Locktober 2018

Posted: October 1, 2018 in Chastity, Fetish, Kinky, Male Chastity, Orgasm, Orgasm Denial


Well I’ve done it!  After nearly 3 full months of freedom, I am back in my Jail Bird in time for Locktober!  And it’s even better than I had planned.  I had already expected to lock myself back up and give Angel the keys, but the day I was going to do this she even went all the way and ASKED me to do it!

Sunday morning, the last day of September before I was planning to be locked again anyway, Angel and I woke up both treating each other to a nice orgasm.  I think I’ve said somewhere before that as much as I am NOT a morning person in the least, morning sex has always been the BEST!  A little while later, Angel had two requests for me:

  1. Would I give her a back rub?  (Yes, of course!)
  2. Would I put that cage back on until our Anniversary trip in a couple of weeks? After all, [her words] I’m MUCH more horny when locked, and that’s how Angel wants me to be for our little vacation.

The fun part of that last request is that I was already going to do it that night anyway, and already had a good way of delivering the keys back to Angel.  I had created a card for her, which was going to be left for her to find upon waking up in the morning of October 1.  The card looks like this:

20180928_110432.jpg  20180928_110543.jpg

I went ahead and locked up that evening as requested, but rather than wait until morning I gave Angel the card when we were going to bed.  This made ANGEL so horny that she immediately insisted on using me as a holder to get off with her magic wand.  It is always SOO hot feeling and watching Angel getting herself off on top of me, knowing that there is no way for me to finish with her!

This morning I woke up well before the alarm, feeling myself straining against the bars of the chastity device.  This has a way of pretty much immediately putting me into a very submissive mindset, which is so freeing to me.  Especially now–it feels even more powerful knowing I wasn’t locked up just of my own whim.  Angel WANTS me in this state and asked me to do it for her!

At this point I have no idea if I will be locked for ALL of Locktober or if Angel will decide to let me out for at least a little while during our stay at Sybaris in a couple of weeks.  But whatever she decides, I do know one thing:  I am back into my submissive happy place.  I am home, under the direct control of my Angel!

  1. cincy34 says:

    My wife and I practice Locktober by denying my orgasms for the month. She said that if I make it without an accident, I will get a full blown orgasm on November 1st. I haven’t had a full blown orgasm in 9 months, and she will tease me to the edge every day, and try to make sure I don’t make it to the end of the month.

  2. Nice card! Best luck!

  3. Congratulations. Being locked up is such an awesome feeling!

  4. Oh and I love the card!!

  5. I understand your happy place!!

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