Quickie Time

Posted: March 5, 2015 in Chastity, Key-Holder, Long Term Chastity, Male Chastity, Mature Metal, Queens Keep


This morning brought about a new “first” for me: being unlocked just long enough for a quickie then being required to go right back into chastity again! Angel and I both somehow woke up well before the alarms would be going off, started cuddling a lot, and it wasn’t long at all before that started escalating into much more!

I was busy going down for a good taste of her, and helping her to some nice orgasms with my fingers, when Angel asked if I wanted to come out. I was actually quite content at the moment just helping HER, and hadn’t really expected to have that offer on the table this morning, so I just turned it around and asked if SHE wanted me out. She said she did, but ONLY if I put it right back on when we were done! That is, after all, exactly what I offered to do whenever she wished, when we first started talking about some long-term chastity!

After she had gotten her fill for the moment and was really wanting me inside her for more, she reached over and grabbed the keys out of the sealed envelope in her nightstand drawer. I took the cage off and was instantly rock hard. It would have taken quite a bit of effort at that point to remove the base ring, so I opted to just leave that part there since I knew I’d be needing it again soon anyway. Instead, I just rotated it so the locking post was actually at the BOTTOM, to make sure it didn’t start poking her the wrong way or anything like that!

As always, it certainly felt INCREDIBLE to be inside her again, and it was even more hot knowing that Angel was expecting me to lock right back up again afterwards! She is really starting to embrace the idea of keeping me locked pretty much continuously, except at her whim when she might happen to want me to be out!

So I did end up getting an “unexpected” orgasm for myself, 18 days into this particular round of chastity. I haven’t quite decided yet how I will list that on my Current Status page, since I’m not sure I was really unlocked long enough to call this a “new” session now… But I’ll play around with it and come up with some way of at least noting that I was unlocked, even though probably for < 20 minutes total!

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