! I have never played with the Polling feature here on WordPress before, but I just put this one together to see how it works..  So if you don’t mind, please choose below the best answer that describes your current status in chastity. If none of them match up very well, go ahead and type in whatever you like in the “Other” field.  Also, as always feel free to leave any comments you see fit–I love to hear from you!