Locked in the Keep – Week 2

Posted: March 1, 2015 in Chastity, Male Chastity, Mature Metal, Queens Keep


I missed my weekly update for Week 1 of this particular round of chastity, as I was still recovering from being sick last weekend.  But because of the illnesses, there wasn’t much really worth speaking about anyway.  Week 2 started off just as uneventful, with Angel taking her turn being sick as well (fortunately not nearly as severe as what I had just gone through though!)  By the end of the week, everyone was pretty much back to our “normal” selves. It felt nice to be snuggling up behind Angel again one night and start feeling that familiar urge once again as I started to get hard–only to be stopped short at the end of the cage! It was a nice little reminder that “I’ve still got it!”  🙂

A little bit of cuddling like that was about all we could do for most of the week, but then Angel did come up with a little surprise for me when we did get an evening alone (at least after the kids were both in bed) over the weekend.  It had been a long day and I had already fallen asleep on the couch watching some TV. Angel let me know that she was going to bed, but I was already so out of it that what she said barely even registered… About an hour or so later, I finally realized I was out there alone, so got up and made my way back to the bedroom.  I got ready for bed, climbed in, and was pleasantly surprised to find Angel not only wide awake, but also wearing the Valentine’s outfit I’d gotten her a couple weeks ago!

I was impressed that Angel had managed to stay awake herself for that long, and also felt bad for keeping her waiting. She didn’t seem to mind very much though. As for me, it was almost like flipping a switch and I was immediately wide awake and ready to play! Angel let me help her to several orgasms, with my hands and also with the help of the Magic Wand.  Nothing was said at all about letting me out, it just kind of felt like an unspoken understanding that that wasn’t going to happen that night. And that was quite ok!  I had really missed having that level of intimacy with Angel for the past couple of weeks, and made sure to tell her that as she was making the most of denying me and having some very big, body-shaking orgasms for herself!

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