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Posted: July 29, 2015 in Chastity, Key-Holder, Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial

With 172 people responding to my Chastity Reader’s Poll that I put up a few weeks ago, that seems like a very good sampling of my readers!

The results are:


First, I want to address the 6 people who responded saying that they have no real desire at all to either be locked in chastity or to lock somebody else up, and say Thank You for reading anyway! 🙂 I know that most of what I write is centered around the themes of chastity and orgasm denial (for me) and lots of orgasms for Angel. I hope you do find this interesting enough to continue coming back and reading more!

Next, it seems that at least 83 of my readers (48% of respondents) are currently locked up for at least short periods at a time, if not for weeks at a time like myself! I did include the 5 “Other” votes in that count, as the descriptions all seemed to indicate being locked; perhaps just going solo without the support of your partner.  Whether you lock yourself in chastity or are lucky enough to have yourself a wonderful key-holder like me, I hope  that you can relate to a lot of what I write about how it feels being locked!

On top of that, 38 readers (22% of respondents) indicated that they have never actually tried chastity before but think it might be rather fun to try being locked for a while.  My recommendation: Go for it! You can get a fairly decent device even on a budget, just to get a feel of what it’s like.  The CB-6000s was a good one for me, even for longer term once I had all of the sizing right.  But if you end up deciding it’s something you want to stretch into even longer durations, I can’t emphasize enough how much more comfortable it is to have a custom steel, made-to-fit, device! It is definitely well worth the extra $$ to go that route!

Only 8 people in my poll identified as current key-holders, either for short or long term.  10 others have said that they have never done it but would like to try locking somebody up for a while! If you all are anything at all like Angel, once you see the benefits of chastity for yourself, I would bet you’ll be wanting to keep your partner locked for longer and longer periods as well.  If you are afraid your partner might think you’re crazy for wanting to lock them into a chastity device, you’ll never know unless you try, right?  I really believe that for most guys, if they had any idea at all what it felt like to be locked and denied, they’d be clamoring for it all the time! (Yes, I’m making an assumption that it is the male who would be locked here, as that is really the only form of chastity that I can relate to personally.)

Finally, 27 people (16% of respondents) have said that they do practice some form of chastity/orgasm denial, but it doesn’t involve any physical devices being locked on.  That’s fair enough–I’m sure there are situations where a device just isn’t practical at all, or a person just has no desire to be completely “cut off” from their genitals like that.  To be able to practice that kind of self control over your orgasms (whether it is self-imposed or requested by your partner) has got to be an exceptional experience as well, even beyond the types of things I write about on this blog! So congratulations to you!

As one reader (KinkyPleasures) pointed out, this poll is just a sampling of people who come across my blog while searching the internet, most of whom are likely already interested in chastity in some form.  I do realize that, so it’s no surprise that the vast majority of respondents are already engaged in it to some degree! By no stretch of the imagination would I say that my statistics could be extended to the general population, but I do often wonder just how many folks I see walking around every day might actually be locked up, and I just don’t even know it! 🙂

I will keep this poll up indefinitely for anybody new to my blog who might want to add to the results.  If there are any major shifts in the results, I may even write about it again some day!


  1. Great analysis and commentary on the results. Thanks for following up with the results and your thoughts!

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