Birthday / Anniversary Celebration

Posted: September 23, 2015 in Anal Sex, Chastity, Key-Holder, Long Term Chastity, Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial


Besides Angel’s birthday coming up here very soon, we will also be celebrating our wedding anniversary within two weeks of that. I wrote a bit on a previous post (Chaste Anniversary Planning) about how we are planning a long weekend out of town, leaving the kids behind this time, so we can have a bit more than just a PG-rated celebration! We are very close now to making this trip, and both of us are extremely excited about what is to come! (No pun intended… or was it?!)

As of today, I have been locked for 42 days so far for this current chastity session.  I fully anticipate that I will be out at least part of the time over this weekend (though it is still well within Angel’s power NOT to unlock me, if she so chooses!) so that will probably put me somewhere around 44-45 days total.  That’s hardly a record for me, but will easily be well within my top 5 longest durations! This has certainly been one of the more intense periods though, as Angel has been pretty much constantly teasing me and giving me lots to think about–primarily in regards to our upcoming trip!  I definitely cannot wait to see this new lingerie she bought herself recently.  Apparently it’s a lot more “dirty” (in her words) than what she usually wears, so I’m looking forward to finding out exactly what she classifies as dirty! 🙂

I have been busy this week working on getting everything together that we will need to take.  Not the least of which, is a small suitcase pretty much completely full of all of our “toys!”  It is kind of nice going on a trip with just us, so we can actually pack something like that in the car without anybody else ever needing to know about it! Most of our vacations are with kids as well as at least some of the extended family, so playtime while travelling is generally out of the question.

At home, we have been “practicing” quite a bit lately with our butt plugs as well, and Angel has been getting pretty comfortable with all but the very largest one! She can almost take that one in all the way too; it just isn’t quite there before it seems that it gets a tiny bit too painful for her (in a bad way) so we will always stop at that point.  Angel is also still pretty sure that she’s going to want to try the “real thing” in her ass at some point, so that could certainly be on the table for this weekend! She’s still a little bit worried about THAT being too painful as well, but truth be told it’s entirely possible that the large plug is actually even bigger than ME, so as close as she’s gotten to that one I’m not so sure we’ll have any problems there! Lol

Anyhow, I’m not sure how much more (if any) I’ll be able to post prior to our trip this weekend, but will almost certainly have lots to write about when we return!

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  2. Happy birthday to Angel and Happy Anniversary to the both of you! Here is to a great celebration!

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    Enjoy your weekend, and happy anniversary! 🙂

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