Wet & Wild Wand Fun

Posted: November 15, 2015 in Chastity, Key-Holder, Male Chastity, Orgasm, Orgasm Denial


A couple of nights ago, Angel began hinting very early in the evening that she would like to possibly get to bed a little bit earlier than normal, at least after the kids were both down, so we could take care of a little “stress relief” for her. A series of strong orgasms can do wonders in that area for her! Of course I agreed, but we did both still have some other work to get done first–her for her job, and me for a small remodeling project that I still have going on in the house.

Once the kids were in bed and we had both finished up what we needed to do, we hopped in the shower to get cleaned up a bit before bed. Angel and I do manage to shower together fairly frequently, but while she was expecting a very FAST shower that night so we could move on to other business in the bedroom, I had a little surprise for her instead!

It’s no secret how much she enjoys her “best friend,” the Hitachi Magic Wand. Well, I had gotten her a new wand, which is not only cordless but waterproof as well! I had it with us on our Anniversary Get-Away a month ago, but the shower in our condo there turned out to be very tiny and not really suitable for two people, so I didn’t even get it out of the box. We hadn’t even had a chance to try it at home yet, either, until that night when I snuck it into the shower with us! Once we were all cleaned up and about ready to get out, I pressed Angel up against the wall and got to work with a finger, to start with. She asked what I was doing, and if we could move it on to the bedroom.. I told her that we would in time, but first I had a little surprise for her–at which point I grabbed the magic wand and made pretty quick work of getting her to an orgasm or two!

The biggest came with me kneeling in front of her, water streaming down over my head and of course still straining very hard against the end of my cage! I held the wand against Angel with one hand while rubbing a couple fingers of the other hand deep inside her. A couple minutes of this had her practically screaming with a very big orgasm, and making me a little bit worried that she might lose her balance and fall into the bathtub! But she somehow managed to keep enough strength in her legs to remain upright through it all!

By the time we finished up and made it to bed, we were both a bit too exhausted to do much more that evening. We fell asleep, cuddling naked in each other’s arms. The next morning though, we did manage to wake up before the alarm clock and picked up where we had left off (and where we had intended to be the night before!) A couple more big orgams for Angel via my fingers & tongue just melted even more stress off of her and was a great way for both of us to start the day!

Often times during that kind of session, helping Angel to orgasm kind of relieves my own “need” for a while, but that wasn’t really happening that day either. I was still as horny as could be, and had to carry that all the way through the work-day as well! We’re at about 6 1/2 weeks for this session of chastity so far and still counting. By Thanksgiving I will have reached a personal record, and it still remains to be seen how much past that I will have to go before EmlaLock gives the keys/control back (to Angel!) I know there are still times when Angel kind of wishes she could let me out, and if the keys weren’t out of reach I’m quite sure this current session would have been long over by now. But at the same time, Angel has also been thoroughly enjoying the idea of me HAVING to focus on her pleasure alone, since neither of us have any control over when my cage can come off!


  1. Wow. Very hot! Thinking about bringing up sites like the one you are using to MrsL. Any suggestions on the best approach?

    • pcguy0681 says:

      Well.. I’m not sure if the way I did it the first time was really the best, but it did work out. I basically just set it up for a few weeks and locked the keys up without telling Angel until after the fact. (I did have easy access to the keys, though. It might be a different story if your KH keeps them more hidden away than what Angel generally does!) I think she was a little upset that first time, that I didn’t include her on it ahead of time, but she did get over it pretty quick.

      The next time, I asked her about it and we did it together for a couple weeks. For this current go-around, I didn’t explicitly ask for her input on setting up the session, but I teased her enough ahead of time about it and saw how hot & bothered she was getting at the idea of not having access to the keys, that I felt fairly safe this time doing it sort of under the table again. And we ARE both rather enjoying it!

      Your mileage may vary greatly from mine, so I would suggest either just doing it (sometimes it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission! Lol) or bring it up as sort of an “aid” to help HER stay strong and not let you out on a whim when she might otherwise cave. Just make sure before you do it, that you are prepared to be locked up for whatever the duration is set to, because you will NOT be getting out–even for an unexpected trip out of town, or through a metal detector, or anything of the sort! 🙂

      • Thanks for the feedback. While MrsL keeps one of the keys on her keychain the other (emergency key) is in a little jewelry box on her make up desk. We both know it is there but I never use it without her express permission. I have talked, generally, about having her secure that key but as of yet she has not.

        I am going to broach the subject with her this weekend. Last night, I could sense she was very tempted to unlock me but didn’t. Now, that could have been simply for teasing but I could sense she was thinking about it. What makes it more tantalizing is she is still not letting me touch her in any sexual manner. I can give her massages, rub and nibble on her toes/feet, and caress her entire body with the exception of her breast and pussy. If the keys were truly inaccessible to both of us…who knows what might happen.

        All I know is that I am only 6 days in to this lock up and am horny as hell!!

  2. You are so delicious …

  3. vinnieh says:

    Wow, that was super hot.

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