Anti-Pullout – Part 2

Posted: February 25, 2015 in Chastity, Male Chastity, Mature Metal, Queens Keep


I was going to try to get this post out about a week ago, but then ended up spending about five days straight in bed with a nasty stomach flu…  I wanted to talk a little bit more about the Anti-Pullout options that I have with the Queen’s Keep.  Previously, I had tried the shortest version of the “blunt” anti-pullout pin, and really for the most part could barely tell it was there at all!  (see previous Anti-Pullout post, here) For this round of chastity, I went on up to the medium length blunt pin.

This one looks a little bit more intimidating to start with, because it seems like it pushes pretty far down into the cage.  The pictures below give a pretty good idea of how far into the cage it goes!  I tried it once first, before actually locking the cage in place, and was again surprised to find that I could barely feel it at all! Of course, I was rather soft at the time so couldn’t say for sure how it would feel when I actually started to get hard, but I decided to just go ahead and lock it all in place anyway, prior to giving Angel the keys the last time. I figured the worst that could happen would be that I would find it very uncomfortable/painful, and have to ask Angel to unlock me just long enough to remove the pin or replace it with the shorter version again.  The cage wouldn’t even have to come completely off to do that!

I didn’t have long to wait to find out!  When we started the talks about Long Term Chastity, and Angel quickly gave it a little test run by having me take care of her needs while remaining denied myself, I was certainly starting to swell up inside the cage and against this pin!  While I could definitely feel this one more than the shorter pin, I still cannot say that it felt unpleasant in the least!  I think this pin is very doable, and it does seem to help a lot more to actually keep the head of the penis pointed down towards the end of the cage for peeing, etc!

On the other side of this story though, as much success as I’ve seen so far with the anti-pullout pins I can also say I have seen over the past week that under some circumstances NOTHING would be able to keep me completely in, if I really wanted to get out.  This goes back to what I mentioned about having a very bad stomach flu for most of the last week.  I did remain locked for the entire time that I was sick, even though during that time the device was just kind of “there.” It wasn’t a fun, sexy game, or anything that I gave much thought at all to.  What I did notice though, is that when my body was at its absolute lowest point, I was so small inside the cage that even with this pin sticking so far into the cage the head of the penis would still regularly slip right underneath it and towards the back.  I am quite confident that if I had really wanted to pull the whole thing out from the back of the cage at that point, it would have come right out!  Not that I’d have felt like doing anything WITH it at the time! 🙂 And getting everything back in without unlocking myself would be next to impossible, I think.  Plus, the balls would have still been trapped between the base ring and the cage, so I personally can’t imagine why anyone would ever want to try to actually cheat that way!

So the bottom line is, I do think the anti-pullout pins do some good, especially under “normal” wear. But if somebody was persistent enough, that wouldn’t be enough to stop them from pulling out anyways…

  1. Canary's Pet says:

    My wife ordered some anti-pull-out inserts for my CB6000 and with the middle sized one in place, it’s comfortable enough for me to wear, though I bulge out the breathing holes after a bit and makes it so if I did pull out, it would hurt like hell. It has stopped me in my tracks so far. Another plus: erections are 3X as intense. The only negative effect is that morning erections are now painful to both my scrotum AND my penis. Last night Lady Canary decided that she wanted to start letting me sleep out of the device so she unlocked me before I laid down for sleep. This morning, I slept late and didn’t make her breakfast and coffee in time for her. We’ve decided that I’m sleeping in the device from now on.

  2. I have has some luck with my larger sized chastity. I understand what you’re talking about. When you’re not in the mood and you are completely settle, yes even we completely drop the mood from time to time, I will get very very small. I have an above sized dick, A little over seven inches and it is very humorous to see it at only 1 inch when my arousal is at a -10. It almost disappears. Who says it grows about 3 times it size, but anyway, yes, its easy to pull out, but, once it’s out, you are trying to get hard and once that happens, things can get uncomfortable. and once you do finish your work, try putting yourself back in. Not as easy when your no longer one inch. I cant imagine how that would work with a anti pull out.
    I like the thought of the anti pull out for more of a pain giving device when getting a hard on. I’ve seen those with a little more of a point to them 🙂 Food for thought!

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