Playtime for Angel?

Posted: December 21, 2015 in Chastity, Key-Holder, Kinky, Male Chastity, Orgasm, Orgasm Denial


Angel has a bit more time off of work than I do over the holidays, and for today the kids were still going to daycare so she would be free to run some errands.  This also meant that she was going to be home by herself for a while at certain times of the day.  After talking to her at one point (so I knew that she was home) I sent Angel a little e-mail, followed by a text message to make sure that she actually checked her e-mail!

The message read:


Before you leave the house again, you should go back to the bed and relax (lights out, clothing… optional!) Listen to this (attached) a couple times, grab your friend… and tell me all about it later! 🙂

You know that I’m thinking about you!



The attached file was the .mp3 of “I’ll Be ‘Locked’ For Christmas” which I wrote about last week.  Her “friend” of course, being the Hitachi Magic Wand.  Angel has never been one to do much like this by herself, but when we’re together I can sometimes get her to hold the wand on herself while I am taking care of “other” areas! I figured a message like that was a good way to safely push her comfort zone a bit more.. Plus, I couldn’t wait for a detailed description of what happened! Lol


I’ll Be Locked For Christmas
Lyrics by: pcguy0681
Music by: Dying Seed
To the tune of Bing Crosby’s classic melody: “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”



So did it work? 

Well… no.  When I saw her again this evening, Angel told me that she did see my e-mail, but really did not have time to act on it–even with no kids in the house.  With Christmas just around the corner she was very busy with wrapping presents, last minute shopping, etc.  It wasn’t that she didn’t WANT to, but this is just another great example that life does still happen, and sometimes the sexy parts like that have to get pushed to the back-burner for a while.

But that’s ok!  I wanted to share this story anyway, because it was still a pretty hot fantasy for a guy who’s been locked in chastity for almost 3 months straight.  And who knows, Angel might just decide to act on it some other time when I’m not even expecting it.  And even if she doesn’t, that image will be permanently in my mind anyway! 🙂






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